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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.

Lord Dunboyne Scrapbook Collections

Marriages 1852

Transcribed by Marianne McGough

C.J. = “The Clare Journal”
L.C. = “Limerick Chronicle”
T.T. = “The Times”

See: Whitestone

L.C. 10 July 1852
At the Parish Church of Hollywood, Thomas Batt, jun. Esq, only son of Thomas Batt, Esq, Rathmullen House, county Donegal, to the beautiful and accomplished Miss Knox, eldest daughter if the Archdeacon of Killaloe, and cousin to the Lord Bishop of Down. The sacred rite was performed by the Lord Bishop; portions of the service being chanted by the choir. The Bride was attired in an elegant costume of Limerick lace, with veil to correspond, and a wreath of orange flowers. The bridesmaids were Miss Knox, the Misses Fitzgibbon, the Misses Ayethorpe, Miss Greg and Miss Batt. At the conclusion of the ceremony the church bell rang out a merry peal and the wedding party proceeded to the Palace, where a dejeuner was given by the Lord Bishop and Mrs. Knox to above one hundred guests. In the afternoon the happy couple proceeded to Dublin, en route to the Continent.

See: Dowling

See: McCaldin

C.J. 16 December 1852
At Dublin, James Bennett Esq, only son of Thomas Bennett, Esq. Eastwood, Templemore, to Maria, only daughter of The O’Gorman, Causeway, Ennis.

See: Blood Mulville

Blood Mulville
L.C. 23 June 1852
At St. James’s, Dover, Charles Blood Mulville, Esq, 99th Regt. To Frederica, daughter of the late Lieut.-Colonel Blood, 69th Light Infantry.

Blood Smythe
L.C. 12 May 1852
On Saturday last, at St. Anne’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev James Hastings Allen, rector of Clonlara, Matthew Blood Smyth, of Castle Fergus, county Clare, Barrister-at-Law, to Mary, daughter of George Vincent, Esq, of Erinagh.

L.C. 18 February 1852
At St. Michael’s Church, this morning, by the Rev Joseph F. Robbins, Rector of Kilrush, the Rev. William Rowley Bluett, Vicar of Clonlea, diocese of Killaloe, to Louise, daughter of Tenison Lyons, Esq.

C.J. 12 August 1852
At Kilnasula Church, on Tuesday last, by the Rev Mr Stowell, John N. Bonnynge, Esq, to Margaret Louisa, Creagh, of Carrigerry, daughter of the late Major C. Creagh.

C.J. 30 September 1852
On the 23rd instant at Iver, Bucks, by the Rev James Hastings Allen, uncle of the Bride, assisted by the Rev W. S. Ward, Incumbent of Iver, Henry John Boulton, Esq, son of the Hon. Henry John Boulton, of Toronto, late Chief Justice of Newfoundland, to Charlotte, daughter of Henry Rudyerd, Esq., of Colne House, Iver, and granddaughter of the late Thomas Blood, Esq, of Roxton, in the County Clare.

L.C. 26 June 1852
On the 24th instant, at St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev Somers H. Payne, Vicar General of Killaloe, the Rev. John Wright Bowles, Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Killaloe, to Anne Charlotte, eldest daughter of William Gabbett, Esq of Cahirline, county Limerick.

L.C. 20 November 1852
In St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. John Gregg, Sarah, youngest daughter of the late Edward S. Hickman, of Cappahard, County Clare, Esq, and Crown Solicitor of the Province of Connaught, to James V. Browne, Esq, M.D. Professor of the Queen’s College, Galway.

Browne Brady
See: Wright

C.J. 28 November 1852
At Newtownbarry Church, James Butler Esq, of Castlecrine, in this county, to Sophia Mary, younger daughter of the late Major George St. George Irving, of Newtownbarry House.

L.C. 7 February 1852
Yesterday morning, at Westland Row Chapel, Dublin, by the very Rev. Dean Meyler, Matthew Canny Esq, J.P. Clonmoney House, county Clare, to Antoinette, youngest daughter of the late James Galwey, Esq. of Nadrid, County Cork.

L.C. 6 November 1852
At Kilrush, Mr John Church, of Causeway, Tralee, to Catherine, daughter of Mr John Fleming.

L.C. 14 February 1852
Mr. John Cotter, Clerk of the Ennis Union, to Miss Jane Greene.

See: Evans

See: Bonnynge

L.C. 7 August 1852
By Special licence, on the 31st ult. by the Rev Dr Fletcher, of Dunran, at Upper Tinnakelly House, the Rev W.H. Crofton, of Inchinappa, son of the late Sir Hugh Crofton, Bart, to Frances, daughter of the late Robert Westropp of Fort Anne, county Clare, Esq.

See: Hayes

L.C. 17 November 1852
In Ennis, Mr. William L. Dobson, Printer, to Miss Mary Holmes.

See: Ryan

L.C. 21 January 1852
At Kilkee, Jeremiah, eldest son of Jeremiah Dowling, Esq, Kilrush to Mary Anne, eldest daughter of the late Denis Beahan, Esq, Kilrush.

L.C. 11 October 1852
At Kilrush, John, second son of Jeremiah Dowling, Esq, Kilrush, to Maryanne, daughter of Peter Foley, Esq.

C.J. 11 October 1852
At Kilrush, John, second son of Jeremiah Dowling Esq, Kilrush, to Maryanne, daughter of Peter Foley Esq.

See: Griffin

C.J. 29 November 1852
On Thursday, the 25th inst., at Kilkee church, by the Rev. Richard Gould, Vicar of Killard, Thomas Evans, Esq, of Meelick, in this county, eldest son of John Evans Esq, Surveyor of Customs, Belfast, to Frances, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Mathew Cox, of Laheens, also in this county.

L.C. 1 December 1852
At Kilkee, on the 25th instant Thomas, eldest son of John Evans, Esq, H.M. Customs, Belfast, to Fanny, youngest daughter of the late Matthew Cox Esq.

L.C. 5 May 1852
Mr Thomas Fitzgerald, Church-street, Ennis, to Miss Anne Thompson.

See: Church

See: Gloster

See: Dowling

See: Bowles

See: Mahon

See: Canny

C.J. 12 July 1852
At Clapham, Surrey, John Murray Gartshore, Esq, son of the late Sir Patrick Murray, of Ochertyre, county Perth, to Lady Augusta Travel, widow of the Rev. Wm. C. Purdon, Of Tinnerana, county Clare.

L.C. 11 September 1852
On Thursday, the 9th inst. at Ennistymon Church, George Gloster, of Parteen House Esq, to Miss M. Fleming.

See: Cotter

L.C. 24 April 1852
Ambrose J. Hayes, Esq, of the National Bank, Ennis, to Catherine, daughter of Philip Daniel, Esq, of Clonmel.

See: Browne

Hodges Goggin
L.C. 17 April 1852
This morning at Clonlara Church, by the Rev Hastings Allen, Edward Hodges Goggin, Esq of Burton Hill, county Clare, to Agnes, daughter of the late William Vere Taylor, Esq, Captain H.M. 28th Regiment of Foot.

See: Dobson

L.C. 14 July 1852
At St. Michael’s Church, on Monday last, by the Rev. Edward Herbert, assisted by the Rev. Robert Flemyng, John Augustine Ievers, Esq, of Ieverstown, county Clare, to Eliza, daughter of the late William Johnson Westropp Esq, of Roxborough, near the city, and niece to the first Viscount Guillamore. The Bride was given away by Admiral O’Grady, and after the ceremony, the happy pair left for Linfield, the seat of Darby O’Grady, Esq.

See: Butler

L.C. 8 December 1852
Nov. 28th at Kurrachee, in Scinde, Lieut. Charles Marston Wallis James, Aide-de-camp and eldest son of Brigadier General Marston James, Bombay Army, to Fanny Margaret, daughter of the Rev. Richard Studdert Walsh, of Newton House, and Rector of Six-mile-bridge, county Clare.

C.J. 13 December 1852
At Kurachee, in Scinde, on the 18th of October, Lieutenant Charles Marston Wallace James, 6th Regiment Native Infantry, eldest son of Brigadier General Marston James, to Frances Margaret, daughter of the Rev. Richard Studdert Walsh, of Newtown House and Vicar of Six-mile-bridge.

See: Rutherford

L.C. 28 April 1852
At Ennis, Mr Patrick Kelly, of Denmark Street, Chandler to Mary, daughter of the late Mr Terence O’Brien, of Nelson Street.

C.J. 19 July 1852
At Kilkee, Charles W. Kempston, Esq, of Nenagh to Fanny, daughter of the late John Blakeney Kitsen, Esq, of Derry.

See: Parks

See: Stamer

See: Kempston

See: Batt

L.C. 24 January 1852
In Belturbet, Robert Law, Esq 31st Regt., Eldest son of Lieut. Colonel Law, K.11. to Frances Doyle, relict of Walter Weldon Moloney, Esq.

L.C. 21 July 1852
At Tulla Church, on the 12th inst. by the Rev Philip Dwyer, Andrew Lysaght, Esq, Barrister-at-Law, to Frances Louisa Jemima, the fourth daughter of the late George O’Callaghan, Esq, of Mary Fort, in the county of Clare. After the ceremony, the happy pair proceeded to London, en route to the Continent.

L.C. 6 March 1852
This morning by the Rev Richard Moore, at St. Michael’s Church, John Mahon, Esq of Ennis, to Louise, daughter of the late John Gabbett, of Shepperton, county Clare Esq. J.P.

L.C. 2 October 1852
At New York, John Mahony, Esq, of Cork, to Miss Maria Quinlivan, late of Ballyroughan, Clare.

C.J. 4 October 1852
At St. Bridget’s Church, John Mahony, Esq, of Clare to Miss Quinlivan, late of Ballyroughan, Clare, now of this city. The bride is sister to the Rev Michael Quinlivan, one of the respected Roman Catholic Curates of Ennis, and near relative of Lawrence Quinlivan, Esq, J.P., late Mayor of Limerick – Irish American.

L.C. 5 June 1852
The Rev Andrew McCaldin, Richhill, to Margaret, daughter of the Rev John Bell, Bloomfield, Clare.

L.C. 15 September 1852
In Carrigallen church, by the Hon. and Ven. Archdeacon Agar, John McCullagh, Esq, R.M. of Kilrush, county Clare, to Wilhelmina, fifth daughter of Acheson O’Brien, Esq, of Drumsilla, J.P., and D.L. for the county Leitrim.

C.J. 7 October 1852
On the 5th instant, by Special licence, at Birchfield, in this county, at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. Charles Fitzgerald, Vicar of Clondegad, and afterwards by the Rev. Michael Connolly, P.P. of Liscannor, William Henry McGrath, Esq, Summer-hill, Dublin, to Bridget, eldest daughter of Cornelius O’Brien, Esq, M.P. for this county.

L.C. 18 February 1852
Mr. A. McMahon, Clerk of the Union, Kildysart, to Johanna, niece to Rev Mr Roughan, P.P., Kildysart.

C.J. 11 October 1852
On Wednesday, Mr. John McNamara, of Coolrea, to Miss Eliza Ringrose, eldest daughter of Mr. John Ringrose, of Boulanacausk, both of this county.

See: O’Halloran

See: Ryan

See: Priestley

See: Law

L.C. 5 May 1852
At Omagh, George, son of the late Walter Molony, Esq, R.M., Belfast, to Susan, daughter of George Wade, Esq, late County Inspector, Tyrone.

See O’Rorke

See: McCullagh

See: McGrath

See: Kelly

See: Lysaght

See: Westropp

L.C. 28 July 1852
Sunday morning last, at St. Michael’s Church, by the Rev Pryce Peacocke, Mr Patrick O’Flanigan, of Ennistymon, in the county of Clare, to Emma, youngest daughter of the late William Tisdall, Esq, of this City, and grand-daughter of the late John Frewen, Esq, of Castle-Connell, in this County.

See: Bennett

L.C. 20 October 1852
At Kilkee, Mr. Michael O’Halloran, Principal Coast Officer of Clare Castle, to Jane, daughter of Lieut. John G. McNevin, Royal Navy.

L.C. 14 February 1852
Ambrose O’Rorke, Esq, of Ballybollan, Antrim, to Jane, daughter of the late Walter Molony, Esq, R.M.

C.J. 19 August 1852
Yesterday, in Feakle Church, by the father of the bride, Thomas Parks, of Ballug Castle, county Louth, Esq, to Grace, only daughter of the Rev John Kinahan, of Feakle, county Clare.

T.T. 14 April 1852
On Saturday, the 3d inst., at Clonlara, by the Rev James Allen, rector and immediately afterwards at the residence of the Bride’s sister, by the Rev. P. McMahon according to the Rites of the Holy Catholic Church, John Thomas Perry, Esq, of Castlegrove, in the county of Clare, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late William Tipper, Esq, of Her Majesty’s Customs, and of Fletham, in the county of Middlesex.

See: Volatti

See: Roe

See: Simmons

See: Stamer

L.C. 10 April 1852
At Ennis, Frederick J. R. Priestley, Esq 25th Regt. Son of Major Priestley, K. P. Deputy Inspector General of Police, to Amelia Priestley Miller, only daughter of the late Captain Miller 25th Regt. J.P. for the County Clare.

See: Mahony

See: McNamara

L.C. 13 October 1852
On Monday, at Loughall Church, by the Rev. Henry Wakeham, T.L. Roe. M.D. of Killaloe, to Miss Power, the amiable daughter of Samuel Dickson Power, Esq, of Munroe, county Tipperary.

See: McMahon

See: Boulton

See: Wilson

L.C. 19 May 1852
In Dublin, John Rutherford, Esq, Kingsborough, King’s County, to Jane, daughter of the late Robert Keane, Esq, of Beechpark, Ennis.

L.C. 25 February 1852
Mr William Ryan, Charlotte’s Quay, Grocer, to Margaret, daughter of the late Mr. Daniel Meehan, and sister of the Rev. Mr. Meehan, P.P. Carrigaholt.

C.J. 2 August 1852
By the Rev T. Breen, John Ryan, Esq, M.D., to Anne, youngest daughter if the late E. Doherty Esq, Mill Park, Ballinacally.
C.J. 29 November 1852
At the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the United States, by the Rev W. Stone, William, eldest son of William Simmons, Esq, of Kilrush, county Clare, Ireland, to Miss Jane Power, eldest daughter of the late P. Power, Esq, Lifford House, said county, Ireland. – N.Y Herald

L.C. 1 December 1852
At New York, William, eldest son of William Simmons, Esq, of Kilrush to Jane Power, eldest daughter of the late P. Power, Esq, Lifford House, Ennis.

L.C. 24 April 1852
At St Pancras, Colquhoun Smith, Esq, to Mary, daughter of the late Michael Stritch, Esq, of Toomullin, county Clare.

L.C. 1 December 1852
St Bridge Town, Nova Scotia, the Rev Henry Stamer, third, son of the late Percival Stamer, Esq, of Ivy Lodge, county Clare, to Susan Kingsley, daughter of Major Poyntz, late 30th Regt.

See: Smith

Studdert Walsh
See: James

See: Hodges Goggin

See: Bluett

See: Fitzgerald

See: Perry

See: O’Flanigan

See: Gartshore

See: Blood Smyth

L.C. 29 May 1852
In Belfast, Mr Thomas F. Volatti, Professor of Music, late of Ennis, to Mrs Pollock.

See: Molony

L.C. 11 February 1852
At Tulla Church, on Monday last, by the Rev Phillip Dwyer, Ralph, eldest son of John Westropp, Esq, Coolreagh, to Kate, eldest daughter of the late George O’Callaghan, Esq, of Maryfort, county Clare.

See: Crofton

See: Ievers

L.C. 24 April 1852
On the 21st January at St. Peter’s Church, Dublin by the Rev Mr Moffatt, Henry, eldest son of Thomas Whitestone of Clondigad, county Clare, Esq, to Henrietta Lucinda, eldest daughter of the late Henry Sautille Baker, Esq, Resident Engineer of the Wellesley Bridge and Docks of the city of Limerick and grand-niece to the late Right Hon. Oliver Count D’Alton, of Mount D’Alton, county Westmeath.

L.C. 4 August 1852
At Six-mile-bridge, county Clare, Edward Wilson, Esq, to Amelia, daughter of Francis Wm. Russell, Esq, late of this city.

L.C. 4 February 1852
This morning at Tomgraney Church, by the Rev Hugh Huleatt, John Wright Esq, son of the late John Wright, Esq, of Camden Town Terrace, Regent St, London, to Matilda Sophia, second daughter of the Rev Thos. Browne Brady, of Raheen Manor, Rector and Prebendary of Tomgraney, county Clare.


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