Scattery Island: The Battery
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Towards the end of the 18th century the British government feared that the safe harbours and landing places of the Shannon Estuary could be used by the French in the occurrence of an invasion. They subsequently undertook a programme of defensive building along the river, resulting in the erection of six coastal batteries at Kilcreadaun Point, Doonaha, Kilkerrin Point and Scattery in Clare and at Corran Point on Carrig Island and Tarbert Island in County Kerry.
The Scattery Island battery is situated on the headland at the southern end of the island. The Scattery Roads, off the eastern shore, afforded secure anchorage for large vessels and had to be protected. The battery is semi-circular or 'D' shaped in plan, surrounded by a dry moat. It mounted six 24-pounder guns arranged around the curved part of the perimeter, firing out over the broad parapet, across the estuary.

The rear of the battery was protected by a rectangular block house or bomb-proof barracks capable of accommodating 20 men. On the roof of the block house were two howitzer guns. The old drawbridge into the battery was still intact until recently.

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