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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.

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Marriages 1848

Transcribed by Local Studies Centre

L.C. = “Limerick Chronicle”
T.T. = “The Times”

See: O’Flaherty

L.C., 15 April 1848
In Ennis Church, on Thursday last, by the Venerable the Archdeacon of Kilfenora, Alexander Bannatyne, Esq, eldest son of James Bannatyne, Esq, of this City, to Mary Jane, only daughter of the late Mathew O’Brien, Esq, M.D., of Ennis.

L.C., 12 July 1848
At Barbane Cottage, county Clare, Thomas Beary, of Derk, Esq, to Ellen, daughter of the late John Bourke, Esq.

L.C., 8 January 1848
On Wednesday, by the Rev Richard Studdert, at Six-mile-bridge Church, FitzGerald Blood, Esq, of Ballykilty, to Millicent, daughter of Francis Morrice, Esq, of Springfield, county Clare.

See: Beary

L.C., 22 January 1848
On Thursday last, by the Rev Mr Byrne, P.P., Mr Donat Burke, of Derra Cottage, Broadford, to Maria, eldest daughter of Mr Matthew Hayes, of Rynirick, Killaloe.

See: O’Brien

See: Ferguson

L.C., 8 March 1848
Mr John Cangly, of Tallow, county Waterford, to Miss Matilda English, of Ennis.

L.C., 12 July 1848
July 7, at Clonehurk Church, near Portarlington, James Maximilian Carden, Esq, of Lismore, Queen’s County, to Louisa Selina, daughter of the late John Scott Vandeleur, Esq, of Ralahine, county Clare.

See: Molony

L.C., 24 May 1848
Yesterday morning, at St Michael’s Church, by the Rev Pryce Peacocke, Samuel Caswell, jun., Esq, of Blackwater, county Clare, J.P., to Martha, second daughter of Christopher Delmege, Esq, of Castle Park, near this City.

See: Molony

See: Caswell

See: Cangly

L.C., 22 November 1848
At Mansetter, on Friday, 18th inst. By the Rev B. Rickings, Samuel P. Evans, Esq, M.D., Fergus View, Newmarket-on-Fergus, to Caroline, eldest daughter of the Rev E. Power, Atherstone, Warwickshire, and niece to C. Lucy, Esq, Avon-side, Stratford-on-Avon.

L.C., 12 January 1848
At Kilrush Church, by the Rev Mr Chester, Captain Ferguson, of the schooner “Little Anne,” to Anne, daughter of the late Francis Burton, Esq, of Clarefield, county Clare.

L.C., 16 February 1848
In Kilrush, on Monday last, by the Rev J. Robbins, Capt. John Ferguson, of the “Eliza and Anne,” to Sarah Anne, daughter of the late Peter Keane, Esq, Kilmaley, county Clare.

L.C., 5 July 1848
On Saturday last, by the Rev Mr Mahony, Patrick Fitzsimon, Esq, to Miss Bedilia Kelly, sister to J.W. Kelly, Esq, of Jail street, Ennis.

L.C., 20 September 1848
At Drumconora, county Clare, the seat of her brother, Sir Colman O’Loghlen, Bart., by the Very Rev James Malone, V.G., John Woulfe Flanagan, of Drumdoe, co. Roscommon, Esq, to Susan, eldest daughter of the late Right Hon Sir Michael O’Loghlen, Bart., Master of the Rolls.

T.T., 23 February 1848
On the 19th inst. at Feniton, Devon, by the Rev Owen, rector of St Edmund’s, Exeter, Thomas William Gray, Esq, of that city, solicitor and proctor, to Anne Barbara, only surviving daughter of the late Donatus O’Brien, Esq, of the county of Clare, Ireland.

See: Molony

L.C., 8 March 1848
On Saturday last, Andrew Haire, Esq, M.D., of Ennis, to Ellen, daughter of the late William O’Connell, Esq, of Tuoreen, county Clare.

See: O’Brien

L.C., 21 October 1848
At Rathclareen Church, county Cork, by the Dean of Leighlin, William Harte, Esq, C.E., son of the late Redmond Harte, Esq, of Parteen House, county Clare, to Anne Beckles, daughter of the late John Treacy, Esq, of Brigadle House, county Antrim.

See: Burke

See: O’Callaghan

See: Wright

See: Ferguson

See: Fitzsimon

L.C., 1 July 1848
On Thursday last, at Broadford Church, by the Rev Hugh Wray Dancer, Mr William Kidd, of the Constabulary, to Miss Margaret Neary, of Violet Hill, county Clare.

L.C., 20 September 1848
On the 12th instant, at Killard Church, by the Rev W. Chester, John Lillis, Esq, of Churchtown, to Susan, youngest daughter of Thomas Studdert, Esq, of Danganelly, county Clare.

T.T., 5 August 1848
On the 3d inst. At Kildysart, county of Clare, by the Rev Michael Fitzgerald, Francis Lowe, youngest son of William Lowe, Esq, of Montague-street, Russell-square, London, to Mary Julia, youngest daughter of the late Major Ross-Lewin, of Ross-hill, near Kildysart.

25 October 1848
At Miltown Malbay, Mr P. Lynch to Miss Jane O’Connor.

L.C., 13 May 1848
In Ennis Church, James Molony, Esq, M.D., of Tulla, to Rebecca, daughter of the late Michael Greene, Esq, Attorney.

L.C., 9 May 1848
Mr Andrew Molony, grocer, High-street, Ennis, to Mary, daughter of Mr Michael Clune.

L.C., 29 July 1848
In Ennis, Mr Patrick Molony, to Anne, relict of the late Mr Matthew Carrigg.

Morrice [Morris]
See: Blood

See: Wilson

See: Kidd

L.C., 20 September 1848
At Loughrea, Joseph O’Brien, Esq, of that town, to Frances Anne, daughter of the late Michael Burke, Esq, of Killaloe.

L.C., 27 September 1848
This day, at the house of the bride, by the Rev J. Kenny, P.P. of Kilrush, T. O’Brien, Esq, George’s-street, son of the late James O’Brien, Esq, Quin Pool, county Clare, Anna, relict of the late William Hannan, Esq, Cahirelly.

See: Gray

See: Bannatyne

See: Studdert

L.C., 8 November 1848
In Scariff, Pat O’Callaghan, Esq, to Catherine, daughter of Hugh Hennessy, Esq, of New Grove.

See: Savile

See: Haire

See: Lynch

L.C., 24 June 1848
At her father’s residence, Roscrea, Mr Thomas O’Donnell, Surveyor, Nenagh, to Mary O’Shaughnessy, only daughter of John O’Shaughnessy, Esq, and grand-niece of the late Right Rev Dr O’Shaughnessy, R.C. Bishop of Killaloe

L.C., 6 September 1848
On Sunday last, by the Rev Mr Raleigh, at Prospect Row, Mr P. O’Flaherty, of this City, to Honora, daughter of the late P. Arthur, Esq, of Ballymealy, county Clare.

See: Flanagan

See: O’Donnell

See: Evans

See: Lowe

T.T., 28 June 1848
At Clifton Church, on Monday, the 26th inst. By the Right Hon and Rev Lord William Somerset, Canon of Bristol, Captain Henry B. Savile, R.A., third son of the late Albany Savile, Esq, of Oaklands, Devon, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Cornelius O’Callaghan, Esq, of Ballynahinch, county of Clare, Ireland.

L.C., 1 July 1848
At Bath, by her step-father, the Rev Lord Wm. Somerset, Captain Savile, Royal Artillery, commanding the Recruiting party at Bristol, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Cornelius O’Callaghan, Esq, of Ballinahinch, county Clare.

L.C., 3 June 1848
At Drumelihy House, county Clare, Michael Studdert, Esq, of Rehy Park, to the widow of the late James O’Brien, Esq.

L.C., 10 June 1848
At Dromelihy House, county Clare, by the Rev Timothy Kelly, P.P., Michael Studdert, Esq, of Rehy Park, to Mary, relict of the late James O’Brien, Esq.

See: Lillis

L.C., 20 December 1848
At Kingstown, on Monday, by her father, Lieut. John Dennis Swinburne,
83rd Regt., son of Major Swinburne, 83rd, to Alice Matilda, daughter of the Rev Richard Studdert Welsh, of Newtown House, and Rector of Six-mile-bridge, county Clare.

See: Harte

See: Carden

See: Swinburne

L.C., 29 March 1848
Thomas Wilson, Esq, late senior Ensign of the 41st Regt. to Kate, daughter of Michael Murray, Esq, of Tulla, county Clare.

L.C., 9 September 1848
On the 5th inst. At St George’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev Gilbert Percy, Rector of Ballymoyer, county Armagh, Henry Cripps Wright, Esq, of 1st Somerset Regiment, and nephew of the late Alderman Joseph Cripps of Miltown Malbay, county Clare, to Anne, daughter of John Hodges, Esq, of the city of Dublin. The bridegroom is also brother-in-law to the Rev Andrew Davoren, and grandson of the late Thomas D. Hunt, Esq, of Kilrush, county Clare.




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