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Thomas Moland's Survey of County Clare 1703

A book of reference to the survey of the estate of the Right Honourable Henry Earl of Thomond in the Kingdom of Ireland


Parish of Kilmanahine

Reneene: Content 266a. 0r. 0p. Value £16. 0s. 6d. Distant from Lymerick 30 miles and 13 from Ennis has no improvement except 2 cabins and a salt house.

Tredane alias Carrorotedane: Content 258a. 0r. 0p. Value £28. 15s. 0d. Situate as the for-mer has no improvements.

Carrowgare: Content 258a. 0r. 0p. Value £28. 6s. 4d. Situate as the former has on it two small cabins.

Craig alias Craiginmulvihill: Content 153a. 1r. 0p. Value £19. 2s. 6d. Distant [from] Ennis 12 miles.

Callonora: Content 174a. 2r. 0p. Value £21. 16s. 3d. Situate as the former has no improvements except a dairy house and 2 small cabins.

Tullagarvan: Content 336a. 0r. 0p. Value £20. 6s. 6d. Joins the former but has no improvements.

Maghery: Content 287a. 3r. 16p. Value £27. 8s. 0d. Situate as the former has on it a very pretty wood and well preserved.
Inistymond Farm viz.

Castle quarter, Lissionagh: Content 129a. 0r. 0p. Cloncoule West: Content 286. 0r. 23p.
Kilcornan: Content 96a. 2r. 20p. The farm of Inishtimond is 30 miles distant from Lymer-ick, from Ennis 13, and 17 from Kilrush; it is a manor and has on it a good castle and a house joining to it, two storeys high and in good repair, a stable and other convenient out houses with a small garden, a corn mill worth about £5 per annum and seven or eight cabins. Total content 641a. 0r. 3p. Value £51. 19s. 0d.

Parish of Kilmacrehy

Liscanor: Content 109a. 1r. 39p. Liscanor is distant from Lymerick 32 miles and 15 from Ennis, on it an old castle out of repair and three cabins.

Ardnahay: part of Liscanor: Content 23a. 3r. 28p. Ardnahay is a mile distant from Liscanor and has on it 3 cabins. Total content 133a. 1r. 27p. Value £19. 18s. 10d.

Moland Survey of Clare