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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.

Lord Dunboyne Scrapbook Collections

Marriages 1843 and 1844

Transcribed by Marianne McGough

C.J. = “Clare Journal”
L.C. = “Limerick Chronicle”
D.E.M. = “Dublin Evening Mail”

L.C., 15 July 1843
In Kilrush, Patrick Arthur, Esq, M.D. to Anastasia, daughter of Mr John Burke.

L.C., 19 October 1844
In Castletowndelvin Church, county Westmeath, by the Hon and Rev Henry Browne, Lieut.-Colonel Arthur, 3rd Dragoon Guards, to Kate Mary Fetherston, second daughter of Mr and Lady Eleanor Fetherston Haugh, of Bracklyn Castle.

See: Harris

L.C., 10 February 1843
February 4, in the parish church of St Marylebone, by the Rev C. Driscoll, Lovat Ashe, Esq, youngest son of the late Captain Henry Ashe, of Ballyket, county of Clare, to Cecilia Dacre, of No. 2, Baker-street, Portman-square, London.

See: Jacob

See: Joyce

L.C., 31 January 1844
Yesterday morning, in Ennis church, by the Rev Henry Murphy, Benjamin Barrington, junior, Esq, to Frances, youngest daughter of John Leech, Esq.

L.C., 6 November 1844
October 29th, in Clare Church, by the Rev James Wilson, James Behan, Esq, of Derryallen House, Tanderagee, to Anna, daughter of the late Abraham Hardy, Esq, of Violet Hill.

L.C., 21 February 1844
Mr Edward Bennett, Dromoland, to Miss Margaret McNamara, of Fortville.

D.E.M., 7 June 1844
June 5, in St Peter’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev Robert Stanley, Vicar of Bannow, Rev John Vere Benson, of Corbally, diocese of Killaloe, to Harriet Dorothea, second daughter of the late William Burroughs, of Greenfield, county of Dublin, Esq.

L.C., 10 February 1844
This morning in George’s-street, at the house of her mother, by the Rev James Synan, V.G., John Beveridge, Esq, second son of the late Lieutenant John Beveridge, Royal Horse Artillery, of Parteen House, county Clare, to Anastasia, daughter of the late Patrick Sheahan, Esq, of this city.

L.C., 11 March 1843
At Mallow Church, on Thursday, by the Rev P. Atkins Going, Samuel Bindon, jun, Esq, barrister-at-law of Waterpark, county Clare, to Susanna, only daughter of the late Rev Charles Massy of Summerhill, and niece of the late Sir Hugh Dillon Massy, Bart, of Doonass house.

See: Green

See: Campbell

D.E.M., 23 November 1844
On the 31st inst. at Cheltenham, by Special Licence, by the Hon and Rev Lord William Somerset, W. Shaw Bond, Esq, of Devonshire-place, Cavendish Square, to Frances Jane, daughter of the late Cornelius O’Callaghan, Esq, of Ballynahinch, county of Clare.

See: Cotton

L.C., 6 September 1843
On 1 September, at Sunninghill Church, by the Reverend Thomas Fuller, Minister of St Peter’s, Pimlico, Captain Sir Thomas Bourchier, R.N., K.C.B., to Jane Barbara, eldest daughter of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington, KCB.

See: Gore

See: Taylor

See: Arthur

See: O’Brien

L.C., 21 February 1844
On Monday last, at Listerlin Glebe, by the Rev Edward George Armstrong, the Rev William Gore Burroughs, Vicar of Kilbeacon, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late John H. Jephson, Esq, of Killaloe.

See: Benson

L.C., 17 June 1843
At Corofin Church, on Thursday, by the Rev J. Hastings Allen, Alexander Campbell, Esq, Surgeon H.M. 22nd Regiment, to Frederica, daughter of Thomas Blood, Esq, of Roxton, county Clare.

See: Hartnett

L.C., August 1844
In Kilkee, by the Rev Mr Hartney, Mr Charles Carrigg, of Ennis, to Miss Mary Anne Carroll, of Tullaher, county Clare.

See: Carrigg

See: Bourchier

L.C., 2 October 1844
At Crusheen, on Monday, by the Rev Mr Meade, P.P., Mr Michael Colcannon, of Eyre Square, Galway, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr Richard Curtin, of Crusheen, county of Clare.

See: England

See: Cullen

L.C., 11 September 1844
Mr John Considine, late of Ennis, to Bridget, eldest daughter of Mr Patrick Kean, Kilkee, county Clare.

L.C., 8 July 1843
At Killnasoolagh Church, by the Reverend Thomas St George, Vicar of Kilnasoolagh, Mr. James Corneal, of Rour House, Adare, to Frances, daughter of the late Benjamin Sargent, of Newmarket-on-Fergus.

L.C., 17 May 1843
At Ennis Church, by the Rev William Young, William Cotton, Esq, of Arin Cottage, Castlerea, to Eliza, daughter of Mr John Leech, and relict of the late John Borbidge.

See: Doyle

L.C., 24 June 1843
On Thursday, at Kilmurry Church, by the bride’s father, John Cox, of Clarefield, county Clare, Esq, to Margaret, second daughter of the Reverend James Martin.

L.C., 21 February 1844
Mr Thomas Cullen, of Six-mile-Bridge Paper Mill, to Ellen, daughter of Mr Michael Considine, of Kilmurrane.

See: Finucane

L.C., August 1844
In Ennis, Mr Denis Curtin, to Mary, daughter of the late Mr William Dillon.

See: Colcannon

See: Ashe

L.C., 17 February 1844
On the 14th inst. Michael Digan, Esq, of Ross House, county Clare, to Ellen, only daughter of Matthew White, Esq, of Ballycorban, county Galway.

See: Curtin

See: Reardon

L.C., 30 September 1843
At Killaloe, Mr John Doyle of Currah, to Mary, daughter of the late Mr James Courtney, of Fossa-beg, county Clare.

L.C., 8 December 1843
On the 19th inst. at St George’s Church, Hanover-square, the Right Hon Lord Dunboyne, to Mrs Vaughan, of Belle Hatch House, Oxfordshire.

D.E.M., 13 November 1843
November 11, at St Anne’s Church, by his brother, the Rev Robert Ellis, George Ellis, Esq, eldest son of Robert Hawkes Ellis, Esq, of Leeson Street, to Sarah Johns, widow of Charles Robert Kane, Esq, M.D., of Beech Park, Ennis and only daughter of A.J. Watson, of Castle Connell, county Limerick Esq.

D.E.M., 20 March 1843
By special license, Richard England, Esq, youngest son of the late Anthony England, Esq, of Ennis county Clare, to Theresa Mary, only child of Thomas Connor, Esq, of this city.

D.E.M., 1 April 1843
Richard England, Esq, son of the late Anthony England, Esq, of Ennis, county Clare, to Theresa Mary, only child of Thomas Connor Esq, of Dublin.

See: Tufnell

See: Gore

See: Sykes

See: Arthur

L.C., 17 February 1844
On Wednesday last, by the Rev Michael Rowan, P.P., Mr Andrew Finucane, of this city, to Maria Teresa, eldest daughter of Francis Cunningham, Esq, Aylroe, county Clare.

See: Seed

L.C., 2 August 1843
At the British Embassy, Florence, the Rev C.H. Gladwin, son of the Rev C.T. Gladwin, and nephew of the late major Ross-Lewin, of Ross Hill, county Clare, to Georgiana Elizabeth, daughter of Colonel J.P. Hamilton, late Scott’s Fusilier Guards, and grand-niece of the eighth Earl of Westmoreland.

L.C., 5 July 1843
On the 4th of July, at St Peter’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev William Peacocke, Captain Gore, of the 72nd Highlanders, son of Francis Gore, Esq, of Derrymore, county Clare to Catherine, daughter of the late Hugh Faulkner, Esq, of Fort Faulkner, county Carlow, and niece to Sir Thomas Butler, Bart.

L.C., 5 August 1844
August 2, at the Church of St Nicholas, Galway, by the Rev J. Treanor, Vicar, John Ribton Gore, Esq, son of the Hon and Very Rev George Gore, the Dean of Killala, and grandson of the late Earl of Arran, to Frances Brabazon, daughter of J.D. Ellard, Esq, of Renmore, county Galway and R.M. at Tulla, county Clare, and grand-niece of the late Sir A. Brabazon, Bart, Brabazon Park, county Mayo.

See: Roche

L.C., 5 August 1843
At the Episcopal Asylum Chapel, Mr. George Green, late of Ennis, to Miss Susanna Blake.

L.C., 21 February 1844
At Alverstoke, Mr John H. Haire, R.N., of the ‘St Vincent’, Portsmouth, and son of the late Edmond Haire, Esq, of Ennis, to Caroline Frances, daughter of John Town, Esq, Royal Clarence Yard.

D.E.M., 5 June 1844
May 28th, at St. George’s Bloomsbury, Thomas Haire, Esq, M.D., of Lewes, Sussex, son of the late Edmond Haire, Esq, of Ennis, to Mary Anne, only child of the late Charles Franklin Hick, Esq, of Lewes.

See: Gladwin

See: Behan

D.E.M., 21 April 1843
April 20, at St Peter’s Church, by the Venerable the Archdeacon of Dublin, William Wallace Harris, Esq, son of the late Hugh Harris, Esq, of Ashfort in the county Armagh, to Caroline Frances Sydney, relict of William Smith Arthur, Esq, Glenomera, county Clare, and eldest daughter of Frederick Saintbury Parker, Esq, J.P., county Dublin.

L.C., 12 July 1843
At Bombay, by the Right Rev Dr Whelan, R.C. Bishop, F. W. Harrison, Esq, son of the late C. Harrison, Esq, of the county Clare, to Julia, daughter of the late G. Howard, Esq.

D.E.M., 7 June 1844
June 6, John D. Hartnett, Esq, of Laurel-hill, in the county of Cork, to Mary, only daughter of the late James Canny, Esq, of Ballycasey, county Clare.

See: Talty

See: Haire

See: McNamara

D.E.M., 19 April 1843
April 18, at Ardbraccan Church, by his Grace, the Lord Primate, Hugh Palliser Hickman Esq, of Fardoe, county Clare, to Sophia Angel St. John Stopford, daughter of the bishop of Meath.

L.C., 5 June 1843
On Sunday last at Sixmile-bridge, Mr John Holohan, of Ellen- street, to Bridget, daughter of Mr Michael Markham.

See: Harrison

See: La Roche

D.E.M., 20 March 1843
August 31, 1842, at Castle Bagot, in the province of South Australia, the residence of her father, by the Reverend James Farrell A.M., Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Charles Harvey Bagot, Esq, formerly of Ennis, county Clare, to William Jacob, Esq, of Morooroo, in the same province.
[Note: The memoir of Charles Harvey Bagot, also Charles Hervey Bagot, was published by the Pioneers’ Association of South Australia in 1942, with a reprint published in 1960.]

Page of Memoir of Charles Harvey Bagot
Memoir of Capt. Charles Harvey Bagot

L.C., 20 September 1843
At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, John Jackson, Esq, son of the late Captain Jackson, Kilrush, county Clare, to Mary Henrietta, eldest daughter of the late Edward Sparrow, of Killlabeg House, county Wexford, Esq.
[Note: John Jackson, Kilrush, was a noted humourist and sketch-writer of his day and wrote copy for Dublin and London newspapers. He compiled a series of sketches on the petty sessions of Kilrush.]

Kilrush Photo Cover of John Jackson  sketches
John Jackson, humourist and sketch-writer

See: Burroughs

L.C., 16 August 1843
At St. Mary’s, Shandon, Mr Michael Joyce, of Ennis, to Mary Julia, daughter of Mr William Baldwin, of Sunday’s well.

See: Ellis

See: Considine

See: Ward

See: Quinlivan

L.C., 7 October 1843
At Kilrush, by the Rev John Kenny, P.P., Mr Patrick Wm. Kelly, of this city, to Miss Susan Maxwell.

See: Mangan

L.C., 15 July 1843
In Killaloe, Mr Thomas Kenny, master of the Killaloe fly-boat, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Fennelly McDonnell, Esq.

See: O’Gorman

L.C., 31 July 1844
On the 29th of June, at Quebec, Mr William Laroche, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Theophilus Ivers, of the county of Clare.

See: Barrington

See: Borbidge

C.J., 6 March 1843
On Sunday morning, at her mother’s house, William-street, in this City, by the Rev P. D’Arcy, Patrick Lennon, Esq, of Kilrush, to Honoria, daughter of the late Edward Quinlivan, Esq.

See: Watson

See: O’Connell

D.E.M., December 1844
December 20th, at St Andrew’s Church, by the Rev George Stone, Edward Alexander, son of the late William McEntee, Esq, of this city, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Captain Stackpoole, of Cappahard, county Clare.

L.C., December 1844
On the 20th inst. at St Andrew’s Church, by the Rev George Stone, Edward Alexander McEntee, son of the late William McEntee, Esq, of Dublin, to the amiable and highly accomplished Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Captain Charles Stackpoole, of Cappahard, and grand-daughter of the late highly esteemed John Stackpoole, Esq, of the county Clare.

See: Kenny

L.C., 26 June 1844
Mr Michael McNamara, jun., Ennis, to Mary, daughter of the late Mr James Hickey, Excise Officer.

See: Bennett

L.C., 3 July 1844
On yesterday, at Cragbrien Castle, county Clare, Charles, eldest son of Thomas Mahon, Esq, of Cahircalla, to Jane, eldest daughter of the Very Rev William Stacpoole, Dean of Kilfenora.

L.C., 12 October 1844
Yesterday morning, in Taylor-street, Miss Jane A. Kelly, daughter of the late David Kelly, of Crussa, county Clare, to M. Creagh Mangan, of this City.

See: Holohan

See: Cox

See: Bindon

See: Kelly

See: Fannin

L.C., 31 January 1844
At Clare, Mr Daniel Moylan, of the Limerick Customs, to Lucy Ann, daughter of Mr Pierse Stamer.

L.C., 22 November 1843
At the New Grove Cottage, county Clare, James O’Brien, Esq, of the National Bank, Kilrush, to Fanny, daughter of Thomas B. Burke, Esq.

See: Bond

See: Somerset

See: O’Leary

See: Wilkinson

L.C., 28 October 1843
On the 25th inst. at Lower Gardiner-street, Nicholas Smith O’Gorman, Esq, barrister-at-law, eldest son of N.P. O’Gorman Esq, Q.C., assistant-barrister for Kilkenny, to Margaret, only daughter of the late Michael Kenny, of Dysert, county Clare, Esq.

L.C., 21 February 1844
On yesterday, at Kilgorey, the residence of the bride’s brother, Kate, daughter of the late William O’Connell, Esq, Toureen, county Clare to Charles McCarthy, Esq, son of the late McCarthy O’Leary, Esq, Coolmagan, county Cork.

L.C., 20 April 1844
At Ennis, James Quinlivan, Esq, of Ballyroughan, to Jane, daughter of the late William Kelly, of Ballymortogh, Esq.

See: Lennon

L.C., 31 May 1843
In Ennis Mr Thomas Reardon, to Miss Anne Dillon.

See: Tully

L.C., 12 June 1844
On Monday last, at St Peter’s Church, Dublin, Sir David Roche, Bart, M.P. for this city, of Carass House, in this County, and Barntick, county Clare, to Cecilia, youngest daughter of Henry Deane Grady, Esq, Q.C., sister to Viscountess Massereene, Baroness Muskerry and Lady Chichester. Immediately after the ceremony the happy pair left for Oriel Temple, Louth, the residence of Viscount Massereene.

L.C., 23 March 1844
At Cahir Church, by the Rev Robert Bell, the Rev George Ross-Lewin, eldest son of the late Major Ross-Lewin, Ross Hill, county Clare, to Grace, eldest daughter of the late Henry Sargint, of Castleview, county Tipperary, Esq.

See: Corneal

See: Ross-Lewin

D.E.M., 3 May 1844
May 2, at St Thomas’s Church, by the Rev P. Marsh, Thomson Seed, Esq, of Belfast, to Eliza, daughter of the late Rev Richard Fitz-Gerald of Glenville, county Clare.

See: Beveridge

L.C., 28 September 1844
On Monday, at Hilton Church, by the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, by special licence, the Right Hon and Rev Lord William Somerset, Canon of Bristol, son of the late Duke of Beaufort, to Frances Westby, relict of Cornelius O’Callaghan, Esq, of Ballynahinch, county Clare, and daughter of the late Henry Brady, Esq, of Raheens Manor, in the same county.

See: Jackson

See: Mahon

See: McEntee

See: Moylan

See: Hickman

See: Harris

L.C., 11 December 1844
On Monday last, at Kilmurry Church, by the Rev James Bennett, Mr James Sykes, Civil Engineer, to Miss Faviell, daughter of Charles Faviell, Esq, contractor, of Woodvale House, county Clare.
[Note: Charles Faviell, based in Kilrush, was engaged in the
Shannon Navigation scheme of 1841 – 1843.]

L.C., 18 November 1843
Peter B.K. Talty, eldest son of Peter Talty, Esq, of Coore, county Clare, to Bessy, daughter of Mr Luke Hayden, Pembroke-quay, Dublin.

L.C., 13 January 1844
At Kilrush Church, on Tuesday, the 19th inst. by the Rev H. Whitty, Mr George Taylor, to Ellen, daughter of Mr Michael Brew of Treamore.

See: Haire

D.E.M., 8 November 1844
At St Peter’s Church, by the Venerable Archdeacon Magee, Thomas Joliffe Tufnell, 3rd Dragoon Guards, and younger son of the late Colonel Tufnell, of Bath, to Henriette Fannin, relict of Robert Fannin, Esq, of this city, and only daughter of Croasdaile Molony, Esq, county Clare.

L.C., 3 January 1844
Yesterday morning, at the Episcopal Asylum Church, by the Rev Henry Willis, Kivas Tully, Esq, C.E., second son of Captain Tully, R.N., to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Ringrose Drew, Esq, of Drewsborough, county Clare.

See: Dunboyne

L.C., 30 November 1844
At Ennis Church, by the Rev William Keane, M.A., Cambridge, the Rev Charles Ward, of Mountmellick, son of Espine Ward, Bank of Ireland, Esq, to Maria Janetta, daughter of the late Robert Keane, Beechpark, county Clare, Esq.

L.C., 2 December 1843
On Tuesday last, at Aughrim Church, county Galway, by the Very Rev Henry Martin, A.J. Watson, Esq, of Dublin, to Jane, widow of the late P. Lysaght, Esq, of Annfield, Kilshanny, county Clare.

See: Digan

L.C., 27 January 1844
At Abington Church, by the Very Rev the dean of Emly, on Thursday last, Thomas Wilkinson, Esq, of this city, member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, to Mary, relict of the late Colonel Henry A. O’Donnell, C.B., Truagh, county Clare.

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