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Thomas Moland's Survey of County Clare 1703

A book of reference to the survey of the estate of the Right Honourable Henry Earl of Thomond in the Kingdom of Ireland


Parish of Kilfaddan

Muy alias Moyeralla: Content 423a. 3r. 36p. Value £37. 17s. 0d. Muy is distant from Ennis twelve miles, from Kilrush 9 and 28 from Lymerick; it has on it two stone houses thatched, two or 3 cabins and a fine grove well preserved which is a great ornament to it.

Der’yenegehy: Content 130a. 1r. 0p. Value £5. 17s. 3d. Derrynegehy is about half a mile distant from Muy, there is no improvements on the premises except one cabin.

Drishane: Content 208a. 1r. 20p. Value £21. 14s. 3d. Joins to Muy but has no improve-ments.

Efernane: Content 208a. 1r. 20p. Value £20. 2s. 1d. Distant from Lymerick 30 miles and 15 from Ennis, has on it an indifferent good cabin and an orchard, both out of order, no other improvements of value.

Eroble: Content 486a. 1r. 0p. Value £58. 0s. 10d. Distant from Lymerick 31 miles and 16 from Ennis, has on it one indifferent good house and five or six cabins.

Scott’s Farm

Shanacroemore: Content 490a. 3r. 4p. Shanacroemore is thirty miles distant from Lymerick, from Ennis 15 and 24 from Sixmilebridge; there is on the premises about seven or eight cab-ins, no other improvements of value.

Shancroebegg: Content 182a. 3r. 0p. Shanacroebeg is situate as the former and has on it about 5 or 6 cabins.

Cahiracon: Content 322a. 3r. 32p. Situate as the former, has on it a fine young wood, a good orchard, an old ruined castle, a small stone house and barn, a mill seat and about five or six cabins.

Parish of Kilidizert

Lisconolan: Content 400a. 1r. 7p. Joins the former and has no improvements except three cabins. Total content [of the four former denominations] 1397a. 3r. 3p. Value £104. 15s. 0d.

Gortnagaul: Content 43a. 2r. 8p. Situate near the former has no improvements on it but one cabin.

Drumonduff: Content 65a. 0r. 11p. Situate as the former has on it 3 cabins. Total content 108a. 2r. 19p. Value £16. 1s. 0d.

Ardgereene: Content 15a. 0r. 11p. Situate as the former has improvements.

Kildizert: Content 169a. 3r. 27p. Kildizert is distant from Lymerick 25 miles and 10 from En-nis, has on it the ruins of an old church and several cabins.

Gortinacoragh: Content 14a. 2r. 38p. Gortinacoragh joins the former.

Inishcater Island: Content 110a. 3r. 9p. An island in the Shannon has no improvements on it except one cabin. Total content 310a. 2r. 5p. Value £56. 12s. 6d.

Inishtubber: Content 51a. 0r. 6p. Value £17. 17s. 0d. This island has no improvements on it but one cabin.

Cannon Island: Content 136a. 2r. 8p. Value £34. 0s. 0d. There is on this island the ruins of an old abbey and two cabins; all these islands are about 7 leagues from Lymerick by water.

Inishloe Island: Content 83a. 0r. 3p. Value £28. 5s. 0d. The island of inishloe is about 20 miles distant from Lymerick by water it has no improvements but one cabin.

Crourahane alias Ballybegg: Content 303a. 3r. 0p. Value £57. 19s. 0d. Crourahane is distant from Lymerick 24 miles and ten from Ennis, it is a well improved farm having a good stone house joining to a castle with garden, orchard and parks about the said house and five or six cabins; this farm is pleasantly situated by the Shannon side.

Lacknakilleen alias Coogy: Content 401a. 1r. 13p. Value £55. 15s. 0d. Situate as the former, the corcas land is very good and in good order, has on it no improvements but five or six cabins.

Inisharke: Content 17a. 1r. 9p. Value £5. 2s. 0d. An island in the Shannon without improve-ments.

Parish of Kilchrist

Ballynegardon: Content 302a. 2r. 8p. Value £30. 0s. 0d. Situate as Crourahane on the Shannon side, has on it a good stone house 2 storeys high and slated with convenient out houses; the farm well improved and divided into handsome enclosures.

Roscleave: Content 115a. 3r. 25p. Value £34. 15s. 0d. Joining the former has no improve-ments.

Inismore alias Deer Island: Content 268a. 1r. 0p. Value £104. 11s. 6d. Distant from Lymer-ick by water 18 miles, the soil is very good, now under deer and black cattle, has on it an old stone house out of repair and an ordinary orchard.

Inishdea: Content 220a. 0r. 0p. Value £[]. 2s. 6d. This island is extraordinary good land as are all these islands, limestone soil, has on it one cabin.

Knapoge: Content 26a. 3r. 0p. Value £6. 14s. 6d. This land has some part of it overrun with copse and part subject to the tide.

Burren: Content 463a. 2r. 0p. Value £25. 14s. 6d. Distant from Lymerick 23 miles and 8 from Ennis, a mountain farm, has on it 2 cabins; the wood is some part alder and birch with some ash and oak, most of which are young and small but will be of value if preserved.

Parish of Killimore

Desart: Content 140a. 2r. 1p. Value £13. 14s. 3d. Distant from Lymerick 34 miles from Ennis 18 and one from Kilrush, has no improvements but 3 or 4 cabins.

Ballymacrenan: Content 587a. 2r. 8p. Value £53. 17s. 3d. Situate as the former has on it seven or eight cabins.

Carrodoty alias Carrinbeg: 454a. 3r. 36p. Value £65. 11s. 8d. Situate as the former, has on it a small house lately built with stone and clay walls thatched and an indifferent good orchard

Carrinlongard: Content 309a. 0r. 0p. Value £39. 6s. 3d. Distant from Lymerick 33 miles and 5 from Kilrush, has on it 5 cabins.

Derrylogh alias Torinane: Content 433a. 2r. 17p. Value £27. 8s. 0d. This farm is about a mile distant from the former but has no improvements except a few ordinary cabins.

Tarmons and part of Carrownisky: Content 1195a. 1r. 32p. Value £99. 7s. 0d. Distant from Lymerick 32 miles, from Ennis 16 and three miles from Kilrush, there are scattered on the premises about fifteen or sixteen cabins.

Parish of Kilmurry

Carronisky: Content 448a. 1r. 11p. Value £26. 7s. 0d. Distant from Lymerick 32 miles and 3 miles from Kilrush, has on it a large mud walled thatched house and barn and 3 or 4 cabins.

Moland Survey of Clare