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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 4. Ui Caisin

Tulla Parish; Irish deeds relating to lands in Tulla parish

In Irish, the name of this parish is Tulach na napstoil, that is the Hill of the Apostles. Although in comparatively modern times the church of Tulla was thus designated, there is good reason to believe that the parish was originally dedicated to St. Mochuille in honour of whom several holy wells in the parish are called after his name. The ruined church on the top of the hill is of comparatively recent date, and it offers no subject for description here. An extensive graveyard surrounds it.[32] In the townland of Ballyblood in Tulla parish, is a small burial-ground for children called Liskenny; in Craig is another, the name of which is Cill-Chuille; a third in Lahardan, called Tober Mochuille, from the adjacent holy well; and a fourth in Formoyle. The holy wells of the parish are these: Tobar mic Seain, that is the well of the son of John, in Uggoon; three wells dedicated to St. Mochuille, situate respectively in Lahardaun, Knockdromleague, and Fortanebeg; and St. Bridget’s well in Kiltanon. Tulla abounds in castles, a list of which with their owners in 1580 we subjoin: Tulla, Donald Reagh MacNamara; Fortane and Garruragh, Donagh and Rory MacNamara; Lisofin and Lismeighan (now Maryfort), Rory MacNamara; Fomorla and Tiredagh Turlogh O’Brien; Milltown, Cuvea son of Mahone MacNamara.

The following Irish Deeds, translated from the original, deal with lands in this parish:

“This is an agreement of the sept of MacShane (MacNamara) with the family of Slattery, viz. Teige Oge, son of Teige, son of Curvea; Teige, son of Loghlen, son of John; Sabia, daughter of Teige, son of Donogh; and Dermot, son of Loghlen; namely, that the Slatterys are to obtain from the sept of MacShane an assignment in writing of the lands of Ballyslattery to those members of the family of Slattery now in being, viz. Donald son of Donogh, son of Donald, son of Dermot O’Slattery; and Loghlen Roe, son of Donald, son of Donald, son of Loghlen O’Slattery. The sept of MacShane are bound to give their written guarantee to the Slatterys that they (the MacShanes) should go into court and council to make good their title to Ballyslattery. The Slatterys are to pay to the MacShanes at present twenty shillings, and two ounces yearly for two years from this date, and are bound to honour the sept of MacShane with suitable food and raiment according to their ability; and the sept of MacShane are bound to protect that family. And if it should happen that both parties should preserve the land from those dealing unjustly towards them, then after the expiration of two or three years from this time, the treatment of the MacShanes by the Slatterys shall be regulated thenceforth according to the judgment of Teige MacClancy; of Mahone, son of John, son of Donogh, and of Rory O’Hickey. A.D. 1493. Misi . . Misi Diarmaid MacLuchlain; Misí Tadhg MacLuchlain; Misi Sadhbh Inghin Tadhgh MacDonchad.

The witnesses are Teige M‘Clancy, Rory O’Hickey, Mahone, son of John, son of Donogh; and the parties themselves, viz. the sept of MacShane, and the Slattery family, viz. Donald, Loghlen, and Teige.”

Deed of Agreement, A.D. 1502.—“This is the agreement made between Donald son of John, son of Conor (MacNamara), and Donald son of Loghlen O’Slattery, and Donald O’Slattery, upon giving a mortgage to Donald, son of John (MacNamara) and his brothers, for their portion of Ballyslattery, being three parts of the half quarter of Riaskamore, between the two parts of the half quarter of Knock. The amount of the mortgage given by O’Slattery to MacNamara is seven and a-half marks, [33] fifteen in-calf cows, and a bay horse. It shall not be in the power of anyone to redeem said land from O’Slattery, except MacNamara or his son or grandson. The green of Killeen is the place charged with this mortgage, as is attested by Sheeda and his children, by Fineen, by the son of Conor, and by Mora, the daughter of Brian, in like manner; and by the children of Cuvea, son of Loghlen; and by many others of their race who have given their consent at both sides. A.D. 1502. Witnesses Teige, Flathry, and Dermot M‘Clancy; Domnall Mac Seain; Donchad MacSeain; Cumeada MacSeain.”