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Local Studies Centre: The Twigge Collections

The Twigge Collections of manuscripts are held by the British Library in six volumes and are available on six reels of microfilm in the Local Studies Centre. This catalogue of the collections has been compiled by the British Library. Numbers in bold are BL manuscript reference numbers.


39259-39270. "Materials for a History of Clann-Cuilein (the eastern division of county Clare), by Robert William Twigge, F.S.A. [d. 1915]": historical, topographical and genealogical collections relating to Clann Chuiléin, "Macnamara's Country," in East Clare. The historical and topographical sections are in a comparatively advanced state of preparation for the press, the genealogical portion being less complete. The collections are based upon extant materials in the Irish language, records, information from correspondents, etc.

Eleven volumes and forty-three rolls. Paper. Folio. Presented by Mrs. Frances Susan Twigge, daughter of Francis Macnamara, Esq., of Ennistymon and Doolin, and widow of the collector (cf. descent of Twigge and Macnamara, 39270 AA).

39259. 39260. Twigge Collections. Vols. I. II. Political history. Two volumes.

Vol. I (ff. 263). Chaps. i-vi. From the earliest times to 1318 ;
Vol. II (ff. 344). Chaps. vii-xii. 1318-1660. The narrative treats the history of Clare in relation to the general history of Ireland, and is illustrated by a number of documents and appendices, among which are :

In vol. I
(a) "A note on some of the Annals of Ireland." f. 6 ;
(b) Critical "list of authorities quoted in chapters i, ii." f. 13 ;
(c) "Chronological list of the Kings of Mumha [Munster] and Tuadh-Mumha [Thomond]." f. 16;
(d) "Chronological list of the monarchs of Eriu. B.C. 60 to A.D. 266.” f. 108;
(e) "A note on the ancestors of Sadb, wife of Ailill Olom and some of the monarchs of Eriu." f. 112 ;
(f) "A note on Finn.” f. 139;
(g) "The popes in relation to Henry's conquest of Ireland.” f. 198.

In vol. II
(a) "The names of the principal Irish gentry accused of various crimes in the
depositions of the Protestant settlers in co. Clare. 1642-1654." f. 314 ;
(b) "Transplanted Clare proprietors 1655-1659." From the Ormonde MSS. at Kilkenny. f. 318;
(c) "Census of county Clare in 1659." From a certified copy in the Royal Irish Academy of the original in the archives of the Marquis of Lansdowne. f. 331.

39261, 39262. Twigge Collections. Vols. III, IV. Topography. Two volumes.

39261. Vol. I (ff. 421). Topography of Clann Chuiléin. Arranged under the old tribal divisions, corresponding in part to modern decanal or parochial divisions chiefly in the diocese of Killaloe, and by parishes. Under each division is given a history of the district and accounts of the parishes, with notes on physical features., place-names, prehistoric remains, mediaeval castles and modern ecclesiastical and other buildings. The districts are arranged in the following order :

(a) Ui Caissìn (deanery of Ogashin). f. 18 ;
(b) Tradraighe (deanery of Tradry). f. 186 ;
(c) Ui Cearnaigh (= parish of Kilfinaghty). f. 268
(d) Ui Ainmire and Ui Séadna (in the deanery of Limerick). f. 279 ;
(e) Ui Flainn (part of deanery of Omulloid). f. 305
(f) Gleann Omra (=parish of Killokennedy). f. 323;
(g) Ui Toirrdhealbhaigh. f. 334 ;
(h) Ui Conghaile ( = parish of Ogonnelloe). f. 369 ;
(i) Ui Ronghaile (= parishes of Kilnoe and Killuran). f. 379 ;
(k) Tuath Eachtghe (= parish of Feakle). f. 406.

39262. Vol. II (ff. 326). Materials for the topography, comprising :
(a) "Extracts relating to Clann-Cuilen from Royal] I[rish] A[cademy] Index to O'Curry's Catalogues of Irish MSS." f. 1 ;
(b) Notes from Reports of Record Commission of Ireland. f. 16;
(c) "Deeds, charters, etc. to 1600," including "The rental of MacConmara, levied during the Chieftainship of Maccon, 1379-1397" (f. 21), and a collection of Place-names from deeds (f. 76). f. 20 ;
(d) "The Book of Forfeitures and Distributions" : the section for East Clare, copied from the book so called in the Record Office, Dublin. Cf. J. Frost, History of County Clare, 1893, pp. 396-399. f. 85 ;-
(e) "A survey of lands in county Clare belonging to Clan Cuilean at various dates in, the 17th century." f. 170
(f) Notes from the MS. of the "Down Survey of. Ireland by Sir William Petty" in Paris, Bibl. Nat., MS. Angl. 1, 2. f. 197;-
(g) Names, in Irish, of parishes, churches and castles in Clann Chuiléin , circ. 1400. intended for a map, for a draft of which see 39270 QQ. f. 206 ;-
(h) lists of castles in co. Clare from Lambeth MS. Carew 611, p. 164, Brit. Mus. Add.
MS. 20717, f. 139 (cf., S. H. O'Grady, Cat. of MSS. in the Irish Language, p. 68), and R.I.Acad. MS. 24. D. 10, with notes on the castles by T[homas] J[ohnson] Westropp. f. 212 ;-
(i) "Introductory chapter to the Prehistoric Remains in Clann-Cuiléin by T. J. Westropp, M.A., M.R.I.A." Typewritten, with autogr. corrections. f. 232 ;-
(k) "Notes on Prehistoric Remains in Clann Cuilein," i, ii. f. 249 ;-
(l) "The Folk-Lore of Clann Cuilein. The local details are chiefly from notes supplied by T. J. Westropp, M.R.I.Ac. iii l909." f. 291.

39263-39267. Twigge Collections. Vols. V-IX. Genealogical collections. Five volumes.

39263. Vol. V (ff. 240). Pedigrees of Macnamara. Larger pedigrees will be found in 39270 M-AA. In some cases illustrative matter is included with the pedigrees.

(a) "MacConmara to A.D. 1000." f. 1 ;-
(b) "Early MacConmaras." f. 5 ;-
(c) "MacConmara A.D. 1000-A.D. C. 1500." f. 7
(d) Macnamara of Rossroe. f. 11. ;-
(e) Macnamara fionn. i. f. 19 ;-
(f) Macnamara fionn. ii. f. 56 ;-
(f) "MacConmara of Rath-Laithin " [Ralahine, Tomfinlough par.], etc. f. 76
(g) "MacConmara of Beal-atha-h-aighnein [Ballyhannan] and Cill-Brecain [Killbrickan], parish of Doora." f. 82
(h) "MacConmara of Beal-atha-an-chuilinn [Ballycullen] etc., par. of Kilfinaghta. f. 84 ;-
(i) "MacConmara of Muchán [Mooghaun]," par. of Tomfinlough. f. 86;-
(k) MacConmara of Corrbaile [Corbally]," par. of Clooney. f. 88;-
(l) Macnamara of Mountallon. f. 90;-
(m) Macnamara of Coolreagh. f. 185;
(n) Macnamara of Tyredagh. f. 186 ;-
(o) "MacConmara of Creatalach-cael [Cratloekeel]," par. of Killeely. f. 195 b.-
(p) Macnamara reagh. f. 197 ;-
(q) "MacConmara of Aonach-ui-bh-Floinn [Enagh]," par. of Clonlea. f. 206 b ;-
(r) "MacConmara of Magh-na-neamhon [Monanoe]," par. of Doora. f. 221 b ;-
(s) Macnamara of Lissofinn, afterwards of Ranna . Ayle and Dublin. f. 223;-
(t) False Macnamara descents, with annotations by George Unthank Macnamara. f. 231 b.

39264. Vol. VI (ff. 381). "Proofs of the pedigree of MacConmara," viz.

(a) "List of Irish MSS., in order of date, containing pedigrees of this clan," followed by "Extracts from the MSS." f. 3 ;-
(b) "Wills and Administrations, Marriage Licences. Fines, etc.," in chronological order, 1663-1856. f. 46;-
(c) Inquisitions p[ost] m[ortem], etc.,"1576-1696." f. 198;-
(d) "Bills in the Court of Exchequer, Ireland," 1674-1720. f. 248 ;-
(e) "Chancery Pleadings 1627-1801 in Record Office, Dublin," in two parts :

(1) Index to pleadings, 1627- 1807. f. 287 ;-
(2) Calendar of Macnamara pleadings. 1635- 1816. f. 315 ;-

(f) "Chancery petitions, 1686-1843:" index of Macnamaras in the petitions, 1724-1799, and (f. 368) Calendar of certain Macnamara petitions, 1724-1731. f. 365;
(g) "Chancery Decree Rolls. Hen. VIII-Victoria": calendar of Macnamara entries, 1725-1820. f. 374.

39265. Vol. VII (ff. 282). Collections in illustration of Macnamara pedigrees, viz.
(a) Notes and transcripts of poems, etc., in the Royal Irish Academy collections relating to Macnamara. f. 1 ;-
(b) Notes from a copy of J[ohn] O'Donovan's Catalogue of Irish MSS. in Trinity College, Dublin. f. 16 ;-
(c) "Extracts from the O'Gorman MSS. 24 D. 10. R.I.A." : transcripts by John J. O'Farrelly, 1894, and R. W. Twigge. f. 20;-
(d) Extracts from Dublin parish registers. f. 61 ;-
(e) Macnamara entries of wills, marriage licences, etc. from various printed
sources. f. 67 ;-
(f) Macnamara funerals from Add. MS. 4820 (f. 79), and from the funeral entries, vols. vi, vii, ix in Ulster's Office (f. 85) ;-
(g) Jurors in inquisitions, names from Index to Fiants and from Excerpta, Chancery Bills. f. 90 ;-
(h) Names from returns of freeholders for co. Clare in Irish Parliamentary Records, Record Office, Dublin. f. 103 ;-
(i) Names from lists of university graduates (f. 104), Records of Lincoln's Inn, 1890 (f. 107), Army and Navy Lists, etc. (f. 109);-
(k) Extracts from the 1641 Depositions, taken 1642-1653, in Trin. Coll. Dubl. MS. F. 2, 22, preceded by an index to Macnamaras in the Depositions. f. 126 ;-
(l) Evidences in the proposed case of Frances Susan Twigge née Macnamara Henrv and William James Macnamara. f. 136 ;-
(m) "Extracts from co. Clare newspapers." f. 156 ;-
(n) Extracts from various printed books. f. 181 ;-
(o) Papers relating to Albert Joseph, Comte de Macnemara, " Gouverneur des Pages de la Maison du Roi [Louis XVIII]," d. 1822. Copies from originals in the possession of John Macnamara. f. 196 ;-
(p) Extracts from The | Information | of | John Macnamara, Gent. | . Touching the | Popish Plot | in | Ireland . . . London, 1680. f. 203 ;-
(q) "List of Macnamara portraits at Ballyline, co. Clare, taken from Moyriesk by the Butler family." A note adds "All (save no. 1) are now in the possession of Dr. G. U. Macnamara at Corofin." f. 205 ;-
(r) Heraldry of Macnamara. f. 206 ;-
(s) Notes from writings of T. J. Westropp (f. 217), Betham MSS. in Ulster's Office (f. 245), and the Blake-Forster MSS. at Ballykeel, Kilfenora (f. 254). ;-
(t) Extracts from (state books of the Earls of Thomond. f. 264 ;-
(u) "Some conclusions from universal theology after the mind of John Scotus, the Irishman, surnamed the 'Subtle Doctor' under the auspices of . . . John Macnamara" : Engl. translation of the printed Latin disputation in the Irish Franciscan College at Prague by Cajetan O'Callaghan, 1687. Typewritten. f. 268 ;
(v) Notes on Macnamara from Sir R. E. Matheson's Special Report on Surnames in Ireland, 1909, etc. f. 279.

39266. Vol. VIII (ff. 428). Pedigrees and materials for pedigrees of Irish families connected with East Clare. Larger pedigrees will be found in 39270 A-M, CC-KK. The pedigrees are :

(a) O'Brien, viz.

(1) O'Brien of Ballycorick. f.1
(2) O'Brien of Carrigogunnell. f. 8 ;-
(3) MacBrien of Coonagh. f. 12 ;-
(4) O'Brien of Ennistymon. f. 16 ;-
(5) O'Brien of Toonagh. f. 17 ;-
(6) O'Brien. Miscellaneous ;-

(b) Brady of Kilcorney, co. Galway, the city of Limerick and of Myshall, co. Carlow. Printed. f. 39 ;-
(c) Clancy (Mac Flannchaddha). f . 41 ;-
(d) Lysaght (MacGiolla Iasachta). f. 54 ;-
(e) MacDonough (MacDonnchadha). f. 55 ;-
(f) Macinerney (Mac an Oirchinnigh). f. 72 :-
(g) MacMahon (MacMathghaamhna). f. 73 ;-
(h) Magrath (MacCraith). f. 89 ;-
(i) Molony (O MaolDomhnaigh). f. 94 ;-
(k) O'Callaghan (O' Ceallachàin). f. 142 –
(l) O'Davoren (Ua Dabhoirean or Ó Duibh dá Bhoireann). f. 147;-
(m) O'Dwyer (O Duibhir). f. 148;-
(n) O'Grady (Ó Gráda). f. 150;-
(o) O'Hickey (Ó hÍcidhe). f. 157;-
(p) O'Hogan (Ó hÓgáin). f. 158;-
(q) O'Hynes or Hynes (Ó hEidhin). An account (f. 163) of the family and of their ancient territory of Ui Fiachrach Aidhne (coextensive with the present diocese of Kilmacduagh), transcribed from a MS., probably in the Blake-Forster collection. At the end (f.244) is a transcript of the " Articles and capitulations agreed upon by Sir Henry Bellasis, Governor of Galway, and Colonel Timothy Royrdan [Reardon], Governour of Buffin [innis-boffin, co. Mayo]"; l9 Aug. 1691. See Cal. of State Papers, Dom., 1691-92, p. 180. f. 161 ;-
(r) Kennedy (Ó Cinnéidigh), f. 248 ;-
(s) O'Mulconry (Ó Mulconaire). f. 251;-
(t) O'Shaughnessy (Ó Seachnasaigh). f. 253 ;-
(u) " The Treatise on the Dal-gCais in Leabhar Ui Maini" : offprint of articles by R. W.
Twigge in the Journal of the North Munster Archaeological Soc., vols. i, ii. f. 262 ;-
(w) Pedigrees of O'Brien, MacMahon, etc., from MSS. in Trinity College, Dublin " (f. 281), "in Royal Irish Academy, Dublin" (f. 315), and in various English and foreign libraries (f. 356) ;-
(x) Extracts. from various short annals illustrating pedigrees of O'Brien, etc. f. 371
(y) Notes on Irish clerics chiefly of the diocese of Killaloe. f. 419.

39267. Vol. IX (ff. 206). Pedigrees and materials for pedigrees of Anglo-Irish families connected with East Clare. Larger Pedigrees in 39270 NN-PP.

The pedigrees are :
(a) Burke. f. 1
(b) Calcutt. f. 10 ;-
(c) Comyn. The material was for the most part supplied by David Comyn, the editor of Keating, etc. f. 13 ;-
(d) Crofton. f. 72 ;-
(e) De la Hyde. f. 74 ;-
(f) Fanning of Limerick. f. 75 ;-
(g) Foster. f. 76 ;-
(h) Morgan. f. 80;-
(i) Paterson, of Clifden, co. Clare. f. 88 ;-
(k) Sarsfield. f. 90;-
(l) Stamer f. 203 ;-
(m) Stapleton. f. 204 ;-
(n) Westropp. f. 206.

39268. Twigge Collections. Vol. X (ff. 72). Jacobite Papers viz.

(a) Notes on Jacobites of East Clare families from M. Ruvigny, Jacobite Peerage, 1904, the Calendar of the Stuart Papers (at Windsor Castle (Hist. MSS. Comm., 1902, etc.), etc. f. 1 ;-
(b) Transcript of Nancy, Bibl. municip. MS. 305: "Nottes concernant les regiments Irlandais depuis leur arrivée en France en May, 1690, et a la fin de 1691-recuielles par Milord Clare, Marechal de France " [Charles O'Brien, 6th Viscount Clare]. The notes end in 1731. f. 10 ;-
(c) Notes on Jacobite papers in the Bibliothèque de Ville at Avignon, with extracts, viz.

(1)"Liste des anglais de la suite de Jaques III Roy d'Angleterre arrive a Avignon en 1716 le 2 Avril " from MS. 2827, f. 611. f. 28 ;-
(2) Extracts from the journal of - Brun, an Avignon doctor, relating to the movements of Jacobites in the town (MS. 3188); 1716-1717. f. 30 ;-

(d) Transcripts of letters from Francis Macnamara and Syl[vanus] Lloyd to Thomas Carte, when preparing his Life of James, Duke of Ormond, 1736 ; 1732-1733. From the Carte MSS. in the Bodleian Library, vols. 227, 103. f. 64 ;-
(e) Correspondence between R. W. Twigge and Andrew Lang concerning statements relating to Daniel (or Francis) Macnamara in Pickle the Spy; 24-26 Apr. 1899. f. 70.

39269. Twigge Collections. Vol. XI (ff. 271). Ecclesiastical history of East Clare.

(a) "The Hagiology of Clann-Cuilein with a note on the early Celtic Church [f. 51] and pedigrees of the Saints descended from Eoghan mór [f. 63]": the collection comprises a list of " The Saints commemorated in Clann-Cuilein, in church-dedications, holy-wells, etc." (f. 8), and (f. 26) a summary of the Life of S. Mochuille, printed in Analecta Bollandiana, xvii, p. 136. For further pedigrees of the saints see 39270 LL, MM. f. 1 ;-
(b) Lists of the bishops and officials of Killaloe from Cotton's Fasti. Eccl. Hib., Brady's Episcopal Succession, the Annals of Ulster, John Lynch, De Praesulibus Hiberniae (Paris, Bibl. mazarine, MS. 1869), etc. f. 81;-
(c) Collections for the history of the diocese of Killaloe from printed official Calendars, A. Theiner, Vetera Monumenta Hibernorum, etc. f. 109 ;-
(d) List of church sites in East Clare, followed (f. 238) by ecclesiological notes for the district in the hand of T. J. Westropp. f. 234 ;-
(e) Extracts from MSS. and records concerning Roman Catholics, chiefly in co. Clare
under the Penal Laws. f. 255 ;-
(f) " A form of appeal to the secular arm against excommunicated persons-18th cent.
co. Clare " from the "Killaloe Diocesan Court, Register - c. 1720." f. 271.

39270. Twigge Collections. Vol. XII. Larger pedigrees, etc.

A-QQ. Rolls in boxes.
A "Genealogical table of the kings of Mumha [Munster] and Tuadh-Mumha [Thomond] A.D. 171-1014."
B. "The race of Blad son of Cass to A.D. 1000."
C. The descendants of Brian Bóromha. The latest name is "Donnechadh [O Briain] living in Dublin, 1785."
D. "Clann Briain Eatharlach": descendants of Donnchadh, son of Brian Bóromha.
E. Descendants of Murchadh óg O Briain.
F. O'Brien of Carrigogunnil.
G. Descendants of Conchobhar Ó Briain, King of Thomond (d. 1539), by Ellen, daughter of Maurice Fitzgerald. 10th Earl of Desmond, through Domhnall mór.
H. O'Brien of Sandfield.
I. O'Brien of Glencolumbkille.
K. 1, 2. Descendants of Conchobar O Briain, King of Thomond,

(1) by Margaret, daughter of Uillec de Burgh, and
(2) by Ellen, dau. of Maurice, 10th Earl of Desmond, through Murchadh.

L. O'Brien of Ballycorick.
M. Descendants of Murchadh, 1st Earl of Thomond.
N. Descent of Cúmara from Eoghan Mogh Nuadhad.
O. Descent of MacConmara from Menna, King of Ui Caisin (d. 1015).
P. Macnamara of Rossroe etc.
Q. Macnamara Fionn.
R. Macnamara Fionn, pt. 2 : Macnamara of Burren and Corcomroe.
S. Macnamara of Mountallon , later of Wales and England and Macnemara of France.
T. Macnamara of Ballynahinch.
U. Macnamara of Coolreagh.
W. Macnamara of Tyredagh.
X. Macnamara of Ballynagowan, Castletown, Ennis. Limerick, and Nantes in Brittany.
Y. Macnamara Reagh , of Rosslara and Corofin.
Z. Macnamara of Lissofinn, afterwards of Ranna, Ayle and Dublin.

AA. Macnamara and Twigge.
BB. Index to descents from MSS. marked in order of date
A-S, i.e. 14th-18th Centt. Cf. 39266 w.
CC. MacMahon.
DD. Marriages of O'Brien and Macnamara.
EE. Maclanchy or Clanchy.
FF. Magrath
GG. 1, 2. Malony of Cragg, compiled by Alfred Molony.
HH. O'Davoren.
II. Hogan.
KK. O'Shaughnessy.
LL. Pedigree of saints of the Eoghanacht.
MM. 1,2. Pedigree of saints of (l) the Dál gCais, (2) the Cianachta.
NN. Descent of De Burgh.
OO. Comyn of Limerick and co. Clare, "ex MS. Davidi Comyn, 1912."
PP. Sarsfield of Lucan, Tully, etc.
QQ. Draft of map of Clan Chuiléin in the 15th century with indication of monasteries, parish churches, other Church sites, forts and castles.

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