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Thomas Moland's Survey of County Clare 1703

A book of reference to the survey of the estate of the Right Honourable Henry Earl of Thomond in the Kingdom of Ireland


Parish of Kilmacduane

Cloonwhite alias Cloneitrogh alias Cloneenagh: Content 497a. 1r. 0p. Cloonwhite is distant from Ennis 12 miles and 6 from Kilrush; a coarse mountain farm, has on it 3 or 4 cabins some old stripped oak trees, as likewise a birch and alder wood, convenient for building tenements or the like on the premises.

Crighe alias Clonotrogh: Content 757a. 0r. 0p. Clonotragh joins the former has on it a good lime and stone walled house, something out of repair and three cabins. Total content 1254a. 1r. 0p. Value £105. 13s. 8d.

Carrickfiny: Content 560a. 0r. 0p. Value £49. 17s. 1d. Distant from Ennis 14 miles and 6 from Kilrush, has on it an old lime and stone walled house slated and 4 cabins.

Dangonanelly: Content 392a. 3r. 0p. Value £28. 10s. 0d. Distant from Ennis 14 miles and 4 from Kilrush; a shallow coarse farm, has on it 3 or 4 cabins.

Parish of Kilferagh

Farryhey: Content 386a. 0r. 0p. Distant from Lymerick 34 miles, from Ennis 18 and six from Kilrush, has on it a stone and clay walled farm house thatched. Joins the sea and is general-ly coarse and heathy.

Tarmon, half quarter: Content 333a. 2r. 0p. Value £14. 0s. 0d. Distant from Kilrush 4 miles, from Ennis 20 and from Lymerick 36 miles, has on it seven or eight cabins.

Racoan a parcel: Content 31a. 3r. 0p. Value £1. 17s. 0d. This parcel joins the former and has on it no improvements.

Tarmonque and Lehind alias Lequid: Content 344a. 0r. 0p. Value £37. 3s. 0d. Distant from Kilrush 3 miles has on it 7 or 8 cabins.

Kilnegallagh: Content 110a. 0r. 0p. Value £13. 9s. 6d. Situate as the former, has on it an old church and three cabins.

Parish of Moyarta

Quiren Farm viz.

Gortaclara: Content 365a 2r. 0p. Ballyraght: Content 192a. 0r. 0p. Gortaclara and Ballyraght are distant from Kilrush two miles over the water; the land is indifferent good bearing any of grain and have on them about 13 or 14 cabins.

Curragh: Content 374a. 1r. 0p. Curragh is distant from Kilrush 3 miles is a well improved farm with quickset enclosures, a good brick house with barn, stable and other outhouses of lime and stone, an orchard and 2 gardens, the walls of 2 old houses and 12 or 13 cabins.

Clooncarn: Content 599a. 2r. 0p. Joins the former on it 9 or 10 cabins and some underwood, very useful to the tenants, but the westerly winds coming from [the] sea hinder the growth of trees in this and all lands by the seaside to the great discouragement of the improving tenants.

Tulla and Faran Willion: Content 702a. 0r. 0p. Joining to Clooncarn, the land is very coarse and the bog scarce pasturable at any time of the year, has on it five or six cabins. Total con-tent 2233a. 1r. 0p. Value £169. 17s. 0d.

Parish of Kilrush

Knockerry East: Content 564a. 3r. 0p. Value £36. 6s. od. Distant from Lymerick 30 miles, from Ennis 15 and three miles from Kilrush, it is a coarse mountain farm and has on it eight or nine cabins.

Garran: Content 170a. 3r. 0p. Value £14. 5s. 0d. Situate as the former has on it an indif-ferent good farm house and 2 cabins.

Moyne: Content 365a. 3r. 0p. Distant from Kilrush one mile, on it a good lime and stone walled farm house and outhouses and several dry stone wall parks and enclosures but the land poor and hungry.

Ballynole: Content 275a. 2r. 0p. Joins the former lying on the sea side, has on it five or six cabins.

Inishbeg an island: Content 25a. 0r. 0p. An island near the shore, used for rams or stone horses, formerly a coney warren. Total content 666a. 1r. 0p. Value £78. 1s. 6d.

Kilrush Farm

Distant from Lymerick 32 miles by land and 36 miles by water, the town of Kilrush is composed of six clay and stone walled houses, which with their gardens are worth about £4 per annum, one with another; and six cabins, which one with another are worth about 20 shillings each with their respective garden; the parish church stands on the premises, there is a bridge of stone over the river, a very commodious haven for barks or small ships, good conveniency of fishing which may be improved here considerably; the land is good for corn and the situation of this town makes it capable of improvement [and] answerable to the charges laid out on it.

Part of Kilrush ploughland as now held by Patrick Rochfort: Content 124a. 1r. 0p. Value £20. 12s. 9d.

Part of Kilrush ploughland as now held by Messrs Vandelure, Brown and Connor: Content 158a. 2r. 0p. Value £26. 19. 6d.

Part of Kilrush ploughland as now held by Richard Mead and Michael Roche: Content 377a. 1r. 0p. Value £45. 0s. 0d.

Tenements and gardens part of the ploughland of Kilrush and some meadow on the north side of the river held by several tenants: Tenements, gardens and meadows 11a. 3r. 0p., 10s. 0d. per acre.

Cappagh: Content 122a. 2r. 0p. Value £30. 15s. 10d. Mill £6. 0s. 0d. Cappagh joins to the land of Kilrush and has on it a corn and tuck mill worth £8 per annum.

Leadmore: Content 366a. 1r. 0p. Value £55. 18s. 9d. Leadmore lies on the west side of the bay of Kilrush, has on it a good farm house and outhouses and 3 or 4 cabins; very conveniently seated for fishing.

Caronocoyle: Content 647a. 3r. 0p. Value £58. 0s. 0d. Coronocolly is distant from Kilrush one mile, has on it an ordinary farm house and 3 or 4 cabins.

Monemore: Content 1605a. 3r. 0p. Vlaue £55. 0s. 0d. Monemore is distant from Kilrush two miles, from Ennis 16 and 31 from Limerick, has on it abut seventeen or eighteen cabins, wherein live only poor cottiers; this is for the most part boggy unpasturable most of the year. Kilrush farm as set on the cant to Mr John Vandeulure for £900 fine, reserving £183. 18s. 9d. out of the same.

Moland Survey of Clare