Scattery Island: St. Senan's Bed
Clare County Library
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The entrance to the small oratory known as St. Senan's bed is blocked by a metal bar across the doorway at waist level, probably as a reminder that it is considered unlucky for unmarried women to enter this building. Local folklore says they will never marry, or will become infertile, if they do so. It is here that St. Senan is reputedly buried.
Stones from St. Senan's bed were regarded as relics and a protection against disease and especially drowning. It was the custom at Scattery for each boat to bring on board a pebble from St. Senan's grave, or even from the beach. The stones were sometimes drilled, made into necklace charms and worn. The custom also prevailed of sailing a new boat round the island in a course opposite to the sun.

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