Scattery Island: The Lady's Grave
Clare County Library
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The Lady's Grave" is found at the low tide mark to the west of Rinn Eanaigh. It is said to cover the grave of a young lady called Connara whose advances Senan had repulsed. The Community founded here by Senan was known for its discipline and austerity and apparently he was a life-long misogynist who refused to allow any women onto his island. Connara is described as an Irish princess or the "holy nun" who founded the convent of Cill na gCailleach on the side of Poulnasherry Bay on the mainland. There are two other possible candidates for occupation of this rather watery grave: Lady Honora, wife of O'Connor Kerry, who was buried on the island in 1583 or the Lady Margaret MacMahon, who died in 1591.

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