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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 5. Ui Cearnaigh; Ui Conghaile; East Corcabaskin

East Corcabaskin

Kilchreest Parish; Irish Deed relating to lands in Kilchreest parish

Those parishes of Ireland which are not dedicated to saints of national origin are supposed to be of more modern institution than the others. Kilchreest means the church of Christ, and is consequently, according to that hypothesis, a later creation. Its walls are in very good preservation, but the building is perfectly plain, and merits no particular description. A little way from it stands the castle of Dangan-moy-builc, [16] the property in 1580 of Teige MacMahon, of Clonderalaw. The following Deed, translated from the Irish, refers to the lands of Knappoge situate in this parish [17] " These are the debts due to Dermot Oge O’Hehir on the lands of Crappoge, viz. two marks by Murrogh MacMahon; and it was on this condition that Dermot Oge advanced these two marks, viz. to have Crappoge free, free in every respect, except in giving their portion to Gallowglasses alone; the power of redemption of Crappoge to be enjoyed by Dermot, son of Conor, for redeeming it from Dermot Oge, or by Dermot Oge himself, if not redeemed by Dermot son of Conor; and Mahone MacGilla Riabadh (Gallery) did not allow that power more than one year until he took it to himself; and when Murrogh MacMahon died, Dermot Oge came to Teige MacMahon, and informed him that the son of Richard MacGilla Riabadh did not keep that power for him, and Teige declared he would redeem the land from Dermot Oge for two marks, unless Dermot Oge would give five other marks for it, as he promised. And they covenanted with each other, and this is the covenant, viz. the said five marks to be given by Dermot Oge unto Teige for Crappoge, and if the land be not redeemed from Dermot Oge, everything that Dermot shall pay for the land to be as a pledge unto him for it, added to the said seven marks. Conor MacCunsidin wrote this by the consent of Dermot Oge, and of Dermot son of Conor, in presence of Teige MacMahon.