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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part III. History of the County of Clare

Chapter 19. Rising of the Catholics, 1641; — Siege of Ballyallia Castle

  1. News of the rising in the North reaches Clare; The people take arms with a view to the expulsion from the County of Lord Thomond’s Protestant tenants; Names of the more important of these tenants
  2. The Earl of Thomond convenes a meeting of the principal gentry of the County at Ennis; Organises a force for the protection of the property of the English settlers
  3. Oliver, and John Delahoyde of Formela plunder their Protestant neighbours;
    Owney Oge O’Loghlen of Gregans drives away the cattle of Gregory Hickman and George Colpoys
  4. The O’Gradys expel the foreigners
  5. A ship laden with the goods of James Martin and others attacked on the Shannon; Donogh MacNamara sent to the North to receive instructions from Sir Phelim O’Neill;
    William and John Bridgeman take refuge in the castle of Dromore.
  6. Maurice Cuffe resolves to defend the castle of Ballyallia against the Irish Catholics
  7. List of the principal men of that party
  8. Progress of the siege
  9. The castle of Inchicronan attacked by the O’Gradys and the O’Shaughnessys
  10. Ballyallia surrendered
  11. Names of the garrison



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