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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.

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Marriages 1854

Transcribed by Larry Parks


C. J. = ‘The Clare Journal’
L. C. = ‘Limerick Chronicle’
T.T. = ‘The Times’

See: Dartnell

See: Carrick

See: Williams

See: Studdert (L.C., 8 February 1854)

See: Studdert (L.C., 11 February 1854)

L.C., 3 May 1854
At the British Consulate, Nice, Nicholas, only son of the late Frederick Bonmer, of the Emperor of Russia’s Corps Diplomatique, to Anna Catherine Francisca, daughter of Crofton Vandeleur FitzGerald, Esq of the county Clare, Ireland.

L.C., 29 April 1854
Tuesday, at Kilrush, George Brew, Esq, of Annagh House, to Margaret, third daughter of Denis Hynes, Esq, Kilrush.

L.C., 22 February 1854
Yesterday at St. George’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Richard Barton, John Brown, Esq eldest son of John Brown, Esq of George’s street, Limerick, and of Clonboy, J.P. to Harriette Vereker, eldest daughter of the late John Westropp, Esq of Movines, county Clare.

Brown Bourke O’Brien
See: Gavin

L.C., 22 July 1854
At Ennis church, on the 20th inst. by the Rev. Theobald Butler, brother to the bridegroom. Augustine Butler, Esq of Ballyline, Kate, eldest daughter of the late Andrew Stacpoole, Esq of Ballyally. The bride was attended to church by the following bridesmaids:--Miss Stacpoole, sister to the bride: the Misses Stacpoole of Edenvale : Miss Morgan and the two lovely children of Alexander Bannatyne, Esq. After the ceremony the company returned to Ballyally, seat of Wm. Stacpoole, Esq where a splendid dejeuner was provided, after which the new married pair proceeded on their way to Killarney to spend the honeymoon. In the evening a ball and supper at Ballyally celebrated the happy event.

L.C., 11 March 1854
In Desertcreat Church, county Tyrone, Anthony Lawless Carrick, surgeon, eldest son of Anthony Carrick, Esq of Killaloe, county Clare to Margaret Jane, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Baxter, merchant of Cookstown.

Patrick Joseph Coffey
See: O’Halloran

L.C., January 1854
At Barntick House, Clare, John Cowman, Esq General Valuator of Ireland, to Bridget, daughter of the late Mr. Martin Lyons.

L.C., 18 November 1854
At Ennistymon. Mr. Patrick Crowe, P.L.G. to Mary, daughter of the late Mr. Michael Molony.

L.C., 15 February 1854
At Kildysart, John Henry Cruise, Esq, Liverpool, to Margaret Emily, daughter of Patrick McNamara, Esq.

L.C., 3 August 1854
At St. Thomas’s church, Dublin on the 31st ult. by the Rev. Theobald Butler, Francis Nisbitt Cullen, Esq of the Constabulary, son of the late Lieut. Cullen, of Skreeny, county Leitrim, to Emily Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Andrew Finucane, Esq D.L. of Ennistimon house, county Clare.

See: O’Halloran

See: Coffey (ref. O’Halloran Notice)

L.C., 4 February 1854
Mr. Martin Culliny, of Kilfenora, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. John Davoren, of Ballymurphy, county Clare.

L.C., 11 January 1854
At the mother’s house, on the 7th inst. By the Rev. Mr. Furniss, P.P., Mr. John Cummins, of the County Clare Constabulary, to Mary, third daughter of Mrs. Halpin, of Newmarket-on-Fergus, and sister to William Halpin, Esq.

L.C., 3 May 1854
At Killadysart church, on Saturday last, by the Rev. Michl. Fitzgerald, Rector of the parish, assisted by the Rev. George Rosslewin, George A. Dartnell, Esq second son of George Dartnell, Esq of this City to Charlotte, relict of Thomas Barclay, Esq. of Ballyartney, county Clare, J.P. deceased.

See: Culliny

L.C., 4 March 1854
At Ennistymon by the Rev. Mr. Sheehan, P.P., Mr. Constance Davoren, Ballynalacken Cottage, Lisdoonvarna, to Anne, daughter of Mr. Edward Neylon, Mahura, Ennistymon.

L.C., 1 July 1854
At Killea church, Dunmore East, county Waterford on the 29th ult. by the Rev. Peter Marsh, Richard Dawson, Esq J.P. of Bunratty, county Clare to Geraldine Fitzgerald, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Wm. E. Lloyd, rector of Fennor, co. Tipperary.

L.C., 6 December 1854
At Greenpark, Ennis, on the 2d inst. by the Very Rev. Dean Kenny. John Donovan, Esq. Constabulary, Newmarket-on-Fergus to Emily, eldest daughter of Captain Macnamara, Sixtieth Rifles.

See: Ham

See: Cullen

See: O’Brien

See: Dawson

See: Bonmer

L.C., 1 March 1854
At Tulla Church, Michael Gavin, Esq of Fishers Lodge, to Frances, relict of the late James O’Brien, Esq and daughter of Thomas Browne Bourke, Esq of Newgrove Cottage.

See: Cummins

L.C., 16 Sept. 1854
At Kilkeedy, county Clare by the Rev. Edward Eagar, brother of the bride, Thomas Ham, Esq A.B., proprietor of the Connaught Watchman, to Susan, daughter of Henry Eagar, Esq.

See: Ottley

See: O’Shaughnessy

Hutchinson Jephson
See: Martin

See: Brew

See: Mahon

See: Paterson (T.T., 5 October 1854)

See: Paterson (L.C., 7 October 1854)

See: O’Hare

L.C. 25 October 1854
Mr. Michael Lynch, of Fairy hill, to Anne, daughter of the late James McNamara, of Kilmaley.

See: Cowman

L.C., 8 November 1854
Yesterday morning at her mother’s house, Ellen-street, by the Rev. Richard Scott, P.P. (cousin to the bride). Michael, son of Charles McDonnell, Esq timber merchant, Kilrush, to Helen, youngest daughter of the late Richard Scott, Esq. of this city.

See: Lynch

See: Donovan

L.C., 1 April 1854
In the Parish Church, Ennis Mr. J. Macnay to Miss Warren, sister to the Rev. Thomas Warren, Presbyterian minister.

L.C., 11October 1854
At Warrenpoint, James Mahon, Esq of Ennis, to Eliza, relict of the late William Pyne, Esq and daughter of the late Francis Kirkpatrick, Esq of Dublin.

See: Parsons

L.C., 13 December 1854
At St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, the Rev. James R. Martin to Jane, third daughter of the late John Hutchinson Jephson, of Killaloe, Esq.

See: Studdert

See: Cruise

See: Crowe

See: Phelan

See: Rochford

See: Richard

See: Davoren

L.C., 25 October 1854
At the Cathedral, by special license, on the 25th inst., by the Very Rev the Dean of Limerick, Sir Lucius O’Brien, Bart of Dromoland, Lieutenant of the County of Clare, to Louisa, daughter of James Finucane, Esq.

See: Willis

L.C., 29 November 1854
Yesterday in Ennis, by the Very Rev. Dean Kenny, P.P., O’Halloran, Esq of Ballycunneen, to Nannie, the eldest daughter, and Patrick Joseph Coffey, Esq. of Waverley, both in the county Clare, to Jane, the third daughter of Michael Cullinan, Esq. Solicitor, Ennis.

L.C., 11 October 1854
At Kapunda, Australia, on the 23rd June, by the Rev. Wm. Oldham, William, eldest son of William O’Hare, Esq C.E., late of Newgrove house, county Dublin, to Maria Cecilia, daughter of the late George Lloyd, Esq J.P. of Mount Catherine, county Clare.

L.C., 22 November 1854
Yesterday morning, at St. Michael’s church, by the Rev. Thomas Willis, William O’Meara, Esq Fair-hill, co. Clare, to Sarah, daughter of John Peacocke, Esq. of this city.

L.C., 4 March 1854
In Kilkee, by the Rev. Mr. Cummins, P.P. Mr. Mark O’Shaughnessy, to Maria second daughter of Mr. William Hourigan, late of this city.

L.C., 14 October 1854
At Queenstown church, Daniel Ottley, son of John Ottley, Esq. of Kilrush, to Harriet Bessy, eldest daughter of the late John Hornibrook, Esq. of Cork.

See: Steele

L.C., 14 June 1854
On the 8th inst. At the parish church, Chesterfield, by the Rev. G. Butt, Vicar, Joseph, youngest son of Richard Parsons Esq formerly of Cragbeg, to Anna Maria, only daughter of John Sampson, Esq Chesterfield.

L.C., 25 October 1854
Yesterday at Ennis church, Mr. John Parsons, to Miss Sarah Marrett, of Kilmaley.

T.T., 5 October 1854
On the 3rd inst., at Old Charlton Church, Kent, by the Rev. John Castles Burett, vicar of North Curry, Somersetshire, and uncle of the bride, Windham Francis Paterson, Esq, of Claremont, Clare Castle, Ireland, to Annie, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Colonel M.G.T. Lindsay, late commanding officer of the 91st Argyleshire.

L.C., 7 October 1854
On Tuesday last, at Old Charlton, Kent, by the Rev. John Castles Burett, vicar of North Curry, Somerset, and uncle of the bride, Windham Francis Paterson, Esq of Claremont Clare Castle, to Annie, eldest daughter of Lt. Col. M.G.T. Lindsay, lately commanding 91st Argyleshire Regt.

See: O’Meara

L.C., 4 March 1854
Mr. Andrew Phelan, Roscrea, to Bridget, daughter of the late Mr. Michael Molony, Ennistymon.

L. C., 7 January 1854
Henry, son of Richard Smyth, J. P. Harcourt street, to Charlotte Mulville, only child of the late John Mulville, MacManus, of Clare, and adopted child of Mrs. Mulville, Leeson street.

L.C., 25 February 1854
By the Rev. Edmond Barry, P.P., Mr. P. Rochford of Miltown Malbay, to Honoria, daughter of John Mullihan.

See: Parsons

L.C., 4 March 1854
In Monkstown Church, James Scott, Esq son of the late William Scott, Esq J.P. Scottsborough, county Fermanagh, to Anne, relict of Robert Westropp, Esq. late of the Constabulary, Longford, son of the late Robert Westropp Esq. J.P. Fort Anne, county Clare.

See: McDonnell

See: Thompson

See: Vaughan

See: Butler

L.C., 15 April 1854
In St. Peter’s Church, William Edward Steele, Esq M.D. to Susan, daughter of the late Garret Parkinson, Esq M.D. of Cahircalla, county Clare.

L.C., 8 February 1854
This morning, in St. Thomas’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Richard Studdert, Vicar of Quin, brother to the bridegroom, Thomas Studdert, of Kilkishen house, in the county Clare Esq, to Anne, eldest daughter of Robert Blackwell, of the Prairee, county of Down, Esq

L.C., 11 February 1854
Wednesday last, in St. Thomas’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Richard Studdert, Vicar of Quin, brother to the bridegroom, Thomas Studdert, of Kilkishen house, in the county of Clare, Esq to Anne, eldest daughter of Robert Blackwell, of the Prairee, county of Down, Esq The happy pair arrived on Wednesday from Dublin, and proceeded to Kilkishen House to enjoy the Honeymoon, to the great joy of his tenantry, who unharnessed the horses, and drew the carriage for three miles along the road, to the family mansion.

L.C., 8 July 1854
On Tuesday at Doonass house, by the Rev. Richard Studdert, William Studdert, Esq son of the late Charles Studdert, Esq of Newmarket-on-Fergus house, to Constance, youngest daughter of Robert Massy, Esq and granddaughter of the late Hon. George Massy, of this city.

T.T., 24 February 1854
On the 21st inst. at St. Michael’s Church, Limerick, by the Rev. Richard Studdert, vicar of Quin, Captain Charles William Thompson, K.S.F., 7th (Princess Royal’s) Dragoon Guards, to Marcella Milford, second daughter of Hugh Singleton, Esq, of Hazelwood, Quin, county of Clare, Ireland.

L.C., 6 May 1854
At Youghalarra, county Tipperary. Mr. Patt. Vaughan, of Ashgrove, near O’Brien’s-bridge county Clare, to Martha, sixth daughter of Henry Smithwick, Esq.

See: Brown

See: Macnay

See: Scott

L.C., 15 July 1854
At Christ church, Cork, on the 13th inst. William Williams, Esq County Inspector of Constabulary, Ennis, to Leonora Adelaide Mary, daughter of the late Rev. Edward John Bell, vicar of Wickham Market, Suffolk, and niece of the late Knight of Glin, of Glin Castle, county Limerick.

L.C., 26 April 1854
At Kilrush, Mr. John Willis, Sub-Inspector of Police at Ballincollig, to Eliza, daughter of Mr. John O’Dwyer, Kilrush

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