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Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 - selected abstracts

Dunboyne News Cuttings 1824-1878 Sources for the study of nineteenth century Clare
compiled by the Honourable Theobald Fitz-Walter Butler, Lord Dunboyne.

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Marriages 1876

Transcribed by Angie Colton

C.J. = “The Clare Journal”
L.C. = “Limerick Chronicle”
T.T. = “The Times”
C.F. = “The Clare Freeman”
D.E.M. = “Dublin Evening Mail”

T.T., 28 May 1876
On the 13th inst., at St John’s, Guernsey, by the Rev T. Brock, Philip Barnand to Ellen Margaret, widow of Crofton Hamilton Fitzgerald.

See: O’Connor

L.C., 16 May 1876
On May 13, at St Patrick’s Church, Limerick, by the Lord Bishop of Limerick, cousin of the bride, assisted by the Rev W.N. Biddulph, M.A., Bob Waller Biddulph, Esq, M.B., R.N., second son of Nicholas Biddulph, Esq., J.P. of Congor House, county Tipperary, to Caroline Juliet, only surviving daughter of the Rev F.P. Studdert, A.M., Rector of St. Patrick’s, Limerick.

L.C., 27 April 1876
On the 26th instant, at Manus, by the Rev M. Hartney, P.P., assisted by the Rev J. Fitzgerald, C.C., N.G. Blackall Esq, B.L., eldest son of Jonas Blackall, Esq., Solicitor, Limerick, to Jane, second daughter of the late Terence Healy, Esq, Manus House, county Clare.

See: Bolton

See: Cahill

C.J., 14 August 1876
August 7th, at Rathkeale Church, by the Rev S.R. Wills, A.M., Rector of the Parish, Thomas Bourchier Bolton, Esq, of Rathkeale, second son of the late Rev P. Bolton, Rector of Clare Castle to Caroline Gertrude, eldest daughter of the late J. Fetherston-Haugh, Moyally, King’s County.

T.T., 24 October 1876
On Saturday, the 21st Oct., at St James’s, Piccadilly, by the Rev W. Loftio, assisted by the Hon and Rev W. Fremantle, George T. Bolton, Esq., second son of the late Richard Bolton, Esq, of Cheltenham, to Mary Beatrice, eldest daughter of Edmond Maghlin Blood, Esq, of Brickhill, county Clare, and 3, Bryanston-place, London.

T.T., 12 September 1876
On the 7th inst., at Castle Connell Church, county Limerick, by the Rev Dr Jebb, Canon of Hereford, assisted by the Rev T. Fitzgerald French, John Ulick, eldest son of R. Bourke, of Thornfields, in the same county, D.L., to Elizabeth Agnes, youngest daughter of the late Colonel John Vandeleur (10th Hussars), of Ballinacourty, and grand-daughter of the Right Hon John Ormsby and Lady Frances Vandeleur.

L.C., 28 February 1876
On this morning, at the Church of St Saviour, Glentworth-street, by the Rev James Gleeson, cousin to the bride, assisted by the Rev P. Brennan, C.C., Birr, brother to the bridegroom, the Very Rev Dr Condon, O.P., the Very Rev Dr Carbery, O.P., and the Rev Thomas Nolan, C.C., St. Mary’s, Cornelius Brennan, Esq, of Smithstown House, county Clare, second son of Michael Brennan, Esq, of Clonmoney, to Mary, second daughter of James Slattery, Esq, of Herbertstown, county Limerick.

See: Heyns

C.F., 1 March 1876
On the 28th ult., St John’s Church, Sandymount, by the Rev W. Somerville Large, A.B., Alfred Staunton Cahill, Clare Militia, youngest son of the late Thomas Staunton Cahill, M.D., Superintending Surgeon, Bombay Army, to Minnie, youngest daughter of the late Neptune Blood, Esq, J.P. of Applevale, county of Clare.

C.F., 1 March 1876
On the 28th ult., at Doora Roman Catholic Church, by Rev Mortimer Hartney, P.P., assisted by Rev J. Vaughan, P.P., Thomas Callinan, Esq, of Cappa, to Hanora, youngest daughter of Thomas Lynch, Esq, of Killoo.

See: Vandeleur

C.F., 1 April 1876
On Sunday 26th inst. by the Rev A. Newport, in the Parish Chapel, Cree, Mr Denis Cleary, Moore-street, Kilrush, to Bessy, second daughter of Michael Kelly, Esq, Clahanebeg Loop.

See: Vyse

See: O’Brien

L.C., 9 November 1876
This morning, at St Saviour’s Dominican Church, by the Very Rev C.H. Condon, O.P., assisted the Rev Pius Kenny, O.P., P. Considine, Esq, Dublin, to Lizzie, only daughter of the late Captain John Taylor, Kilrush.

See: Kelly

L.C., 7 December 1876
Nov. 29, at St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Limerick, by the Rev Dr Corbett, P.P., Quin, uncle to the bride, Thomas, second son of Thomas Cullinan, Esq, Bushy-park House, county Clare, to Annie, youngest daughter of John McMahon, Esq, same county.

See: Moorhead

See: Reeves

C.F., 26 February 1876
On the 22nd instant, at the Catholic Church, Kilkee, by the Rev L.J. Browne, C.C., assisted by the Rev Patrick Roughan, C.C., Mr John Falvey, Corran House Kilkee, to Maria, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Sheedy, P.L.G.

See: Bolton

C.F., 16 February 1876
On the 16th inst., at Quin R.C. Church, by the Rev Matthew Kenny, P.P., Scariff, uncle of the bride, Mary, eldest daughter of Austin Greene, Esq, of Corbally to Edmond William Frost, Esq, M.D., of Newmarket-on-Fergus.

D.E.M., 1 July 1876
June 28, at Blatherwycke Church, Northamptonshire, the Rev Charles Henry Frost, Rector of Foulsham, Norfolk, to Lucy Violet, elder daughter of Henry O’Brien De Stafford, Esq, Northamptonshire.

L.C., 10 February 1876
On the 8th instant, at Tomgraney Church, by the Lord Bishop of Killaloe, assisted by the Rev James R. Martin, M.A., Thomas (Barry) George, late Lieutenant 18th (Prince Albert’s) Light Infantry, youngest son of the late Rev Richard George, Rector of Kentstown, county Meath, to Dorcas Maria Westropp Harrison, eldest daughter of William John Harrison Moreland, J.P. L.L.D., of Raheens Manor, county Clare, Esq.

See: Frost

Hamilton Fitzgerald
See: Barnard

See: Blackall

C.F., 3 May 1876
On the 28th April, at the Roman Catholic Church, Kilkeedy, by the Rev M. Molony, Doctor Edward P. Heyns, Medical Officer of Ballyvaughan Union, to Elizabeth Anna, eldest daughter of the late Hewitt Bridgeman, who for many years represented the borough of Ennis in Parliament.

Hodges Goggin
See: Styles

C.F., 4 March 1876
On the 28th February, at Kilshanny Catholic Church, by the Rev Michael Crowe, P.P., Kilfenora, brother to the bride, assisted by the Rev J. Madden, P.P., Rev M. Maher, C.C., Rev Andrew Hanrahan, P.P., and Rev James Staunton, P.P., Pat, youngest son of Mr Michael Kelly, of Knocknahila, to Mary, second daughter of the late Mr. John Crowe, Ballytarsna.

See: Cleary

See: Warren

See: Callinan

See: Molony

See: O’Keefe

C.J., 28 February 1876
At the Roman Catholic Church, Ballycorick, on Wednesday, 23rd instant, by the Rev Michael Quinlivan, P.P., Patrick, eldest son of Michael McMahon, Esq, landed proprietor, Canon Island, Killadysert, to Lizzie, youngest daughter of Thomas Moylan, Esq, P.L.G. A select party were entertained in the evening at the residence of the bride-groom.

See: Cullinan

C.J., 16 November 1876
Nov. 9, at that Church of St Saviour’s, Lower Dominick-street, by Rev T. O’Meara, C.C., Kilrush, assisted by Rev J. McInerney, C.C., Corofin, and Rev P. O’Kelly, C.C., Ruan, Richard Molony, Esq, Gort, to Jane, second daughter of Andrew Madigan, Esq., Kilrush.

T.T., 28 October 1876
On the 25th Oct., at St Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick, by the Rev O.W. Furze, William T. Monsell, son of the Rev Dr Monsell, to Elinor Vere O’Brien, daughter of the Hon. Robert O’Brien, of Oldchurch.

C.F., 28 June 1876
On the 23rd inst., at St Michael’s Church, by the Rev J.F. Gregg, A.M., Richard B. Moorhead to Bessie, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Day, Esq, of Ennis.

See: George

See: McMahon

C.F., 8 January 1876
On the 6th inst. in Ennis Roman Catholic Parish Church, by the Rev John Fogarty, C.C., Mr James O’Brien, of Limerick, to Bridget, daughter of Mr. Francis Coghlan, Ennis.

See: Monsell

C.F., 16 February 1876
On the 16th instant, in the R.C. Church, by the Rev J. Fogarty, P. O’Connor, Esq, of Her Majesty’s Customs, Liverpool, to Lizzie, daughter of J. Barrett, Esq, Church-st.

L.C., 24 June 1876
On the 22nd instant, by special licence, at Deerpark, county Clare, by the Rev James R. Kellett, A.M., brother-in-law of the bride, assisted by the Rev Henry Wolfenden, A.M., Charles O’Keefe, Esq., M.D., eldest son of Manus O’Keefe, Esq, J.P., Mount Keefe, Newmarket, county Cork, to Williamina, daughter of Edward Maunsell, Esq, Deerpark.

See: Seymour

L.C., 25 January 1876
Jan 10, at St Cross, Winchester, by the Rev Gordon Crowdy, M.A., Minor Canon of Winchester Cathedral, assisted by the Rev G.W. Andrews, M.A., Master of St Cross, William Maunsell Reeves, youngest son of the late William Maunsell Reeves, Esq, of Vestersberg, county Cork, and Burrane, county Clare, to Letitia, second daughter of General Thos. Armstrong Drought, of Mill House, Winchester.

L.C., 19 October 1876
In Wesley Chapel, by the Rev Charles Robertson, Mr John Scott, of Ennis, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Rev George Stewart, Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Minister.

L.C., 28 February 1876
On the 26th inst., at Knock, by the Rev R. Bennett, Thomas T. Seymour to Alicia, third daughter of the late Thos. A. Peacock.

See: Falvey

See: Brennan

Stafford O’Brien
See: Frost

See: Scott

See: Biddulph

L.C., 17 October 1876
At St Michael’s Church, Limerick, by the Rev B. Jacob, assisted by the Rev J.F. McMahon (uncle of the bride), George Styles, Esq, 46th Regiment, to Mary Hodges Goggin, sixth daughter of the late Edward Hodges Goggin, Esq., of Burton Hill, county Clare, and grand-daughter of Captain William Vere Taylor, late 28th Regiment. (No cards).

C.F., 17 June 1876
June 15th, at St Bartholomew’s Church, by special licence, by the Rev Richard Travers Smith, John Taylor, son of John O’Dwyer Esq, of Wingfield, co. Clare, and nephew of the late Captain Taylor, 28th Regt., to Fannie Rose White, eldest daughter of George Lewis White, late of 54th Regt., and grand- daughter of the late Captain Whitecomb, R.N.

See: Considine

L.C., 10 February 1876
Feb 8, at St Stephen’s Church, South Kensington, London, Boyle Vandeleur, Captain, 5th Lancers, second son of the late Rev William Vandeleur, Vicar of Julianstown, county Meath, to Sarah Christiana, widow of the Hon Lucius Cary, and only daughter of the late Major Henry Peach Keighly, of Idlicote, Warwickshire.

See: Bourke

L.C., 17 August 1876
On Thursday, the 17th inst., at St John’s Church, Limerick, by the Rev Mr Hamilton, Incumbent, Charles Vyse, Esq, Seamount, Clahanes, county Clare, to Henrietta M, younger daughter of Francis Coffee, Esq, C.E., The Retreat, Kilkee, county Clare.

T.T., 24 October 1876
On the 14th inst., at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury, John Monteith Warren, M.D. and M.Ch. of Ennis, county Clare, Ireland, to Lizzie, second daughter of John George Knight, Esq, F.R.I.B.A., and C.E., of Melbourne, Victoria.

See: Taylor

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