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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Oughtmama (b)

At the distance of twenty seven feet to the east of this Church there is another of smaller dimensions, and not a Daimhliag but an oratory. It measures twenty four feet in length and fifteen in breadth. The west gable contains a beautiful round-headed doorway measuring in height from the present level of the ground six feet four inches and in breadth two feet six inches at top and two feet eight inches at bottom. The south wall contains a round-headed window which is broad inside and narrow outside and placed at the height of six feet from the ground on the outside, and nearly the same distance from the east gable. The east gable contains a beautiful round-headed window measuring on the outside five feet in height and in breadth five inches at top and six at bottom. The side walls of this Church are about twelve feet in height and two feet six inches in thickness. About one hundred and forty yards to the north of this Church is the pedestal of a Cross.

A short distance to the northeast of this little Church are the ruins of another which was evidently of equal age, characteristics and dimensions, but it is nearly destroyed. The west gable and side walls are nearly level with the ground but the east gable is so far perfect as to retain uninjured its little window, which measures on the outside two feet four inches in height and in breadth five and a half inches at the top and seven inches at the bottom. It looks very primitive.

Immediately to the east of this last described little Church is traceable the site of a Village called Oghtmama Old Town, or in Irish Seanbhaile Ochtmama, but nothing is to be seen there but the foundations of small quadrangular houses.