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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 8. Ui Cormaic; Ui Donghaile

Ui Cormaic. Boundaries of this district; O’Hehirs the owners

This territory was the patrimonial inheritance of the O’Hehirs, and its name in Irish is still well known to the natives. It comprised the present barony of Islands, excepting the parish of Clondegad, which belonged to East Corcabaskin, and likewise excepting the part of the parish of Clare Abbey that lies on the east side of the river Fergus forming in ancient days portion of Tradraighe. The parish of Kilmaley is still locally called Ui Cormaic, and the parish of Drumcliffe is called Ogormuck in ecclesiastical documents. Hence we may conclude that the country of Ui Cormaic extended from the mountain of Sliabh Calláin to the Fergus. It was bounded on the north by the Breintír Fearmaic and by the Cineal Cuallachta; on the east by the river Fergus which separated it from the districts of Ui Caisin and Tradraighe; [1] on the south by East Corcabaskin; and on the west by Ui Braicin. The family of O’Hehir was not of Dalcassian origin. They were of the race of Daire Cearb, the ancestor of the Ui Figinte, who were located at the other side of the Shannon, in the present barony of Kenry, in the county of Limerick. [2] About the year 1100 we find them seated at Magh Adhair, in Ui Caisin, but in after times they were driven westwards by the MacNamaras.