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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 8. Ui Cormaic; Ui Donghaile

Chapter 8. Footnotes

1. Annals of the Four Masters, at year 1573.

2. A.D. 1099. Donach O’Hehir, lord of Magh Adhair, died.—Annals F.M.

3. To the year 1396, in the Annals of the Four Masters, O’Flaherty adds his entry:—‘Campanile, i.e., Cloic Teach Droma Cliabh, fulmine destructum. See note in O’Donovan’s Four Masters, at A.D. 1396.

4. The first building or stone was made at Murinse, on the west side, by Turlogh, son of Teige Caeluisge O’Brien.—Ann. Inisfallen, A.D. 1284. See also Four Masters, A.D. 1553.

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15. That is between Clare Castle and Clareen bridge, near Ennis.

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29. This Hugh Brady was the Right Rev. Hugh Brady, or O’Grady, first Protestant bishop of Meath. He died in 1583. His eldest son and heir succeeded, and from him are descended the family of Brady, of Raheen, now represented by Mr. Thomas Brady Brown, of Newgrove.

30. Chron. Scotorum, p. 217. Lanigan’s Ecc. History, Vol. iii. p. 381.

“It was at this time also that the great church of Tuaim Gréine was built by Cormac Ua Cillín, Bishop of Tuaim Gréine.” Keating, B. II., p. 83.

The church built by Ui Cillin was admirably constructed, and with some addition made to it by Brian Boroimhe, stands to the present day in a state of perfect preservation.

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35. The foregoing information relating to Tomgraney is transcribed from the magnificent work of the Earl of Dunraven, designated Notes on Irish Architecture, Vol. i., p. 125. London, 1875.

36. Annals of the Four Masters.

37. Annals of the Four Masters.

38. Martyrology of Donegal.



Chapter 8