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Lisseycasey (Lios Uí Chathasaigh)
Population 446 - 2002 Census

Lisseycasey National School
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ITA Survey 1942/3
Complete Headstone Inscriptions for Lissycasey Graveyard

Lissycasey takes its name from Liscasey, Lios Ui Chathssaigh, the fort of the guard or sentinel. In recent times the village has expanded considerably, particularly along the northern side of the Ennis/Kilrush road. Many new people have come to live in the area and several changes have taken place. An Ecology Park covers an area of thirty acres and takes in wildlife and endangered species of plants. Turf cutting, which was once a popular activity on Lissycasey bog, is now in decline. The present Lissycasey National School building opened in 1961,
Lisseycasey Church
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replacing the old building which was situated where Lissycasey parish hall now stands. Lissycasey’s modern church was dedicated in 1978. It was built on the site of a church which first opened in 1860. The new church was designed by architects Catherine Brady and John Quinn. It has seating for five hundred people and was inspired by the documents from the second Vatican Council.

The blessed well at Tobarniddaun, Lissycasey
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The blessed well at Tobarniddaun is located a short distance down a side road near the Boree Log. It is associated with Saint Niddaun and has been visited by generations of people from the locality. It is reputed to have healing powers for eye problems. The nearby cillin was an unconsecrated burial site for unbaptised babies. It was also used for some adult burials before the present graveyards in the parish were developed.

In medieval times this area was part of the territory of East Corcabaiscinn. Around 1488 Corcabaiscinn was divided into two parts, east and west. A branch of the MacMahon family ruled in each of the new divisions. Clonderlaw Castle was the seat of the chief of the eastern portion and the boundary of his country appears to have been coterminous with that which divided the barony of Clonderlaw from that of Moyarta.
Fanny O'Dea is probably Lissycasey’s most famous character.

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