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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.


Birth Notices 1865

C.F. = “Clare Freeman”
C.J. = “Clare Journal”
D.E. = “Daily Express”
D.E.M. = “Dublin Evening Mail”
L.C. = “Limerick Chronicle”
L.S.C. = “Limerick Southern Chronicle”

L.S.C., 24 June 1865
On the 19th instant, at Deerpark Cottage, Ennistimon, co Clare, the wife of Joseph Wm. Arthur, Esq, of a daughter.

C.F., 18 March 1865
At Ballyartney House, the wife of Richard Barclay, Esq, of a daughter.

D.E.M., 9 November 1865
On the 6th inst. at the Rectory, Tomgrany, county Clare, the wife of the Rev Andrew Belcher, of a daughter.

C.J., 30 October 1865
Oct. 26, at 36, George-street, Limerick, the wife of Henry Bentley, Esq, M.D., Shannon View, O’Brien’s Bridge, of a son.

L.S.C., 24 June 1865
On the 21st instant, at the South Terrace, Cork, the wife of Wm. Butler, jun., Esq, J.P., of Bunnahow, county Clare, of a daughter.

L.C., 7 January 1865
At Clonmoney House, county Clare, the wife of Mathew Canny, Esq, J.P., of a son.

L.S.C., 11 March 1865
During the present week a woman named Carter, wife of John Carter, caretaker to Dr Burke, of Killaloe, has been safely delivered of three children, two boys and one girl, full grown, and are doing well together with the mother. They were christened this morning at the Roman Catholic chapel. It is to be hoped that the usual bounty of her Majesty will be extended in this remarkable case.

L.C., 5 December 1865
At Lancet Lodge, Miltown-malbay, the wife of Dr W. St John Coleman, of a son.

D.E.M., 4 December 1865
Aug. 29, at Auckland, New Zealand, the wife of Captain C.A.F. Creagh, 50th (Queen’s Own) Regiment, of a son.

D.E.M., 29 June 1865
June 22, at Ennis, the wife of Captain Thomas C. Crowe, Royal Artillery, of a son.

C.F., 12 August 1865
At Bunratty, on the 6th inst. the wife of Richard Dawson, Esq, J.P., of a daughter.

L.C., 2 November 1865
October 28, at Doonaha House, county Clare, the wife of Richard Evans, Esq, of a son.

L.S.C., 7 October 1865
At Castleconnell, county Limerick, the wife of the Rev T. Fitzgerald French, of a son.

D.E., 26 July 1865
July 14, at Parteen, county Clare, the wife of Charles S. Finch, Esq, of a daughter.

L.C., 31 October 1865
At Bindon-street, Ennis, on Wednesday 25th inst. the wife of John Frost, Esq, solicitor, of a daughter.

L.C., 16 March 1865
At Frances-street, Kilrush, on the 10th inst. the wife of Michael Glynn, Esq, of a son.

L.C., 7 March 1865
At Bindon-street, Ennis, the wife of Thomas Greene, Esq, of a daughter.

L.C., 5 December 1865
At Kilrush, the wife of Stephen Hennessy, Esq, of a daughter.

L.C., 28 March 1865
At Jail-street, Ennis, the wife of Mr Joseph Hurley, artist, of a son.

L.C., 13 May 1865
At Bayfield, New Quay, county Clare, the wife of Michael Hynes, Esq, of a daughter.

L.C., 5 December 1865
At Toler-street, Kilrush, the wife of Thomas Le Ban Kennedy, S.I.C., of a daughter.

C.F., 11 March 1865
In Church-street, Ennis, on the 26th ultimo, the wife of Mr John Henry Leech, of a daughter.

L.C., 11 July 1865
At Rinroe House, county Clare, the wife of Capt. Mathew, 5th Fusiliers, of a daughter.

C.F., 21 January 1865
A poor woman named Mrs Molony, a carpenter’s wife, residing in the parish of Clondagad, gave birth to three children – two daughters and a son – last week. The mother and children are as well as could be expected, under the circumstances. The occurrence has been reported to her Majesty by Dr O’Donnell.

C.F., 17 June 1865
June 10, at Mount Trenchard, county Limerick, the wife of Edward O’Brien, Esq, of Cahirmoyle, of a son and heir.

D.E.M., 9 November 1865
On the 5th inst. at 24, Longford-terrace, Monkstown, Dublin, the wife of C.G. O’Callaghan, Esq, of Ballinahinch, county Clare, of a daughter.

C.F., 18 March 1865
At Bindon-street, Ennis, the wife of John Petty, Esq, C.E., of a daughter.

C.F., 25 March 1865
At Ross Glebe, O’Brien’s Bridge, the wife of the Rev John Huleatt Revington, of a son.

C.F., 29 April 1865
On the 23rd inst. at Applevale, in this County, the wife of Walter Russell, Esq, of a daughter.

L.C., 13 May 1865
On the 1st inst. at Rathmore, Sixmile-bridge, the wife of Wm. Russell, Esq, of a daughter.

L.S.C., 29 April 1865
This week, at Killaloe, the wife of Mr Patrick Ryan, of a son.

L.C., 28 March 1865
On Saturday, the 25th inst. at Kilrush, the wife of James Scanlan, Esq, of a son.

C.F., 25 March 1865
On the 23rd inst. at Clooney, the residence of Joseph Hall, Esq, the wife of John C. Singleton, Esq, of a daughter.

L.S.C., 6 September 1865
August 31, at Fedamore, county Limerick, the wife of Captain J.B. Smyth, of a son.

D.E.M., 18 August 1865
Aug. 11, at Limerick, the wife of Captain George Campbell Spaight, of a daughter.

L.C., 15 April 1865
At Bagenalstown, county Carlow, the wife of J. Fitzgerald Studdert, Esq, of a daughter.

C.F., 3 June 1865
At Creggan Tower, county Clare, on the 28th ult. the wife of Capt. Studdert, of a daughter.

C.F., 18 November 1865
At the Cottage, Kilrush, on Monday last, the wife of W. Theobald Taylor, of a son.

L.C., 5 December 1865
At Cappa, Kilrush, the wife of Mr J. Waters, of a daughter.

L.C., 8 August 1865
August 3rd, at Strandfield, Miltown Malbay, the wife of Captain J. Whyte, prematurely, of a daughter.

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