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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.

Lord Dunboyne Scrapbook Collections

Marriages 1853

Transcribed by Angie Colton

C.J. = “The Clare Journal”
L.C. = “Limerick Chronicle”
T.T. = “The Times”

Adams, William
L.C., 13 April 1853
At Clare Church, Mr. William Adams, to Hanora, daughter of Mr. William Gregg of Ennis.

Allen, Charlotte Augusta
See: Gayner, Thomas H.

Anderson, Anne
See: Swan, Robert.

Baker, Harriet
See: Wheler Molony, Francis

Beahan, James
L.C., 23 November 1853
At the home of her brother, Mr. Charles Kane, of Killofin, county Clare, Mr. James Beahan, Kilrush, to Kate, daughter of the late Mr. John Kane

Biggam, Caroline Jane
See: Vickers, John

Bindon, Anna
See: Griffin, Joseph

Blackburn, Elizabeth Mary
See: Westby, Edward Percival

Blake Powell, Kate Mary
See: Chambers, George

Blood Smyth, Dorothea
See: Christoe, J. F.

Blood, Dorothea Juliana
See: Vincent, Arthur William

Blood, Thomas
L.C., 11 May 1853
Thomas Blood, Esq, of the 6th Royal Regiment, and of Fantore, county Clare, to Catherine eldest daughter of the late Captain Neptune Wood, of Ballykilty House.

Bourchier Savile, Edward
T.T., 12 August 1853
On the 11th inst. At Weston-super-Mare, by the Rev. William Somerset, Edward Bourchier Savile, Esq, of Barnstaple, Devon, to Cornelia Antonia O’Callaghan, youngest daughter of the Lady William Somerset.

Boyd, Adam
L.C., 22 January 1853
On Wednesday last, 19th inst. By special licence, at St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, by Rev. W. H. Macsorly, the Rev. Adam Boyd, A.B., T.C.D., Vicar of Ogonnelloe parish, diocese of Killaloe, and cousin to Sir John Boyd, Earl of Dinton Park, Kent, to Anna Wilkinson, eldest daughter of the late John Hornidge, Esq. of Kinnity, King’s County and cousin to the present countess of Milltown. Immediately after the ceremony, the happy pair started for Bray, to spend the honeymoon.

Brew, Lucy
See: Greene, Henry

Butler, Jane Mary
See: Meehan, Patrick

Butler, Miss
See: McMahon, F.

Carroll, Miss
See: O’Flanagan, D.

Chambers, George
L.C., 29 June 1853
On Thursday last, by the Rev. James Synan, P.P., St. Michael’s, George, eldest son of Thomas Chambers, Esq, Kilrush, to Kate Mary, youngest daughter of the late David Blake Powell, Esq of Ennis.

Christoe, J. F.
C.J., 17 January 1853
On the 30th September, at Adelaide, J.F. Christoe, Esq to Dorothea, eldest daughter of Doctor Blood Smyth late of Corofin, county Clare.

Creaghe, Eliza
See: Langford, R. C.

Cullen, Jane
See: O’Brien, Wm.

Cullinan, John
L.C., 3 August 1853
Saturday, at the residence of the bride’s father, Catherine Street, John Cullinan, Esq M. D. of Ruan, county Clare, to Helena Josephine, daughter of Robert Wheeler, Esq of this city.

Curtin, John
L.C., 26 October 1853
On the 25th inst. At Kilkeedy Church, by the Rev. Henry Fry, and subsequently at Doura, by the Rev. Edward Tamplin, P.P. John Curtin, Esq of Cappa House, near Ennis, to Bessie, second daughter of the late Pierce O’Brien, Esq Captain H.M. 33rd Regiment, and of O’Brien’s Castle, county Clare.

Davies, Nannie
See: Griffin, Charles

De Courcy O’Grady, Gerald
L.C., 10 December 1853
At All Saints, by the Lord Bishop of Quebec, the Rev. Gerald De Courcy O’Grady, A.M. Incumbent of Hemmingford, to Charlotte Knox, youngest daughter of the Rev. W. Agar Adamson, D.D. Chaplain to the Legislative Council of Canada, and formerly of Ennis, county Clare.

Deane, James R.
C.J., 17 November 1853
On the 15th instant, at Moymore, by the Right Rev. Dr Fallon, James R. Deane, of Dublin, Esq, to Mary Louisa, only surviving daughter of the late Mathias Stacpoole, of Moymore House, in this county, Esq, and grand-daughter of the late Captain John McNamara, Royal Marines.

Farrell, P. J.
C.J., 28 July 1853
On this morning, at Kildysert, Anne, daughter of Mr. P. McNamara, to Mr. P. J. Farrell.

Finucane, Michael
C.J., 15 August 1853
At Ennis, by the Rev. Dean Kenny, Michael Finucane of the Causeway, to Anne, daughter of Anthony Sheehan, of Dromcliff.

Flanagan, Maria
See: O’Dwyer, Pat John

Fleming, Maria
See: O’Regan, Isaac

Frost, Adelaide
See: Lee, Harrison

Frost, Bridget
See: Kenny, Michael

Gayner, Thomas H
L.C., 10 December 1853
At New York, Nov. 5, by the Rev. Doctor Forbes, Thomas H. Gayner, Esq to Charlotte Augusta, eldest daughter of Doctor Charles Allen, Kilkee.

Glynn, Miss
See: Kerin, Thomas

Greene, Henry
C.J., 22 December 1853
At Ennistymon Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon Whitty, Henry Greene, Esq, of Ennis, to Lucy, only child of W. Adams Brew, Esq, of Sandhill Lodge, Lahinch.

Gregg, Hanora
See: Adams, William

Griffin, Charles
C.J., 18 June 1853
This morning, in Corofin Church, by the Rev. R. D. Jervois, Charles Griffin, Esq, of the Provincial Bank, Kilkenny, to Nannie, daughter of George Davies, Esq, of Applevale.

Griffin, Joseph
C.J., 17 January 1853
On the 7th September, at Christ Church, Geelong, by the Rev. E. Collins, Joseph Griffin Esq, of South Geelong M.L.C. to Anna Massy, second daughter of Samuel Bindon, Esq late of Waterpark, County Clare.

Hehir, Michael
L.C., 22 January 1853
At Ennistymon, Mr. Michael Hehir, factor, of Bannatyne and Co., Ennis, to Miss Ellen Spillane.

Heron, Agnes
See: O’Kelly, John

Hickie, John
L.C., 19 November 1853
At St. Michael’s Church, this day, by the Rev. Pryce Peacock, John Hickie, Esq of Scariff, to Eliza Ann, daughter of the late Rev. George H. Irwin, of New Ross.

Hynes, Michael
L.C., 12 February 1853
Mr. Michael Hynes, New Quay, to Miss Kerin, eldest daughter of Mrs. Kerin, Clonugarane, Co. Clare.

Irwin, Eliza Ann
See Hickie, John

Jeffers, Haynes
C.J., 29 December 1853
Yesterday in Ennis Church, by the Rev. Charles Ward, Vicar of Kilmaley, the Rev. Mr. Haynes Jeffers, of Carrigaholt, to Rebecca Mary Anne, relict of the late Captain Munchin, Ceylon Rifles

Jones, P
C.J.,11 April 1853
At St. Laurence O’Toole’s Chapel, Dublin, P. Jones, to Miss Anne Eda Ryan, youngest daughter of the late Wm. Ryan, Esq of Ennis.

Joyce, Alice
See: Quirke, John

Kane, Kate
See: Beahan, James

Keane, William
C.J., 17 November 1853
In Brighton, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. B.W. Venn, of Cambridge, the Rev. William Keane, M.A. Incumbent of Whitby, N.R., Yorkshire, son of the late Robert Keane, Charles, Esq, Beechpark, in this county, to Elizabeth, second daughter of J.F. Thomas, Esq, Member of Council, and Chief Judge of the Sudder Courts, Madras, East Indies.

Kelly, John
C.J., 30 February 1853
On Tuesday, John Kelly, Esq, Rosscliff, to Miss O’Donnell, of Ballykett, sister of Dr O’Donnell, of Kilrush.

Kenny, Michael
C.J., 28 November 1853
On Saturday last, Michael Kenny, Esq, Solicitor, of Freagh Castle, Miltown Malbay, to Bridget, only daughter of the late William Frost, Esq, of Ballymorris, in the same county.

Kerin, Miss
See: Hynes, Michael

Kerin, Theresa
See: Petty, John

Kerin, Thomas
L.C., 12 February 1853
Mr. Thomas Kerin, of Finavarra Cottage, to Miss Glynn, daughter of Mr. John Glynn, of Fahy, county Clare.

Knox, Charlotte
See: De Courcy O’Grady, Gerald

Langford, R. C.
C.J., 7 July 1853
At Ennis Church this day, by the Rev. Richard Langford, Rector of Kilfarboy, in this county, R.C. Langford, Esq, of Kilcosgraff, Limerick, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Major C. Creaghe, Carrigerry, in this county.

Lee, Harrison
C.J., 2 June 1853
At Meelick Church, Harrison Lee, Esq, to Adelaide, second daughter of John Frost, Esq, of Meelick Fort, co. Clare.

Lee, Harrison
L.C., 28 May 1853
On Thursday last, at Meelick Church, by the Rev. Thomas Elmes, Harrison Lee, Esq to Adelaide, second daughter of John Frost, Esq of Meelick Fort, county Clare.

Lloyd, Jesse
L.C., 14 December 1853
This day, at Clonlara Church, by the Rt. Rev. and Rt. Hon. the Lord Bishop of Killaloe, assisted by the Rev. J. Hastings Allen, Jesse Lloyd, Esq late Captain 47th Regiment, to Ellen, daughter of George Vincent, Esq Erinagh House, county Clare.

Lusk, Adelaide
See: Tydd, Benjamin

Lysaght O’Dwyer, John
C.J., 1 August 1853
At Kilfenora, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Kilfenora, John Lysaght O’Dwyer, Esq, of Wingfield Lodge, county Clare, to Kate, second daughter of the late Captain Wm. Vere Taylor, 28th Foot.

Lysaght O’Dwyer, John
L.C., 30 July 1853
On the 28th inst, at Kilfenora Church, by the very Rev. the Dean of Kilfenora, John Lysaght O’Dwyer, late of Wingfield Lodge, county Clare, to Kate, second daughter of the late Captain William Vere Taylor, 28th Batt.

Markham, T
C.J., 18 April 1853
On yesterday, at Church-street, by the very Rev. Mr. Kenny, Kate, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Lucius Wilson, to Mr. T. Markham, both of this town.

Martin, James
L.C., 5 November 1853
At Elmvale, Corofin, the seat of her father, on the 2nd inst. James Martin, Esq of Dublin, brother-in-law of the member for Ennis, to Margaret, eldest daughter of John O’Brien, Esq J.P. late M.P. City of Limerick.

McMahon, F
C.J., 30 May 1853
Yesterday morning, Mr. F. McMahon, of Church-street, to Miss Butler, of High-Street.

McNamara, Anne
See: Farrell, P. J.

McNamara, Eliza
See: Molony, Robert

Meehan, Patrick
C.J., 31 October 1853
In St. James’s Roman Catholic Church, New York, by the Rev. Mr. Cassidy, Patrick Meehan, late of Limerick, to Jane Mary, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Butler, Esq, of Ennis, county Clare.

Mellor, Sarah
See: O’Gorman, Purcell

Molony, Charles Walker
T.T., 30 August 1853
On the 27th inst., at Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire, by the Rev. J. F. S. Gabb, the Rev. Charles Walker Molony, third son of Croasdaile Molony Esq, of Granahan, county of Clare, to Adelaide, youngest daughter of the late Sir William Russell, Bart, of Charlton-park, Gloucestershire.

Molony, Maria
See: Murphy, Nicholas

Molony, Robert
C.J., 16 May 1853
On Thursday, at Corofin, Mr. Robert Molony, to Miss Eliza McNamara.

Munchin, Rebecca Mary Anne
See: Jeffers, Haynes

Murphy, Nicholas
L.C., 6th August 1853
At the Church of the Conception, Marlborough Street, Dublin, by the Rev. John F. Grene, S.J. uncle to the bride, Nicholas Murphy, Esq of Middleton, county Cork, to Maria, only child of the late Bartholomew Molony, Esq of Fortannemore, county Clare.

Nihill, Cornelius
C.J., 21 November 1853
Mr. Cornelius Nihill, Grocer, of this town, to Sarah O’Donoghue, third daughter of Martin O’Donoghue, Esq Rhynanna.

O’Brien, Bessie
See: Curtin, John

O’Brien, Margaret
See: Martin, James

O’Brien, Wm.
L.C., 5 February 1853
Mr. Wm. O’Brien, merchant, Tulla, to Jane, daughter of Mr. Daniel Cullen, Portumna.

O’Callaghan, Cornelia Antonia
See: Bourchier Savile, Edward

O’Connell, James
C.J., 14 February 1853
On Monday, the 7th instant, by the Rev. P. Sheehy, James O’Connell, Esq, Killadysert, to Miss Sheehy, daughter of John Sheehy, Esq, Mountshannon, county Galway.

O’Donnell, Miss
See: Kelly, John

O’Donoghue, Sarah
See: Nihill, Cornelius

O’Dwyer, Pat John
L.C., 9 November 1853
At Ennistymon, by the Very Rev. Dr Sheehan, P.P. V.G., Pat John O’Dwyer, Esq to Maria, youngest daughter of James Flanagan, Esq.

O’Flanagan, D
C.J., 1 August 1853
On Saturday last, at Ennis, Mr. D. O’Flanagan to Miss Carroll, daughter of Mr. D. Carroll, builder, both of this town.

O’Gorman, Purcell
L.C., 24 December 1853
On the 21st inst. at Ashton-under-Lyne, Purcell O’Gorman, Esq Captain 90th Light Infantry, second son of Nicholas P. O’Gorman, Esq Q.C., Assistant Barrister for Kilkenny, to Sarah daughter of the late Thomas Mellor, Esq of Ashton.

O’Kelly, John
L.C., 7 September 1853
John O’Kelly, Esq of Clonina House, county Clare, to Maria Agnes Heron, only daughter of the late Lorenzo Heron, Esq of Callan, county Kilkenny.

O’Regan, Isaac
L.C., 10 August 1853
In New York, on the 12th ult. Mr. Isaac O’Regan, Upper Terrace, New York, to Maria, second daughter of Mr. John Fleming, Professor of Mathematics, Kilrush, county Clare.

O’Shaughnessy, Maria
See: Rosslewin, Thomas

Petty, John
C.J., 20 October 1853
Yesterday morning at Ennis Church, by the Rev. Mr. Tatton, John Petty, Esq, C.E., and nephew to John Hill, Esq, County Surveyor, to Theresa, daughter of the late Michael Kerin, Esq. of this town.

Quirke, John
L.C., 18 May 1853
At Clonrush Chapel, John Quirke, Esq of Whitegate, to Mrs. Alice Joyce (widow). [We are requested to contradict the notice of marriage, this day week, between John Quirke and Alice Joyce, at Clonrush – sent by a correspondent, who signed himself “John Whyte.”]

Rosslewin, Thomas
L.C., 14 September 1853
This morning, at St. Michael’s Church, by the Rev. Mr. De Burgh, and after by the Rev. J. Synan, Thomas Rosslewin, Esq. of Ross Mount, county Clare, to Maria, second daughter of Richard O’Shaughnessy, Esq of this city, and niece of the late Very Rev. Dean O’Shaughnessy, of Ennis.

Russell, Adelaide
See: Molony, Charles Walker

Ryan, Anne Eda
See: Jones, P.

Sexton, Maryanne
See: Sutton, R

Sexton, Maryanne
See: Sutton, Robert

Sheehan, Anne:
See Finucane, Michael

Sheehy, Miss
See: O’Connell, James

Spillane, Ellen
See: Hehir, Michael

Stacpoole, Mary Louisa
See: Deane, James R.

Sutton, R
L.C., 19 November 1853
Sunday last, by the Rev. James Synan, P.P. St. Michael’s, Captain R. Sutton, nephew of Abraham Sutton, Esq, Cork, to Maryanne, daughter of Mr. Matthias Sexton, late of Kilrush, and niece to Mr. Michael Haugh, Arthur’s-quay.

Sutton, Robert
C.J., 17 November 1853
Robert Sutton, Esq, of Cork, master of the ship Alexandria Victoria, to Maryanne, eldest daughter of Mr. M. Sexton, late of Kilrush, and niece to Mr. M. Haugh, Arthur’s-quay, Limerick.

Swan, Robert
C.J., 7 February 1853
In Clare Church, on yesterday, by the Rev. Mr. Harris, Robert Swan, Sergeant 72nd Highlanders, to Miss Anne Anderson, of Dublin.

Synge, George Charles
C.J., 2 June 1853
At St. Thomas’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Edward Synge, Captain George Charles Synge, 53rd Light Infantry, to Georgiana Frances, youngest daughter of Colonel Synge, of Mount Callan, Ennis.

Synge, Georgiana Frances
See: Synge, George Charles

Thomas, Elizabeth
See: Keane, William

Tydd, Benjamin
C.J., 29 December 1853
At St. Brelade’s Church, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. Edward Faile, Rector of the Parish, Benjamin Tydd, Esq, Assistant Surgeon 58th Regiment, eldest son of John Tydd, Esq, Hermitage, County Clare, to Adelaide, third daughter of the late John Lusk, Esq, for many years a resident of this island.

Vere Taylor, Kate
See: Lysaght O’Dwyer, John

Vickers, John
C.J., 20 January 1853
In St. George’s Church, John Vickers, Esq, eldest son of John Vickers, Esq, of Ennis, to Caroline Jane, fourth daughter of the late Capt. Biggam, of the 81st Regiment.

Vincent, Arthur William
L.C., 13 July 1853
On Monday last, at Quin Church, by the Rev. Richard Studdert, Arthur William, eldest son of George Vincent, Esq of Erinagh, in the county of Clare, Esq to Dorothea Juliana Blood, only daughter of William B Smyth, of Castle Fergus, same county, Esq J. P.

Vincent, Ellen
See: Lloyd, Jesse

Westby, Edward Perceval
C.J., 17 October 1853
At Rathfarnham Church Edward Perceval Westby, Esq only son of Nicholas Westby, Esq of York-gate, Regent’s Park, London, and J.P. for Clare, to Elizabeth Mary, youngest daughter of the Right Hon. Francis Blackburn, Rathfarnham Castle.

Wheeler, Helena Josephine
See: Cullinan, John

Wheler Molony, Francis
T.T., 24 October 1853
On the 19th inst., at All Saints’, Leamington, Warwickshire, by the Rev. N.W. Hallward, rector of Milden, Suffolk, the Rev. Francis Wheler Molony, second son of James Molony, Esq of Kiltanon, county of Clare, to Harriet, eldest daughter of Captain George Baker, Royal Navy.

Wilkinson, Anna
See: Boyd, Adam

Wilson, Kate
See: Markham, T.

Wood, Catherine
See: Blood, Thomas

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