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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.

Lord Dunboyne Scrapbook Collections

Marriages 1863

C.J. = “The Clare Journal”
L.C. = “Limerick Chronicle”
C.F. = “The Clare Freeman”
D.E.M. = “Dublin Evening Mail”
M.N. =”Munster News”
S.C. = “The Southern Chronicle”
D.E. = “The Daily Express”
F.J. = “The Freeman’s Journal”

See: Williams

See: Studdert

L.C., 18 June 1863
On the 17th inst. at Trinity Church, Chester, by the Rev Edward Marston, the Rev Andrew Belcher, Rector and Prebendary of Tomgraney, county Clare, to Annie Emma, widow of Edward Kitt, Esq, late of Cromwell Lodge, Stockwell, and second daughter of the late Robert Whitfield, Esq, of Horsham.

L.C., 28 September 1863
Sept. 26, in St. Anne’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev C.D. Ruane, Henry Bentley, Esq, M.D., of Shannon View, O’Brien’s Bridge, county of Clare, youngest son of the late Wm. Bentley, Esq, of Hurdleston, county of Clare, to Mary, second daughter of Joshua W. Seward, Esq, J.P., of Droman House, county of Galway. [No cards]

See: Spaight

L.C., 19 September 1863
On the 17th inst., at Modreeny Church, by the Rev John Prior, Rector of Kirkland, Yorkshire, cousin to the bride, assisted by the Rev John Matthews Randal Borough, Esq, of Querin Cottage, Kilrush, son of the late John Randal Borough, Esq, of Cappa House, Kilrush, to Jane, youngest daughter of Thomas Ely, Esq, Elysium, county Tipperary.

L.C., 14 February 1863
On the 9th inst. at Cooraclare Church by the Rev Michael Quinlivan, P.P., Patrick Joseph Breen Esq, C.E., son of Patrick Breen, Esq, Assistant County Surveyor, and nephew to the respected Parish Priest of Kilkee, to Anna Mary, daughter of Thomas Lillis, Esq, Churchtown House.

See: Deere

See: Rose

See: Fitzpatrick

See: O’Donovan

See: Phillips

See: Quinlivan

L.C., 21 March 1863
On the 18th March, at St Michaels Church, by the Rev John Westropp Brady, A.M. cousin to the bride, Francis Deere, Esq, engineer civil staff, son of the Rev Gerald Deere, Rector and Prebendary of Ballycahane, county Limerick, to Catherine, fourth daughter of the late Rev Thomas Browne Brady, A.M. of Raheens Manor, Rector and Prebendary of Tomgraney, County Clare.

See: Trousdell

L.C., 31 January 1863
On the 24th inst., at the Roman Catholic Church, Six-mile-bridge, county Clare, by the Rev James Dundon, O.S.A., assisted by the Rev Mr Clune, P.P., John Dundon, Esq, of Ballencella Cottage, to Anne, daughter of Robert Frost, Esq, Cappa South, Rossmanaher

See: Borough

See: Ryan

D.E., 15 August 1863
At Great Horkesley, Essex, Charles Fitzgerald, Captain 48th Regt., son of the late Rev James Charles Fitzgerald, of Shepperton House, county Clare, to Charlotte Anne, daughter of the Rev John Steel, rector.

L.C., 25 June 1863
June 11, at Leckhampton, Gloucestershire, Crofton Vandeleur Fitzgerald, Esq, brother of the late Lieutenant-General Sir Augustine Fitzgerald, of Carrigoran, county Clare, to Francis Emma, daughter of the late Colonel Grey, of the Scotch Greys.

L.C., 25 August 1863
At Melbourne, Australia, Wm. Fitzpatrick, Esq, son of Anthony Fitzpatrick Esq, of Galway, to Margaret Theresa, daughter of James Casey, Esq, late excise officer, Seafield House, county Clare.

See: Mathew

See: Dundon

C.F., 27 June 1863
At St Marks, Regent-park, London, Richard Garnett, Esq, of the British Museum, to Olivia Narney, daughter of Edward Singleton, Esq, of the county Clare.

L.C., 23 April 1863
At the Roman Catholic Church, Quin, county Clare, Patrick Garvey to Bridget Hassett.

See: Molony

See: Pitt

See: Fitzgerald

D.E.M., 28 September 1863
On the 19th instant, at St Michael’s Church, by the Rev Thomas Browne, P.P., Robert J. Hanly, Sunville House, Kilkishen, county Clare, to Kate, the eldest daughter of the late Mr John Whelan, Corkamore, county Limerick.

See: Garvey

See: Scott

See: Russell

See: Menzies

See: Breen

See: MacMahon

L.C., 23 April 1863
On the 28th March, Christ Church, Hamilton, Phillip H. MacAdam, Esq, son of the late Phillip MacAdam, Esq, of Blackwater, county Clare, to Helen Eliza, daughter of Miles O’Reilly, Esq, of The Willows, Hamilton, Canada West.

See: O’Brien

L.C., 19 November 1863
Nov. 18th, at St Andrew’s Church, Westland-row, Dublin, Thomas MacMahon, Esq, Knockane, county Clare, to Marcella, daughter of the late James Lynch, Esq, Windfield, county Galway.

L.C., 11 August 1863
August 4, at the Church of St Andrew, Westland-row, by the Rev Theobald Mathew, brother of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev M. Cuffe, chaplain to the forces, Captain John James Mathew, Esq, of Rockview, co. Tipperary, to Delia, daughter of John Foster, Esq, of Rinrow, co. Clare, and Norman-grove, co. Galway. [No cards sent]

L.C., 14 September 1863
Sept. 10, in St. Mary’s Church Islington, by the Rev William Flemming, LL.B., Incumbent of Christ Church, Hornsey, Robert Menzies, Esq, Staff Assistant- Surgeon, only son of James Menzies, Esq, Ennis, county of Clare, to Caroline, eldest daughter of William Learmouth, Esq., Barnsbury Park, London.

L.C., 8 August 1863
July 29, at Monkstown Church, by the Rev Tho. F. French, assisted by the Rev Henry W. Gayer, brother of the bride, Edmund W. Molony, Esq, of the Civil Service Bengal, third son of James Molony, Esq, D.L. of Kiltanon House, co. Clare, to Frances Selina, second daughter of Arthur Edward Gayer, Esq, Q.C., LL.D., of Salerno, Killiney.

See: O’Dwyer

C.F., 14 March 1863
In the Catholic Church, Ennis, Mr John Molony, H.M.I.R., to Anna Maria, second daughter Mr J Ryan, The Mall, Ennis.

D.E.M., 12 September 1863
On the 8th inst., at Loughill Church, county Limerick, by the Rev Edward Gordon, Rector of Burnham-Broom and Vicar of Kimberley, in the county of Norfolk, assisted by the Rev Robert Gabbett, Vicar of Shanagolden, Edward Wm. O’Brien, Esq, of Cahirmoyle, eldest son of W.B. O’Brien, Esq, to Mary, second daughter of the Hon Mr and Mrs Spring Rice.

L.C., 29 October 1863
On the 28th inst., at Westlend-row Church, Dublin, by the Very Rev Dr Carroll, T. O’Brien, Esq, of Putland Villa, near Manchester, to Anna Mary, eldest daughter of Robert McGrath, Esq, of Ennis.

L.C., 17 November 1863
C.F., 21 November 1863
On Monday, 16th instant, Mr Benjamin O’Donovan, grocer and spirit merchant, Broad-Street, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr. T. Clune, of Quin, county Clare.

C.F., 24 February 1863
At Gort, John G. O’Dwyer, Esq, to Jane Mary, daughter of the late Richard Molony, Esq, of Gort.

L.C., 19 November 1863
At Heidleberg, near Melbourne, Bryan O’Loghlen, Esq, son of the late Right Hon Sir Michael O’Loghlen, Bart., Master of the Rolls in Ireland, to Ella, daughter of James M. Seward, Esq, of Somerset, Preston.

See: MacAdam

C.F., 24 December 1863
At Charleville, on the 18th inst., by the Rev H. Sadlier, Edward Picton Phillips, Esq, of Haverford West, Pembrokeshire, to Elisabeth Augusta, daughter of Colonel Giles Vandeleur Creagh of Cahirbane, county Clare.

C.F., 4 March 1863
At Charleville, Joseph Dudley, Esq, eldest son of George Phillips, Esq, of Haverford-west, Pembrokeshire, to Geraldine O’Moore, daughter of Colonel Giles Vandeleur Creagh, of Cahirbane, co Clare

L.C., 1 August 1863
April 15, at Australia, Melbourne, Marcus A. Pitt, Esq, late of Wexford, Kate Mary, eldest daughter of the late Patrick Gibson, Esq, of Ennis, county Clare.

L.C., 27 August 1863
August 14, at Booterstown Church, by the Rev B.S. Clarke, M.A., incumbent at Christ Church, Southport, Lancashire, cousin of the bride, John, eldest son of John Pollock, Esq, of Kenilworth-square, Rathmines, to Anna Tuthill, youngest daughter of the late William Scott, Esq, of Knopogue Castle, in the county of Clare. No cards sent.

See: Wallace

S.C., 14 November 1863
On Thursday morning, at Ennis, by the very Rev Dean Kenny, P.P., V.G., Laurence Quinlivan, Esq, J.P. of Limerick, to Margaret, daughter of Michael Cullinan, Esq, of Ennis, solicitor. [No Cards]

S.C., 24 October 1863
On the 17th inst., at St Anne’s Church, Dublin, Captain Ormsby Rose, of Merrion-square, to Lucy Anne, eldest daughter of Henry Stewart Burton, Esq, D.L., Carrigaholt, county Clare.

See: Stacpoole

L.C., 17 October 1863
At Kilrush on 14 inst., by the Rev Father Browne, Mr John Russell, of Limerick, to Miss Margaret Howard, of Kilrush.

See: Molony

M.N., 7 March 1863
December 6, at Brisbane, Australia, R.E. Ryan, Esq, to Mary, only daughter of the late E.S. Ferriter, Esq, county Clare, Ireland.

C.F., 5 September 1863
In Mongeesha Church, county Cork, Bindon Scott, Esq, of Albion House, Blackrock, county of Dublin, to Elisabeth, daughter of the late Edward Heard, Esq, M.D., of Ballintubber, county Clare.

See: Pollock

See: Bentley

See: O’Loghlen

See: Taylor

See: Garnett

C.F., 5 September 1863
At Corfu, Ionian Islands, Captain G. Campbell Spaight, 2nd Battalion 8th Regiment, to Dorinda, daughter of Dr Pietro Beretta, many years Judge of the Ionian Courts, and lately a resident at Constantinople.

Spring Rice
See: O’Brien

F.J., 1 July 1863
In St. James Piccadilly, London, Major G.W. Stacpoole, of Eden Vale, Ennis, to the Lady Rossmore.

See: Fitzgerald

C.F., 14 March 1863
March 7, in St. Peter’s Church, Dublin, John Fitzgerald Studdert, Esq, son of Thomas Studdert, Esq, B.L. of Bunratty Castle, county Clare, to Alice Marrion, widow of the late Arthur Bastable, Esq, Barrister-at-law.

L.C., 15 October 1863
On the 14th, at St Michael’s Church, in this city, by the Rev Joseph F. Robbins, Rector of Castletownarra, Tipperary, Mr Theobald Taaffe Taylor, Kilrush, to Rachel, youngest daughter of the late Mr Wm. Simmons, Ballymacurtane, both in the county of Clare.

L.C., 14 February 1863
In Kilrush R.C. Church on Tuesday night, Mr. John Trousdell, National Teacher, to Miss Margaret Drew, Matron Kilrush Workhouse.

L.C., 8 January 1863
On yesterday, in the Catholic chapel of Cratloe, county Clare, by the Rev M. Malone, C.C., St. Johns, assisted by the Rev J Bourke, P.P., and the Rev D. Madigan, C.C., George W. Wallace. Esq, of Castletown, to Kate, eldest daughter of John Punch Esq, Cratloe Castle.

See: Hanly

See: Belcher

D.E.M., 26 September 1863
Sept. 26th at the Parish Church of St Michael, by the Rev Harry Peacock, David Williams, Esq, of Kilrush, to Lavinia, daughter of John Adams, Esq, of this city. [No cards sent]

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