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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Feakle

  1. Situation and Name; Irish rhyme in which the name of St. Mochonna, the Patron, together with the names of the patrons of three other Phs. is preserved; St. Mochonna’s Day not now remembered in the Parish; His name not mentioned in Irish Calender of the O’Clerys; His old Church which stood in Feacle in 1780 – when Merryman wrote his poem – destroyed to build the Protestant Church which now occupies its site; Tobar Mochuille, holy well in Flagmount, called after the Patron of Tulla; Cnoc a Chaislean Hill in Lecarrow Lower on which tradition says there was an old castle to be seen, in memory of old men not long dead; Tobar Ghráine (Graina’s Well) in Ballycroum – the most curious well in Ireland as resembling in every particular, the well called the “King of the Waters” in the Book of Armagh; Is resorted to for the cure of sore eyes tho’ not named after any Saint; Supposed to have been a Pagan well worshipped by the Hydrolators of ancient Ireland; Irish Pagans divided into two classes, viz., fireworshippers and waterworshippers.

  2. Altoir Olltach (the Ultonian Altar) a curious grave now so called; Origin of the name and description – Fahy old Church and Graveyard; Loch Greine; Situation and Name.

  3. Celebrated by Brian Merryman (or Mac Manaman) in his facetious poem called Cuirt a Meodhan-Oidhe, i.e., the Midnight Court; Autograph original of the poem in possession of his relative Anthony Howard (O’Hionhair) who lives near Milltown Malby; Notice of Merryman; Extracts from do.

  4. Translation of extracts from the Midnight Court; Moygreane (Mogh Greine) a fort over Loch Greine where the fairy chieftains held their council; Craglea, a remarkable rock in Killaloe Parish where the Banshee, Aobheal, is believed to reside; Bawnboy Hill, now Fair Hill, in centre of Feakle Parish.

  5. Further extracts from the Midnight Court.

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