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Grand Jury Maps of County Clare
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Parishes covered by Grand Jury Maps:
Map A [file size: 653 KB]: Abbey, Carron (pt. of), Drumcreehy, Gleninagh, Kilkeedy (pt. of), Killonaghan (pt. of), Kilmoon (pt. of), Oughtmama (pt. of),    Rathborney (pt. of).
Map B [file size: 55 KB]: Kilfarboy (pt. of), Kilmacreehy (pt. of).
Map C [file size: 1,413 KB]: Clooney (Corcomroe), Inagh (pt. of), Kilaspuglonane, Kilcorney, Kilfarboy (pt. of), Kilfenora, Killeany, Killilagh, Kilmacreehy    (pt. of), Kilmoon (pt. of), Kiltoraght, Noughaval, Rath (pt. of), Rathborney (pt. of).
Map D [file size: 1,075 KB]: Carron (pt. of), Doora (pt. of), Drumcliff (pt. of), Dysert, Inchicronan (pt. of), Kilcorney (pt. of), Kilkeedy (pt. of), Killinaboy, Kilnamona, Kilraghtis,    Rath (pt. of), Ruan, Templemaley.
Map E [file size: 1,230 KB]: Clonlea (pt. of), Clooney (Bunratty Upper), Doora (pt. of), Feakle (pt. of), Inchicronan (pt. of), Killokennedy (pt. of), Killuran    (pt. of), Kilnoe (pt. of),    Quin (pt. of), Tomgraney (pt. of), Tulla (pt. of).
Map F [file size: 1,205 KB]: Feakle (pt. of), Killaloe (pt. of), Killokennedy (pt. of), Killuran (pt. of), Kilnoe,
   Moynoe, Ogonelloe, Tomgraney.
Map G [file size: 880 KB]: Kilballyowen (pt. of), Kilfearagh, Killard, Killimer (pt. of), Kilmacduane (pt. of), Kilmurry Ibrickan, Kilrush (pt. of), Moyarta (pt.    of).
Map H [file size: 1,818 KB]: Clondagad (pt. of), Inagh (pt. of), Kilchreest (pt. of), Kilfarboy (pt. of), Kilfiddane, Killadysert (pt. of), Killimer (pt. of), Killofin    (pt. of), Kilmacduane    (pt. of), Kilmaley (pt. of), Kilmihil, Kilmurry Clonderalaw, Kilmurry Ibrickan (pt. of), Kilrush (pt. of).
Map I [file size: 1,315 KB]: Clareabbey, Clondagad (pt. of), Clonloghan (pt. of), Doora (pt. of), Drumcliff (pt. of), Kilchreest (pt. of), Kilconry, Kilfiddane (pt.    of), Killadysert (pt.    of), Killone, Kilmaleery, Kilmaley (pt. of), Kilnasoolagh (pt. of), Quin (pt. of).
Map J [file size: 797 KB]: Bunratty, Clonlea (pt. of), Clonloghan, Drumline, Feenagh, Kilfinaghta, Kilfintinan, Killeely, Kilmurry, Kilnasoolagh (pt. of),    Kilseily, O’Briensbridge    (pt. of), Quin (pt. of), St. Munchins, St. Patricks (Kilquane)(pt. of), Tomfinlough.
Map K [file size: 608 KB]: Clonlea (pt. of), Kilfinaghta (pt. of), Kilfintinan (pt. of), Killaloe (pt. of), Killeely, Killokennedy, Kilseily, Kiltenanlea,    O’Briensbridge, St. Munchins,    St. Patricks (Kilquane).
Map L [file size: 314 KB]: Kilballyowen (pt. of), Moyarta (pt. of)
Map M [file size: 142 KB]: Killofin (pt. of).
Parishes numbered above are named below
1   Gleninagh 22 Rath 43 Drumcliff 64 Killadysert
  Drumcreehy 23 Ruan 44 Killone 65 Killimer
3   Abbey 24 Inagh 45 Clareabbey 66 Killofin
  Oughtmama 25 Dysert 46 Clondagad 67 Kilnasoolagh
5   Killonaghan 26 Kilnamona 47 Ogonnelloe 68 Tomfinlough
  Kilmoon 27 Inchicronan 48 Killuran 69 Kilmurry
  Rathborney 28 Templemaley 49 Clonlea 70 Kilmaleery
  Killeany 29 Kilraghtais 50 Kilseily 71 Clonloghan
9   Kilcorney 30 Clooney (Bunratty Upper) 51 Killokennedy 72 Drumline
10 Carron 31 Doora 52 O'Briensbridge 73 Feenagh
11 Noughaval 32 Quin 53 Killaloe 74 Kilfinaghta
12 Killilagh 33 Feakle 54 Kiltenanlea 75 Kilconry
13 Kilmacreehy 34 Tomgraney 55 Kilmacduane 76 Bunratty
14 Kilaspuglonane 35 Moynoe 56 Kilfearagh 77 Kilfintinan
15 Kilshanny 36 Tulla 57 Kilballyowen 78 Killeely
16 Kilfenora 37 Kilnoe 58 Moyarta 79 St. Munchins
17 Kilmanaheen 38 Iniscealtra 59 Kilrush 80 St. Patricks
18 Clooney (Corcomroe) 39 Kilfarboy 60 Kilmihil 81 Clonrush
19 Kiltoraght 40 Kilmurry Ibrickan 61 Kilmurry Clonderalaw  
20 Kilkeedy 41 Killard 62 Kilfiddane  
21 Killinaboy 42 Kilmaley 63 Kilchreest  
Ordnance Survey Maps showing parishes:
The parishes of Clare are also accessible visually as a result our online Ordnance Survey Maps project, by selecting the particular parish from the online Ordnance Survey Maps Search Window. Click here for help in doing this. You may require a plugin for your browser to view these maps - more info here >>

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