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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.


Birth Notices 1867

C.J. = “Clare Journal”
D.E.M. = “Dublin Evening Mail”
L.C. = “Limerick Chronicle”
L.S.C. = “Limerick Southern Chronicle”

C.J., 18 March 1867
At Bindon street, Ennis, on March 17, the wife of A.C. Adair, Esq, of a son.

C.J., 4 November 1867
At Frances-street, Kilrush, the wife of Richard Allen, Esq, H.M. Inland Revenue, of a daughter.

L.C., 18 June 1867
On the 13th inst. at Deerpark Cottage, Ennistymon, the wife of Joseph Wm. Arthur, Esq, of a son.

C.J., 29 April 1867
On the 25th inst. at Ennis College, the wife of Rev Frederick Eldon Barnes, of a daughter.

L.C., 27 July 1867
On the 26th inst. at Shannon View, O’Brien’s-bridge, the wife of Henry Bentley, Esq, M.D., of a daughter.

C.J., 14 January 1867
At Thomastown, Kilrush, on Monday, the wife of Samuel Bourke, Esq, of a son.

L.C., 20 April 1867
At his residence, George-street, the lady of Robert L. Brown, Esq, of a daughter.

L.C., 14 October 1867
On the 7th inst. the wife of E. Burke Brown, Esq, Castlepark, of a daughter.

C.J., 9 May 1867
On the 4th inst. at Fort Union, Adare, the wife of John Christy, Esq, Ballyallaban House, county Clare, of a son.

C.J., 5 August 1867
On the 1st inst. at Kilrush, the wife of Mr Anthony Collins, of a daughter.

C.J., 4 November 1867
At Cahircalla, co. Clare, the wife of Wainwright Crowe, Esq, of a son.

C.J., 19 December 1867
On the 7th instant, at Montreal, Canada, the wife of Captain T.C. Crowe, Royal Artillery, of a son.

C.J., 13 June 1867
At Port House, the wife of Joseph Dexter, Esq, of a son.

L.S.C., 16 October 1867
October 13th, at Cratloe Woods, County Clare, the wife of Daniel Doyle, Esq, solicitor, of a daughter.

C.J., 15 August 1867
At his residence in Bindon-street, on Wednesday last, the wife of the Rev Philip Dwyer, vicar of Drumcliffe, of a daughter.

L.C., 18 June 1867
At Shanavoe, on the 16th inst. the wife of Morgan Finucane, Esq, of a son.

L.C., 11 May 1867
This morning, at the Rectory, Castleconnell, the wife of the Rev T. Fitzgerald French, of a son.

C.J., 4 April 1867
April 2, at Bindon Street, Ennis, the wife of John Frost, Esq, Solicitor, of a son.

L.C., 20 August 1867
On the 18th inst. at Meelick Fort, Limerick, the wife of Thomas Arthur Frost, Esq, of a son.

C.J., 23 May 1867
On Friday, the 17th inst. at Miltown, Tulla, the wife of Mr James Gallagher, Assistant county Surveyor, of three children, two daughters and one son. They survived but a short time after birth. Mrs Gallagher, we are happy to say, is progressing favourably.

C.J., 13 June 1867
This morning, at 2 Bindon Street, the wife of Thomas Greene, Esq, J.P., of a son.

C.J., 6 May 1867
On the 4th inst. at Fergus Row, the wife of Mr P. Griffin, of a son.

C.J., 24 June 1867
At the National Bank, Kilrush, on June 17th, the wife of Dr Haran, R.N., of a daughter.

L.S.C., 23 October 1867
This morning, Tuesday, at Church-street, Ennis, the wife of H.B. Harris, Esq, of a son.

L.C., 21 December 1867
At Brookville, Broadford, co. Clare, the wife Mr A.E.S. Heard, of a daughter.

C.J., 19 September 1867
On Sunday, the 15th inst. at Bayfield, the wife of Michael Hynes, Esq, of a son.

L.C., 2 May 1867
On the 30th ult. at Kilkishen House, county Clare, the wife of J. Butler Ievers, Esq, of a son.

C.J., 20 May 1867
At Kilkee, on the 15th instant, the wife of Henry Keane, Esq, of a son, still-born.

C.J., 13 June 1867
At Moore Street, Kilrush, the wife of Patrick Keatinge, Esq, of a daughter.

L.C., 24 October 1867
At Ennis, the wife of J. Keatinge, Esq, of the National Bank, of a son.

L.C., 10 August 1867
On the 7th inst. at Jail-street, Ennis, the wife of Edward Kenrick, H.M. Inland Revenue, of a daughter.

L.C., 13 July 1867
At New Hall, county Clare, the Hon Mrs Armstrong MacDonnell, of a son.

C.J., 7 January 1867
At Woodbine Cottage, Killadysert, the wife of Pat Macnamara, Esq, of a son.

C.J., 16 May 1867
On the 14th inst. at Newpark, the wife of Charles G. Mahon, Esq, J.P., of a son.

C.J., 27 June 1867
June the 24th, at Gregan’s Castle, Co. Clare, the wife of John G. Martyn, Esq, J.P., of a son and heir.

L.C., 10 January 1867
At Ballyvaughan, county Clare, the wife of J.C. Mills, Sub-Inspector Constabulary, of a son.

D.E.M., 1 May 1867
April 28, at Gloucester-place, Portman-square, London, the wife of Captain Charles Mills Molony, Royal Artillery, of a son.

L.C., 29 June 1867
At Carmody’s Hotel, Ennis, the residence of her brother-in-law, the wife of Mr Richard Murphy, Station Master, Tipperary, of a son.

L.C., 2 January 1868
At Quarrywood, near Ryde, Isle of Wight, the Hon Mrs O’Brien, of a son.

L.C., 10 August 1867
On the 8th inst. at Victoria-place, Kilkee, the wife of Henry Potter, M.D., of a daughter.

C.J., 28 March 1867
On the 26th inst. at Tulla, county Clare, the wife of Mr Wm. Powell, of a son.

C.J., 26 August 1867
On the 15th inst. at the National Bank, Kilrush, the wife of John Quin, Esq, of a son.

L.S.C., 19 January 1867
At the Shannon View Hotel, Killaloe, the wife of Mr Reddan, of a daughter.

L.C., 20 April 1867
On the 17th inst. at 4, Rutland-square East, Dublin, the wife of Robert William Cary Reeves, Esq, of a daughter.

L.C., 7 May 1867
On the 2nd inst. at the Glebe, O’Brien’s-bridge, the wife of Rev John Huleatt Revington, of a son.

L.C., 14 October 1867
October 11th, at Jil-street, Ennis, the wife of Mr J.C. Ryall, of a daughter.

C.J., 11 November 1867
At O’Brien’s Bridge, in this county, the wife of Mr G. Ryan, of a son.

C.J., 3 October 1867
In Jail Street, the wife of Mr Michael Rynne, of a son.

C.J., 21 January 1867
On Saturday, the 19th inst. at Jail-street, the wife of P. Sexton, Architect and Builder, of a daughter.

C.J., 1 August 1867
On the 28th July, at 11 Minster-place, Kilkee, the wife of Mr Thomas Sheehy, P.L.G., of a daughter.

C.J., 20 May 1867
At Brighton, on the 16th instant, the wife of Edward Singleton, Esq, of a son.

C.J., 30 May 1867
On the 25th inst. at Rockview, county Limerick, the wife of John Copley Singleton, Esq, of a daughter.

L.S.C., 19 January 1867
At Victoria Park, Scariff, the wife of Michael Skehan, Esq, of a daughter.

C.J., 16 May 1867
On the 15th inst. at Abbeyview Cottage, the wife of Mr Tavernor, Editor of the “Clare Journal,” of a son.

C.J., 16 May 1867
At Kilkee, the wife of David Taylor, Esq, of a daughter.

C.J., 1 August 1867
At Kilkee, the wife of P. Thomson, Esq, of Great Charles-street, Dublin, of a daughter.

L.C., 11 May 1867
At Benaree, on the 28th March, the wife of Captain T.C. Vandeleur, 7th Dragoon Guards, of a son.

L.C., 14 November 1867
At Stranfield, Miltown Malbay, the wife of John White, Esq, Capt., South Down Militia, of a son.

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