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Traditional Music of Clare

    Aim and Acknowledgements

Air Traditional
Lament for the Country House Dance - Martin Junior Crehan

Eileen Ní Riordán's Barndance No.1 - Mary Custy & Sharon Shannon & Eoin O'Neill
Joe Bane's - Jack Talty & Cormac Begley

The Humours of Tullycrine - Mary MacNamara & Andrew MacNamara
O'Connell's - Cathy Custy
The Tailor's Twist - Kevin Griffin
Kitty's Wedding - John Lyons
Tomgraney Castle - James Kelly & Zan Mc Leod
The Stranger (or Pol Ha'penny) - Elizabeth Crotty
The Stoney Steps - Eamonn Cotter
Sliabh na mBan - Chris Droney
The Liverpool Hornpipe - Kevin Griffin
The Leitrim Fancy - James Kelly
The Galway Hornpipe - Kieran Hanrahan
Cronin's Hornpipe - Laichtín Naofa Céilí Band
The Echo Hornpipe - Kevin Crawford
The Last House in Ballymackea - Martin Junior Crehan
Caisleán an Óir - Martin Junior Crehan
The Harvest Home - Mary MacNamara & Andrew MacNamara
Dunphy's Hornpipe - Brid O'Donohue
The Showman's Fancy - Pat O'Connor
The Plains of Boyle - Michael Sexton Céilí Band
The Quarrelsome Piper - Joe Ryan & Gerard Commane
The Little Stack of Barley - Mary Custy & Eóin O'Neill
The Kildare Fancy - Conor Keane
The Humours of Ballyconnell - The Tulla Ceili Band
The Friendly Visit - Siobhan Peoples & Murty Ryan
Fisher's Hornpipe - The Russell Family
The Cuckoo's Nest - Moher
The Boys of Bluehill - Cathy Custy

The Rolling Wave - Willie Clancy
Anthony Frawley's - Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy
The Stonemason - K Griffin, M Bonamy, E O'Neill, S Shannon & N Sheedy
Down the Back Lane - Terry Bingham
Corkscrew Hill - Michael Hynes & Denis Liddy
The Miltown Jig - Michael 'Blackie' O'Connell & Karol Lynch
Tatter Jack Walsh - Micho Russell
Morrison's Jig - Mary Custy & Eóin O'Neill
Langstern Pony - Willie Clancy
Kit O'Mahony's - Paddy Murphy
The Humours of Ennistymon - Kieran Hanrahan
Farewell to Lissycasey - PJ Crotty, Carol Cullinan & James Cullinan
The Cliffs of Moher - Martin Hayes
Cathaoir an Phíobaire - Maeve Donnelly & Peadar O'Loughlin
The Bride's Favourite - Micho Russell
Bímis ag Ól - Eamonn Cotter
Hardiman the Fiddler - Kitty Hayes, E O'Neill, P Laban, M Kinsella, J Marsh
Give Us a Drink of Water - Sonny Murray
Paddy from Portlaw - K Griffin & E O'Neill & Q C
Banish Misfortune - Conor McCarthy & Alph Duggan
East of Glendart - Josephine Marsh
Old Man Dillon (aks John Naughton's) - Josephine Marsh
The Connachtman's Rambles - Kevin Griffin
The Blackthorn Stick - Marty O'Keeffe
The Old Grey Goose - Eamonn Cotter
The Mist Covered Mountain - Martin Junior Crehan
The Kid on the Mountain - Kate McNamara
Kitty's Rambles - Bobby Casey
The Irish Washerwoman - Joe Ryan & Gerard Commane
The Frost is all Over - Yvonne Casey
The Three Little Drummers - Tola Custy, Cyril O'Donoghue
Rocky Road to Dublin - Paul Brock & Enda Scahill
Tell Her I am - The Tulla Céilí Band
The Priest and his Boots - Patrick Kelly
The Pipe on the Hob - Canny & Hayes & O'Loughlin & Lafferty
The Orange Rogue - Edel Fox
The Maid on the Green - Edel Fox & Ronan O'Flaherty
The Luck Penny - James Kelly & Zan McLeod
Larry O'Gaff - Conor Keane
The Lark in the Morning - Fisherstreet
The Humours of Bandon - Joe Ryan & Gerard Commane
The Hag with the Money (Cailleach an Airgead) - Davy Spillane & Kevin Glackin
The Geese in the Bog - Patrick Kelly
Fasten the Leg in Her - Kitty Hayes & Peter Laban
The Cat in the Corner - Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill
The Banks of Lough Gowna - The Tulla Céilí Band

Set Dance
The Three Captains - Tommy Hayes
The Blackbird - Bobby Gardiner
Rodney's Glory - Bobby Casey
The Jockey at the Fair - Seamus Connolly
The Job of Journey Work - The Tulla Céilí Band
The Garden of Daisies [Daisies] - Tony McMahon

Slip Jig
Give Us a Drink of Water - Sonny Murray
The Kid on the Mountain - Kate McNamara
Rocky Road to Dublin - Paul Brock & Enda Scahill

St Ruth's Bush - Joe Ryan
Micho Russell's - Michael 'Blackie' O'Connell & Karol Lynch
Mollie Brannigan - Bugler, Mullins, O'Donoghue & Costello
Toss the Feathers - Tony McMahon & Mairtin Byrnes & Andy Boyle
The Eel in the Sink - Terry Bingham
The Silver Spear - Raise The Rafters
The Road to Lisdoonvarna - Raise The Rafters
The Otter's Holt - Raise The Rafters
The Earl's Chair - Raise The Rafters
Martin Wynne's - Eddie Moloney
The Humours of Toonagh - Michael Hynes & Denis Liddy
Willie Clancy's Curragh Races - Jack Talty & Cormac Begley
The Knotted Chord - Michael 'Blackie' O'Connell & Karol Lynch & Cyril O'Donoghue
The Road to Miltown - Mary Custy & Steven Flaherty
The Maid of Feakle - Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin & Patrick Ourceau
George White's Favourite - Dúlsert
Corney is Coming - Davy Spillane & Kevin Glackin
The Steampacket - Christy Barry & Others
Jenny Picking Cockles - Christy Barry & Others
The Old Torn Petticoat - Bernard O'Sullivan & Tommy McMahon
The Maid of Mount Cisco - Bernard O'Sullivan & Tommy McMahon
The Trip to Durrow - Joe Ryan
Connemara Stockings - The Kilfenora Céilí Band
The Ashplant - Tom Carey
The Yellow Tinker - E Cotter & C McCarthy & O MacDiarmada & P O'Reilly
Trim the Velvet - Paddy Murphy
The Shaskeen - E Arkins, D O'Reilly, B O'Loughlin, K O'Looughlin
Seán sa Ceo - Eamonn Cotter
Rattigan's - Mary MacNamara
The Old Bush - Garry Shannon
The Merry Harriers - Geraldine Cotter
Lucy Campbell - S Vaughan & D Sanders & E Moloney & I Lambe
The Longford Collector - Elizabeth Crotty
The Limestone Rock - Joe Ryan & Gerard Commane
The Lady on the Island - PJ Crotty & Carol Cullinan & James Cullinan
The Kilmaley Reel - The Kilfenora Ceili Band
The Humours of Tulla - The Tulla Céilì Band
The Heather Breeze - Geraldine Cotter
The Gatehouse Maid - Eoin O'Neill
The Galway Rambler - Paddy Canny
The Foxhunters Reel - Patrick Kelly
Farrell/Fergal O'Gara's - P Madden, M O'Donnell, S Heagney, E Howley
The Duke of Leinster - Conor Keane
Devanney's Goat - The Tulla Céilì Band
Cregg's Pipes - The Tulla Céilí Band
Come West along the Road - The Lawhawns
The Chicago Reel - Tommy McCarthy
The Chattering Magpie - P Rynne & N O'Donoghue & B Mooney & L Murphy
The Bunch of Keys - John Kelly
The Bird in the Bush - Elizabeth Crotty
Ballinasloe Fair - Vincent Griffin
The Bag of Spuds - Laichtín Naofa Céilí Band
The Clare Reel - Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill
The Boys of the Lough - Paddy Canny
The Star of Munster - James Kelly
The Collier's Reel - James Kelly
The Blackberry Blossom - Kevin Crawford
The Maid of Castlebar - Kieran Hanrahan
Colonel Fraser - Kieran Hanrahan
Repeal of the Union - Paddy Canny
Miss McLeod's Reel - Bobby Gardiner
Lord McDonald's Reel - Conor Keane
The Fermoy Lasses - Micho Russell
Lord Gordon's Reel - Vincent Griffin
Farewell to Miltown Malbay - Martin Junior Crehan
The West Clare Railway - Martin Junior Crehan
The Jolly Tinker - Chris Droney
The Rainy Day - Chris Droney
Tom Ward's Downfall - Colm Healy, Eric Healy, Kieran Hehir & Seanie McGrath
The Liffey Banks - Bobby Casey
The Congress - Bobby Gardiner
Hand me down the Tackle - Bobby Gardiner
Christmas Eve - The Céilí Bandits
The Scholar - Michael Sexton Céilí Band
The Pigeon on the Gate - Martin Junior Crehan
Music in the Glen - Martin Junior Crehan
The Woman of the House - Mary Custy
Touch me if you Dare - Elizabeth Crotty
The Templehouse - Conor Keane
The Swallow's Tail - Pádraig Rynne
The Ships are Sailing - Bobby Casey
Sheehan's Reel - Patrick Kelly
Sergeant Early's Dream - Vincent Griffin
Salamanca Reel - Patrick Kelly
Rolling on the Ryegrass - The Tulla Céilí Band
The Reel of Mullinavat - Conor Keane
Rakish Paddy - Willie Clancy
The Morning Star - Martin Hayes & Pat Marsh
Miss Monaghan - Paul Brock & Enda Scahill
I'm Waiting for You - Barefield Ceili Band
Drowsy Maggie - Tony Linnane, Jim O'Connor, Mick Conneely, Johnny 'Ringo' McDonagh
The Broken Pledge - Tola Custy & Cyril O'Donoghue
London Lasses - Kate McNamara
The Flogging Reel - Willie Clancy
The Dublin Reel - Maeve Donnelly, Geraldine Cotter, Charlie Harris, Conal Ó Gráda
The Cameronian Reel - Barefield Ceili Band
The Bucks of Oranmore - Kevin Griffin, Eoin O'Neill & Quentin Cooper
The Boyne Hunt - Pat O'Connor & Eoghan O'Sullivan
Bonnie Kate - Tommy Peoples

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