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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Doora

  1. Situation and Name; St. Duran the Patron; His memory formerly celebrated on 3rd. November; Holy Well called after him to east of Church at which Stations are performed, and in which children are dipped when smallpox or measles is raging in the neighbourhood to answer the same purpose as vaccination or that they may take them but lightly; Old Church locally called Teampull Durain (Ecclesia Sancti Durani); Representation of the head and breast of the Irish wolf dog placed over a window in south wall.

  2. Nouchongvaul (Noughaval) old Church and burial ground for children; Castletown old Castle mentioned in list of castles of Thomond in Trin. Col. Dub. as belonging to Brene O’Brien; Tobernahinneenaboy Holy Well in same townland; Kilbreckan Townland, where there seems to have been a Church named after St. Breacan; St. Michael’s Well in Do.; Tober Sennaun, holy well in Drim;
    Magh-Adhair [Parish of Clooney, Bunratty Upper] (Plain of) – where the chieftains of Thomond (Dalcassian princes) were inaugurated down to the period of creation of the Earldom of Thomond; Absurd notions of Dr. O’Brien and others respecting it; Continued to be a place of “Iraghts” till a few years ago.

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