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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part II. History of Thomond

Chapter 12. History of Thomond before it was formed into an English county:
From the earliest times, to the death of De Clare, and expulsion of the English in 1318.

  1. Settlement of the Firbolgs in Burren and Corcomroe
  2. Authentic History of Thomond begins about the year A.D. 954; The O’Briens—Lachtna, uncle of Brian Boroimhe; Mahone, another uncle, succeeds to the sovereignty of South as well as of North Munster
  3. Brian Boroimhe succeeds; Character and actions of Brian, particularly as connected with Thomond; Repairs round towers and churches; Enormous contributions of Thomond to Brian’s tribute
  4. Brian succeeded by his son Donogh; Great famine in 1050; Invasion of Thomond by Hugh O’Conor king of Connaught
  5. Turlogh O’Brien succeeds Donogh in the sovereignty of South Munster; During his reign, the Archbishop of Armagh collects St. Patrick’s tribute, “Cios Phadruic”
  6. Turlogh succeeded by his son Murtagh More; Quarrelsome character of Murtagh;
    Dermot O’Brien;
  7. Conor-na-Catharac and Turlogh, successive kings of Thomond; Defeat of Turlogh at Moinmore, near Emly; Names of various chieftains of the Dalcais who perished in the battle
  8. Donald More O’Brien, in the strife with his neighbours, calls in the aid of the English; Afterwards turns upon them and drives them out of Limerick
  9. Donogh Cairbreach O’Brien does homage to King John
  10. Conor-na-Suidaine O’Brien sends his son to a meeting of the Irish provincial kings at Caeluisce; Importance of that meeting as deciding the future destiny of Ireland; Fatal decision arrived at; Monument of Conor-na-Suidaine O’Brien at Corcomroe Abbey
  11. Brian Roe O’Brien inaugurated king of Thomond at Magh Adhair
  12. Thomas de Clare; Brian Roe’s succession contested by his nephew Turlogh; He appeals for succour to Thomas de Clare son of the Earl of Gloucester
  13. Their united forces defeated at Moygreasan; Death of Brian Roe under circumstances of savage atrocity by de Clare
  14. Turlogh inaugurated King; Is opposed by Donald son of Brian Roe, assisted by de Clare
  15. Death of Donald at the castle of Quin
  16. Death of Turlogh; Extent of the kingdom of North Thomond; comprising, beside the whole county of Clare, various districts in Tipperary, Limerick, and Galway
  17. The MacNamaras contend with the Ui Bloids—Names of the families of these latter; List of the families who supported the MacNamaras; Description of MacNamara’s dress; Battle of Kilgorey in which the Clan Culein were victorious
  18. Further struggles of the O’Briens with de Clare for supremacy
  19. Murrogh O’Brien calls a meeting of his partisans at Rathlaheen; List of his supporters
  20. Donogh O’Brien opposes him—Names of the adherents of Donogh; They meet and fight near Corcomroe Abbey; Donogh slain and his forces utterly defeated
  21. De Clare collects his partisans and fights the people of Thomond at Dysert O’Dea Defeat and death of de Clare



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