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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Noughaval

  1. Situation; Old Church - called in Irish Teampull na h-Uachomhbhála; Stone roofed Chapel N.E. of do.; Stone placed over the doorway inscribed to James Davoran, its builder, who died 31st July 1725; Tobar Mc Ghuee, Well at which a “Pattern” was held annually on 10th Feb.; Its true name supposed to be Tobar Mic Duach and the true day the 3rd Feb. which is St. Mac Duach’s Day according to all the Calendars; Binroe Castle called in Irish Caisleán na Binne Ruaidhe (the Castle of the Red Pinnacle) said to have been built by the O’Loughlins & now nearly effaced; Ballyganner Castle (remains of) said to have been built by the O’Loughlins; Ballymurroghoo or Ballymurphy Castle (foundations of); Called Ballemoroghee in list of O’Loughlin Burren’s Castles preserved in Lib. Trin. Col. Dub.

  2. Cahermac Naghten Townland in which there is a Castle, placed in this Ph. in a curious Irish Deed in possession of Mr. Michael Reilly of Inistymon and also on the engraved Map from Down Survey; Erroneously placed in Rathborney Ph. by Boundary Surveyor; Copy of the original Irish Deed of Gillananave O’Davoran.

  3. Translation of Deed.; Lismacteige; Now called Lismatigue or Cahermatigue and placed in Rathborney Ph. by the Boundary Surveyor; Lisduane mentioned in the Deed as in Drumcrehy Parish; but does not now exist there; Lisnaloughranna also mentioned in Deed as in Drumcrehy Parish; But not given in Field Name Book of that Ph.; Kill Colman Bairé in Kilcorney Ph.; Not now the name of a Townland in that Parish, but St. Colman-vara well remembered there; His Church of Kilcolman-vara after which the Townland was named not returned in Ph. Field Name Book; Caher called after him Liscolman-vara in Poulnaskagh Townland; Sruhaunduff Stream, Baile Liaganach & Urlingmore mentioned in the Deed but not set down in any of the Name Books; Bearnan Fánáin-An-Tadhaile (in-tile); Booley (the green of); Moher-Turtanagh.

  4. List of Cahers in the Ph.; Are not all of Pagan origin; Round forts even of earth continued to be built by Irish Chieftains down to middle of 13th century.

  5. Kiltinaun (Cill-tSeanain) Cella Sancti Senani, children’s burial place in the Townland to which it gives name and where it is supposed there was a primitive Irish Church dedicated to St. Senanus the great Patron of the River Shannon & of the Dalcassians; Kilballymahony, burial place for children in Ballymahony. Probably the site of a small Chapel of Ease to the Ph. Church; Cromlechs in Ballyganner North and South; Kilballymurphy, burial place for children in Ballymurphy, probably the site of a small Chapel of Ease to the Ph. Church.



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