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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Kilrush (g)

3. To the north of the Damliag (four feet eleven inches from its north wall) there is a remarkable little oratory of great antiquity, but obviously remodelled. It measures in length twenty three feet six inches and in breadth twelve feet ten inches. It had a small choir, now just destroyed, measuring eight feet nine inches from east to west, and ten feet four inches from north to south. Thickness of its walls, two feet three inches. Thickness of walls of nave two feet eight inches. Height of side walls of Nave, seven feet nine inches. The doorway was placed in the south wall, but is nearly destroyed. A quadrangular window two feet three inches by eleven inches in the west gable placed a few feet from the ground and all that gable from that window upwards are modern.

These three buildings are enclosed by a rude wall built of large stones and looking very ancient. About six perches to the west of the Clogaus there is a large square well, called Toabar Sheanain, fons Senani, and near it a stone ornamented with a cross.


4. About twenty perches to the north of the Tower there is a small Church called Teampull Sheanain, i.e., the Church of St. Senan. In its present form it does not look old at first sight, but upon a close examination it will be found to be an old Church, remodelled and patched up at various periods - Febh Bríste Sheaain Scuirre. It consists of Nave and Choir, and its measurements are as follows:-

Teampull Sheanain

Length of Nave, 23 ft. 10 inches. Breadth of Nave, 16 ft. 9 ins.
     “      “   Choir, 10 ft. 10 inches.      “       “   Choir, 10 ft. 9 ins.
Thickness of walls of Nave, 2 ft. 8 inches.    
     “       “      “      “       Choir, 2 ft. 3 inches.    

The west gable is featureless and seems to have been all re-built. The south wall contains a pointed doorway, built of small stones and evidently not of any very great antiquity. A few feet to the east of it there is a window, broad inside and narrow outside, but so curtained with ivy on the outside that I could not obtain its dimensions. All the choir arch is destroyed except a small part of the north side which looks very primitive. The south wall of the choir contains a small quadrangular window but very modern and not worth description. The only part which looks ancient is a small window in the east gable measuring five feet in height and three feet eight inches in width on the inside and on the outside two feet eleven inches in height and eight inches in width.

Immediately to the west of this is a small building built of thin slates of nearly equal size and looking very modern. It is twenty one feet eight inches in length and eleven feet two inches in breadth. Its doorway was in the south wall, measuring three feet three inches in breadth but its height could not be ascertained as it is broken; it contained two small windows, one on the east gable and the other in the south wall, but both are now just (nearly) destroyed.