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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.

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Marriages 1866

Transcribed by Local Studies Centre





L.C. = “Limerick Chronicle”
C.F. = “The Clare Freeman”
C.J. = “The Clare Journal”
D.E.M. = “Dublin Evening Mail”
S.C. = “The Southern Chronicle”

L.C. 10 March 1866
By special licence, at the Catholic Church, Newmarket, Patrick, son of Mr. Jeremiah Barry, Meens, to Anne Maria, daughter of Mr. Thaddeus O’Sullivan, Toureenamere.

C.J. 28 May
On the 17th March, at Melbourne, Australia, William, fourth son of the late Mr J. Barrett, of Tipperary, to Ann, third daughter of the late Mr Powell, of Tulla, in this county.

S.C. 4 July 1866
Bingham and Henihan – On the 28th June, at the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Marlborough street, Dublin, by the Rev. William Purcell, C.C., Mr. Patrick Bingham, of 14 Patrick street, in the city, youngest son of Mr. Henry Bingham Ashley Park Cottage, Co. Clare, to Kate Theresa, only daughter of Mr. Martin Henihan, Brunswick street, in the city.

L.C. 24 April 1866
In the Parish Church of Bray, county Wicklow, Hugh B. Brew, Esq., M.D., son of the late Rev. Richard Brew, rector of Tulla, county Clare, to Henrietta, daughter of J. Leney, Esq., M.D., Bray.

C.J. 21 May 1866
At St. Catherine’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. James Quinton, Michael S. Brew, Esq., Annagh House, Miltown Malbay, to Dorethea, youngest daughter of the late Joseph John Grenell, Esq., of Limerick

C.J. 12 April 1866
In this Parish Church of St. Audeon, Dublin, by the Rev. Dr Leeper, Mr George carson, of this town, to Madeline, third daughter of Mr John Howard, Tralee.

C.J. 8 March 1866
March 3, by special licence, at St. Andrew’s Westland row, by the Rev. M. Doyle, Daniel Curtin, Esq., Grove Villa, county Dublin, to Kate Mary, eldest Daughter of John Foster, Esq., Rinroe, in this county, and Terman Grove, county Galway. No cards.

C.J. 15 January 1866
Yesterday, at the Roman Catholic Chapel of this town, by the Rev. Andrew Newport C.C., Mr. James Dunne, of Church street, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. John Barrett, proprietor of the Irish Woollen Warehouse.

L.C. 21 June 1866
At the Catholic Cathedral, Plymouth, Morgan Finucane, Esq., Shanavoe, Ennis, to Emily, only daughter of the late Joseph Moore, Esq., of Newcastle, county Dublin.

C.J. 25 May 1866
At St. John’s Church, Blackrock, Dublin, by the very Rev. Monsignor Forde, P.P., Vicar General, Patrick Frost, Esq., of Castlebank, in this county, to Bidelia, third daughter of Laurence Cuffe, Esq., of no. 2, Alma terrace, Monkstown.

C.J. 30 April 1866
At Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, by the Rev. J. Lanton, Richard Philip Going, Esq., J.P., of Violet Hill, in this county, to Sarah Sophia, second daughter of the late James Deniston, Esq., of Greenock. After a splendid dejeuner at the house of the bride’s uncle, Thomas Deniston, Esq., the happy pair left for Edinburgh.

L.C. 3 may 1866
At Greenock, at the house of Archibald Deniston, Esq., uncle of the bride, Richard Philip Going, Esq., J.P., of Violet Hill, in this county, to Sarah G.W., second daughter of the late James Deniston, Esq., O’Brien’s Bridge.

L.C. 12 April 1866
At St. Anne’s Church, Dublin, Reginald, son of the late R.S. Guinness, Esq., M.P. to Thomasina, daughter of the late George studdert, Esq., Kilnamona, county Clare.

C.J. 4 January 1866
On the 4th inst., in St. Michael’s Church, Limerick, by the Rev. Joseph Robbins, Rector of Castletownarra, George, second son of David Hadden, Esq., M.D., of Skibbereen, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Elijah, Bradley, Esq., of Kilrush.

C.J. 8 February 1866
On Tuesday, in the Roman Catholic Church, Meelick, by the Rev Garrett O’Sullivan, P.P, John Healy, Esq., Kilmen, Miltown-Malbay, to Maria, daughter of the late Thomas Frost, Esq., of Pass, co. Clare.

S.C. 20 January 1866
Hickson and Palmer – January 10, at St. Anne’s Church, Cork, by the Rev. Charles Russell, George Hickson, Esq., manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, Kilrush, to Henrietta Fitzgerald, widow of Commander John Jervis Palme.

C.J. 4 June 1866
At Heron Springs, Howard Co., US, by the Rev. C. Lowry, Miss Cecelia A. Behan, youngest daughter of the late Denis Behan, Esq., of Kilrush, Merchant, to James Hutchinson, Decorah, Iowa.

L.C. 5 July 1866
On the 3rd inst., in Clonlea Church, Kilkishen, by the Rev. Richard Studdert, assisted by the Rev. W.R. Bluett, James Butler Ievers, Esq., oldest son of the late Eyre Ievers

See: Stopford Ram
C.J. 5 February 1866
In Kilkee Roman Catholic Church, on the 31st ult., Mrs A. Kennedy, daughter of late Mr Patt Kennedy, of Grey hound Lodge, to Mr Patrick Houlihan, Lislaniban.

C.J. 27 January 1866
Laffere and Anderson – On the 24th Jan, at Cavan, by the Rev. Richard Booth, assisted by the Rev. Hugh Murray, Rector, John Bernard Laffere, Esq., of Woodfield House, county Clare, to Isabella Sarah Jane, eldest daughter of William Anderson, Esq., of Cavan

C.J. 26 April 1866
On the 25th inst., at the Roman Catholic Church Kilrush, by the Rev. Mr. Pyne, Michael Lynch, Esq., Fairy Hill, Kilmaley, to Elly, second daughter of the late William Hennessy, Esq., of Kilrush.

C.J. 19 April 1866
At St. Andrew’s Church, Westland-row, Edmund McGrath, Esq., Assistant Surgeon 8th Hussars, only son of the late John McGrath, Esq., of this town, to Annie Philippa, eldest daughter of the late George Parsons, of Cragbeg, county Limerick.

L.C. 13 February 1866
At Meelick Catholic Church, county Clare, Patrick McNamara, Esq., Woodbine Cottage, Kildysert, to Frances Mary, daughter of J.Ringrose, Esq., of Meelick.

C.J. 29 January 1866
At Clooney, Roman Catholic Church, by the Rev. Daniel Corbett, P.P., Mr Pat Meagher of Grange, co. Limerick, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr P O’Gorman of Clooney.

L.C. 30 June 1866
At St. Thomas’s Church, Dublin, Henry James F. Moran, Esq., son of the Rev. James F. Moran, Provost of Kilmacduagh, and Vicar of Kilcolgan, county Galway, to Anne Isabella, daughter of the late Villiers Bussy Fowler, A.M., T.C.D., R.S.I., of Shanakill House, Bray, county Wicklow, and Carne, county Clare.

C.J. 15 January 1866
In the Catholic Chapel of Kilrush, by the Rev. Laurence J. Browne, R.C.C., Mr James Morrissey, Moore street, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. John Malone, Newberry, co. Cork.

C.J. 29 January 1866
This morning at the Catholic Church Ennis, by the Rev. A. Newport, C.C., Mr John Morony, Jail street, to anne, daughter of the late Mr P. Powell of Ennis.

C.J. 8 February 1866
At the Catholic Chapel this morning by the Rev. A. Newport, C.C., Richard murphy, Esq., Station Master, Tipperary, Erinn McMahon, sister to the late Rev. John McMahon, P.P., Miltown-Malbay.

L.C. 13 February 1866
At the Catholic Church, Ennis, Richard Murphy, Esq., Station-master, Tipperary, to Erina McMahon, sister to the late Rev. John McMahon, P.P., Miltown Malbay.

C.J. 15 January 1866
At St. Michael’s Church, Kingstown, John J. O’Rorke, Esq., of Kingstown, to Mary, daughter of the late Major Theobald Butler, and granddaughter of the late Walter Butler, Esq., of Cregg, Galway

L.C. 10 May 1866
In the Church of the Conception, Marlborough Street, Dublin, John D. O’Ryan, Esq., of Cloghonan, Tipperary, to Kate Mary, daughter of the late Thomas Powell, Esq., of Lattoon, county Clare.

C.J. 30 April 1866
At Glasgow, by the Rev. Dr. Robert Jeffrey, D Richardson, Esq., Supervisor of Inland R, Waterville, in this town, Revenues, to Annie King, widow of John Graham, Esq., of Bedford.

L.C. 19 April 1866
At East Kemsey, Australia, Patrick, son of the late Mr. P. Russell, of Quin, county Clare, to Miss Anne Moylan of Australia.

C.J. 15 March 1866
March 13, at Ennis Church, by the Venerable the Archdeacon of Kilfenora, assisted by the Rev. Philip Dwyer, Vicar of Dromvliffe, Alphonso Charles, son of Commander William Sterne, R.N., to Wilhelmina Louise, daughter of John MacBeth, Esq., Greenlawn. No cards.

Stopford ram
L.C. 26 May 1866
May 23, At the Church of All-Saints, Ennismore-place, London, by the Lord Bishop of London, assisted by the Hon. Archdeacon Harris and the Hon. Archdeacon Stopford, the Rev. George Stopford Ram, M.A., to the Hon. Charlotte Anne, second daughter of Lord Inchiquin. See Vol. 1, page 72.

C.J. 8th January 1866
Yesterday, at the Roman Catholic Chapel of this town, by the Rev. M. Kenny, C.C., Mr. John Touhy, Mill-street, to Anne, daughter of Mr. Thomas Darcy, merchant tailor, Jail-street.

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