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Distressed Estates Collection: The Sale of Land in Clare 1850-1892

A collection of sales catalogues relating to the sale and disposal of property in County Clare at the Incumbered Estates Court from 1850, the Landed Estates Court from 1858 and from the Land Court, High Court, Chancery Division, from 1877.

These sales catalogues provide a wealth of local information and detail concerning land in Clare, both urban and rural, including occasional reference to eighteenth century leases and deeds. They are of value and use in providing geographic information, including variant topographical names and local features of land and soil types, easements and rights of way, rights to produce such as turf, timber, river and seashore and occasional mention of local details such as a cillín or well.

They contribute to our knowledge of local economic development in their comprehensive descriptions of the local estates. Many of the rentals contain commissioned maps. The terriers which contain lists of tenants are of great genealogical value, often giving the respective gale days of the tenancy and other pertinent and particular information relating to the tenant farmer.

They span the period immediately after the Great Famine when much of the country was all but insolvent through to the campaign for Tenant Rights and the Land League, and the succession of late nineteenth century, early twentieth century Land Acts. They fill in and amplify our knowledge of land holding and occupancy in Clare from the primary valuation of 1852 – 1855 and when used with records of the Valuation Office and the Land Commission present a complete picture of land holding in the county.

County Clare is fortunate in having a large number of extant Incumbered Estates Court rentals, collected and preserved by Theobald FitzWalter Butler, Lord Dunboyne (1806 – 1881) and now archived in the Special Collections Department, James Hardiman Library, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Clare County Library acknowledges with thanks the contribution of Jane Halloran Ryan in developing the Distressed Estates Collection.

Distressed Estates Collection 1850 – 1892 arranged by date of sale.

Distressed Estates Collection 1850 – 1892 arranged by owner / vendor.

Distressed Estates Collection 1850 – 1892 arranged by townland and parish.

Michael Furnell Marshall Estate 7 July 1883
Culleen, Kilkeedy. Estate of Michael Furnell Marshall, 7 July 1883


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