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A History of Kilkeedy Church and Graveyard by Deirdre Keane


Kilkeedy Graveyard

The majority of graves at Kilkeedy are unmarked or marked by simple stones. Most of the surnames on gravestones are families who have lived in neighbouring townlands for generations. The oldest inscription in the graveyard dates from 1706 for the Mullan family. There is one other inscription from the 1700s also located within the small chapel for Patrick O’Brien 1784. There are eight inscriptions in total dating from the 1800s.

Kilkeedy Graveyard Transcriptions

Completed 1999

Map of Kilkeedy Graveyard

Grave No.
1 Mullan 1706 IHS. This tumbe is made by Fa. Con Mullan, for him and his family in his ancestors chaple, to whom God be merciful
2 Mylan [Graveslab] Here lies the body of Martin Mylan who departed this life April 26th 1800 aged 78 yrs. Erected by his son Malacky Mylan for him and posterity
3 O'Brien [Unmarked. Ned O’Brien]
4 Brien [Graveslab] This tombstone was erected by Patrick Brien for him and posterity 1784
5 O'Grady [Unmarked. Mrs. Mattie O’Grady (nee Minogue)]
6 Geagan In loving memory of Patrick Geagan Rincaha who died 4th Nov. 1928. His wife Mary died 12th Jan. 1940. Their daughters Delia died 1922. Nora died 1984. Their sons James died 1969. John died 1970. Patrick died 1992 RIP. Erected by their daughter Annie
7 Geagan In loving memory of Bartholemew Geagan, Riencaha who died 25th September 1909 aged 79. Erected by his son Bartholemew. RIP
8 Hamberry Sacred to the memory of Edmund Hamberry who departed this life 12 July 1847 aged 50? Years. Erected by his son Michael Hamberry for him and posterity 1872.” [Mike Hamberry is buried here also]
9 Connoly Sacred to the memory of William Connoly who departed this life Feb. 20th 1838 aged 70? Years. Erected by his son Martin Connoly for him and posterity 1878
10 Finn Erected by the family in memory of Patk. Finn, Templebanaugh Co. Clare Died 6th Jan. 1881 aged 84. Also his wife Mary Finn died 10th March 1886 aged 82. RIP.
11 O'Grady In loving memory of Michael O’Grady, Rincaha who died 4th February 1936 aged 83 years. Erected by his daughter Delia Petersin
12 O'Grady [Unmarked. Mattie O’Grady (Mattie “Clarke”)]
13 Brennan [Unmarked. Brennan]
14 Quinn [Uninscribed stone. Kate Quinn died 1932/3/4. Also her son Martin Quinn.]
15 Hamberry In loving memory of John Hamberry died 16-6-1969. Bridget Hamberry died 25-11-1969. Peter Hamberry died 1922. Patrick Hamberry died 26-6-1956. Nora Hamberry died 6-3-1962. Martin Hamberry died 12-6-1965. Michael Hamberry died 26-6-1981
16 Kelly Erected by Michael Kelly, Poulmacrib in loving memory of his parents Anne and Michael and of his loving wife Mary who died 6th August 1916 aged 52. Elizabeth Kelly died 13th July 1957. Frank Kelly died 1 September 1966.
17 O'Grady In loving memory of Patrick O’Grady, Rincaha died 8th March 1933 aged 41
18 Linnane [Unmarked. Pat Linnane.]
19 Conroy In loving memory of Patrick Conroy died 13 December 1963. Kate died 4th November 1939. Son John aged ? years. Mrs Ann Conroy died 3rd January 1973 aged 53 years. Thomas Conroy died 24 October 1992 aged 74 years. Erected by Tommy Conroy
20 Conroy Erected by Patrick Conroy in memory of his loving mother Mary Conroy died January 18 1916 aged 74 years. Her husband Thomas also their sons and daughters.”
21 Conroy In memory of James Conroy, Poulroe, Tubber, died 7th June 1980. His wife Jean died 28th July 1957. RIP. Erected by their son Patrick
22 Corkerin Erected by Michael Corkerin – his son John in memory of his mother Catherine Corkerin who departed this life 5 May 1817 aged 72 years, For them and posterity.
23 Hanberry Sacred to the Memory of John Hanberry who departed this life August 22 1813 aged 78 years. Erected by his son Michael Hanberry for him and posterity (1861).
24 Hanberry In loving memory of Michael Hanberry who died December 27th 1918 aged 83 years. Also his wife Mary who died March 17th 1933 aged 89 years
25 Quinn Erected by Mary Quinn in loving memory of her husband Thomas Quinn died. 5th May 1913 aged 75 years RIP. John Quinn died 1918. Mary Quinn died 1964.
26 Quinn [Unmarked. Corny Quinn and Moll Quinn (nee Geagan)]
27 Hynes In memory of John Hynes, Boston, died 17 April 1948. His wife Mary Hynes died 12th October 1978. Mick Hynes died 18 August 1991. Erected by his daughters Carmel, Crissie Hynes
28 Hynes Erected by Bridget Hynes in loving memory of her husband. John Hynes died Nov 26th 1903 aged 74 years. RIP.
29 Quinn In loving memory of William Quinn Ballinlisheen died 6th November 1949 aged 81 years his wife Bridget died 5 August 1935 aged 57 years. Liam Quinn died 13th April 1975 aged 19 years. John Quinn died 25th April 1985 aged 77 years
30 Carr Erected by Michael Carr, Kilkeedy in loving memory of his wife Margaret who died 20th April 1934 also in memory of his father and mother. May they rest in peace
31 Carr INRI O Lord be merciful on the soul of Patrick Carr who departed this life 1823 aged? . Erected by his son Michael in memory of him and posterity
32 Clune Pray for the soul of Patrick Clune died March 5 1901 aged 63 years. His wife Susan Clune died June 7th 1922 aged 75 years RIP. Erected by their Daughter B. Clune.”
33 O'Grady Erected by Thomas O’Grady, Riencaha in memory of his beloved father. Martin O’Grady who died 3rd April 1909 aged 70 years. Patrick O’Grady died July 1969 RIP.”
34 O'Grady In loving memory of Thomas O’Grady Rincaha who died November 16 1946. His wife Mary E. (Nee Mullins) died March 29 1971.

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