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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.

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Marriages 1845

Transcribed by Larry Parks

L.C. = 'Limerick Chronicle'
D.E.M. = 'Dublin Evening Mail'

Ball D.E.M, 3 October 1845
Marriage in High Life-- On the 1st instant, at Monkstown Church, by the Hon. and Rev. William O'Grady, Major William Hawkins Ball, of Fortfergus, in the county of Clare, to the Hon. Julia O'Grady, daughter of the Right Honourable Standish, late Lord Viscount Guillamore, deceased.

Barron See: Coghlan

Brady Brew See: McKiernan

Brooks D.E.M., 20 June 1845
At Croydon Church, by the Rev. Francis Synge, James Willis Brooks, Esq., of John-street, Bedford-row, London, to Marianne, youngest daughter of the late Colonel Edward MacDonnell, of Newhall, county Clare.

Chesnut See: Armitage

Coghlan L.C., 13 September 1845
At Lahinch, Mr. Daniel Coghlan, pawnbroker, to Miss Biddy Barron.

Considine (2) L.C., 29 November 1845
Wednesday last, at Kilnasula Church, Newmarket-on-Fergus, by the Rev C. St. George, and afterwards at Firgrove, county Clare, the seat of her father, by the Rev J. Vaughan, V.G. Heffernan Considine, Esq, of Derk, in this County to Mary, second daughter of John MacMahon, Esq.

Considine (1) L. C., 26 November 1845
This morning, at her father's, Heffernan Considine, Esq. of Derk, in this County, to Eliza, daughter of John McMahon, Esq. of Firgrove, county Clare.

Costelloe See: Minahan

Cox See: Lyon

Cox L. C., 16 August 1845
Yesterday, by the Registrar of this district, Benjamin Cox, of Clarefield, co. Clare, Esq, to Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Richard Massy Yielding, of Bellevue, in the County, Esq.

Cox L. C., 17 September 1845
At St. Michael's Church, this morning, by the Rev Price Peacock, Robert T. Cox, of Kilrush, Esq, to Frances E. Davenport, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Davenport, of Ballynacourty, in this County, Esq.

Creagh See: Massey

Cullinan L.C., 5 February 1845
At Ballycasey House, Michael Cullinan, Esq, of Waverly Lodge, co. Clare, to Bridget, daughter of the late John Sheahan, Esq, of Clenagh.

Dalton L.C., 24 May 1845
This day, at St. Michael's Church, by the Rev Richard Moore, Lieut. Thomas N. Dalton, 61st Regt to Frances Amelia, third daughter of the late John Gabbett, of Shepperton, county Clare Esq, J. P., formerly Captain 89th Regiment.

Daly L.C., 20 September 1845
Michael Daly, Esq, Nassau-street, Dublin, to Bridget, eldest daughter of Daniel Finucane, Esq, of Shanavoe, near Ennis.

Davenport See: Cox

Davies D.E.M., 21 May 1845
May 20, at Ballyboy Church, King's County, by the Rev Charles Burton, Walter Davies Kingsmill, Esq, of Prospect Hill, county Clare, to Jane Eliza, eldest daughter of John Haslam, Solicitor, Frankford.

L.C., 30 April 1845
At Kingston, Canada, Mr. Crawford W. P. De la Armitage, of county Clare, Ireland, to Margaret Ann, daughter of Mr. William Chesnut.

Elliott L.C., 11 January 1845
On Wednesday, in the Cathedral of Killaloe, by the Rev Robert J. Going, Mr Henry Elliott, of Ennis, second son of Mr John Elliott, of Killaloe, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr Williams Gibbons, proprietor of the Killaloe Royal Hotel.

Finucane See: Daly

Finucane L.C., 5 November 1845
At Birchfield, Lahinch, Michael Finucane, Esq, of Ballymacooda, county Clare, to Helen, youngest daughter of John Lysaght, Esq, of Ballyvorda, and niece to Cornelius O'Brien, Esq, M.P.

Frost See: Gibson

Gabbett See: Dalton

Gayer L.C., 15 August 1845
At Hampstead Church, London, on the 9th inst. Arthur Edward Gayer, Esq, Q.C., LL.D., of Upper Mount-street, Dublin, to Frances, eldest daughter of the late Edmond Molony, Esq, and niece of James Molony, Esq, D. L., of Kiltanon House, county of Clare.

Gibbons See: Elliott

Gibson L.C., 18 January 1845

Going See: Studdert

Griffin L.C., 6 August 1845
Yesterday, in Ennis Church, by the Rev Charles Ward, uncle of the bride, the Rev John Nash Griffin, eldest son of the late Capt. Griffin, Clare Militia, to Susan, eldest daughter of the late Thos. Pilkington, of Waterpark, county Clare, Esq.

Griffin D.E.M., 11 August 1845
August 5, in Ennis, the Rev John Nash Griffin, of the Clare Militia, to Susan, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Pilkington, Esq, of Waterpark, in the county Clare.

Hanrahan L.C., 1 February 1845
At Scariff, Mr Timothy W. P. Hanrahan, to Ellen Teresa, only daughter of Mr Simon Hickey, Tomgreany

Harding See: O'Brien

Haslam See: Davies

Hickey See: Hanrahan

Humfrey D.E.M., 20 February 1845
February 22, in St. Peter's Church, by the Rev Mr Stack, William Humfrey, son of Hamilton Rankin, of Milltown colonnade, Esq, to Mary Louisa, youngest daughter of the late William Maunsell, of Castlepark, in the county of Clare, Esq, and cousin-german to Sir David Roche, Bart.

Hynes See: Taylor

Hynes See: Knox

Kelly See: McNamara

Kenny See: O'Kelly

Knox L.C., 11 October 1845
At Clondagad Church, by the Rev Charles FitzGerald, John B. Knox, Esq, of Ennis, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late James Hynes, Esq, M. D., of that town.

Lyon L.C., 16 August 1845
At St Michael's Parish Church, this morning, by the Very Rev the Dean of Limerick, the Rev Thomas Lyon, Kilfenora, co. Clare, to Anne, daughter of the late Rev Richard Cox, Rector of Cahirconlish, and cousin to Sir Richard Cox, Bart, Castletown, county Kilkenny.

Lysaght See: Finucane

McKiernan L.C., December 1845
December 31, at Tulla Church, by her brother, the Rev Richard Brew, John Bernard McKiernan, Esq, of Ballinasloe, to Miss Mary Brady Brew, daughter of the late Richard Brew, Esq, of Richmond, county Clare.

McMahon (1) See: Considine

McMahon (2) See: Considine

McNamara L.C., 22 November 1845
Mr Michael McNamara, of Spancil-hill, county Clare, to Frances, daughter of Mr Charles Kelly, of Gort.

MacDonnell See: Brooks

MacGrath L.C., 13 September 1845
At Newpark, near Ennis, John Fennell MacGrath, Esq, of Nenagh, Solicitor , to Henrietta, daughter of the late George Perry, Esq.

Dillon D.E.M., 3 October 1845
October 1. at St. Peter's Church, by the Rev. Benedict Arthur, and afterwards according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church, by the Rev. Dr. Finn, P.P., Hewitt Massey, second son of the late Bartholomew Dillon, of Ballyquin House, county Kilkenny, Esq, to Ellen, second daughter of the late Patrick William Creagh, of Limerick and Landscape, county Clare, Esq.

Maunsell See: Humfrey

Minahan L.C., 30 August 1845
At Kilkee, Mr Daniel Minahan, of Arthur's-quay, spirit retailer, to Miss Margaret Costelloe, of Moyasta, co. Clare.

Moloney See: Smith

Molony See: Gayer

Molony L.C., 23 August 1845
In Killoughter Church, Walter Weldon Molony, Esq, son of Walter Molony, Esq, R. M., Belfast, to Fanny, only daughter of Francis Thompson, Esq, Legakelly, county of Cavan.

Morony L.C., 4 October 1845
At Miltown Malbay Church, by the Rev R. C. Langford, Francis Morony, Esq, of Faro, to Blanche, widow of the late John Morony, Esq, of Westpark, county Clare.

Morony, Blanche See: Morony, Francis

Mullarkey L.C., 23 July 1845
On Sunday last, by the Rev Michael Comyn, P.P., Head Constable John Mullarkey, of the Kilrush Constabulary, to Maryanne, second daughter to Mr John Roche, of the Coast Guards, Kilkee.

O'Brien L.C., 6 August 1845
At St Peter's Church, Dublin, J.S. O'Brien, of Ennis, Esq, to Frances, daughter of the late Samuel Harding, Esq, of the Treasury.

O'Grady See: Ball

O'Kelly L.C., 3 December 1845 James O'Kelly, Esq, of Clonina House, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Matt Kenny, Esq, of Freagh Castle, county Clare.


Perry See: MacGrath

Pilkington See: Griffin

Riordan See: Ryan

Roche See: Mullarkey

Ryan L.C., 18 January 1845
In Ennis, by the Rev P. Hennessy, Mr Mathew Ryan, of this City, Builder, to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr John Riordan, Ballyvoureen, county Limerick.

Scott D.E.M., 11 August 1845
August 6, at Marylebone Church, by the Rev Thomas Woods Goldhawk, John Scott, Esq, of Crevagh, county of Clare, to Johanna, youngest daughter of John Thompson, Esq, of Brunswick-terrace, Brighton.

Sheahan See: Cullinan

Smith L.C., 9 August 1845
On Monday, at Clare Abbey, by the Rev Francis P. Studdert, Wm. Smith, of the Royal Regt. to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph Moloney, of Ennis.

Spaight L.C., 20 September 1845
On Thursday last, at Corofin Church, by the Rev J. Hastings Allen, Rector of Doonass, William, eldest son of Francis Spaight, Esq, of Derry Castle, to Anne, only daughter of the late Marcus Paterson, Esq, of Shepperton, county Clare. After a handsome dejeuner at the seat of Edward William Burton, Esq, the happy couple left for Killarney, en route to Italy. All the vessels in the port of Limerick were gaily decorated with handsome flags, in celebration of this happy event, and shots were fired from the extensive concerns of the bridegroom's father, Francis Spaight, Esq, on the lower quays.

Studdert L.C., 8 January 1845
On Monday, the 6th inst. at Broadford Church, by his father, the Rev Richard Studdert Welsh, of Newtown House, Maurice Studdert Welsh, Esq, to Mary Catherine, only daughter of the late James Going, Esq, of Violet Hill, county Clare.

Taylor L.C., 10 May 1845
At Kilkee Church, by the Rev James Martin, and subsequently at the house of her father, by the Rev M. Comyn, P.P., Miss Mary Ann Hynes, eldest daughter of Mr Martin Hynes, grocer, Kilkee, to Captain John Taylor, late of the brig, the ‘Ninian’, of this port.

Thompson Thompson See: Scott

Yielding See: Cox



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