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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 6. West Corcabaskin

Killard parish; Ancient Irish Deed relating to land in this parish

Unless the entry in Martyrology of Donegal at the 14th of March refers to the patron of this parish, we have no other means of knowing who he was. It is in these words—“Flannan of Cill-ard.” The name of the church signifies the church on the hill, and a holy well adjoining has the name of Tobar-Cruithnoir-an-domhain, i.e., the well of the Creator of the world. No patron saint of the parish is remembered. The church is much injured by time; the graveyard annexed to it is used as a burial ground. Another greatly frequented graveyard in this parish is that of St. Senán, called Kiltenain. A small place of sepulture, forming part of the townland of Cloonmore, is called Cill-na-clochán. A holy well dedicated to St. Brendan is seen in the townland of Cloonagarnaun. The castles of Doonmore and Doonbeg, standing within a mile of each other in this parish belonged in 1580 to Sir Daniel O’Brien, of Dough. In the ancient territorial divisions of Thomond the parish of Killard belonged to Corcobaskin West; under the English settlement, and ever since, it has formed part of the barony of Ibrickan.

The following ancient Deed relates to lands in this parish:

“Conveyance of Land.”

“Be it known to all who shall read and hear this writing, that I, Edmond Roe, son of Gilla Duv MacSweeney, of Kilkee, in the county of Clare gentleman, in consideration of a certain sum of money which I have received from my honorable lord the Earl of Thomond on the day of writing this deed, and for many other good and lawful causes, do give up my own right and title in the Rath, i.e. the half quarter of the townland of Doonbeg, which mears by the pool of Gaithboy on the south, and by lake Morgaige on the north, by the foot of Creeduff at the entrance of Island Mac Ulga on the east, and by Caman-na-feamny on the west, to said Earl. I, the said Edmond, do constitute Nicholas Cumin my attorney, to deliver possession of said land to the Earl.”

Edmond MacSweeney.
X, his mark.

Being present,
Teige MacBrody.

Fínis Patruic. (Witness Patrick).