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The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney







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The Tenderness of Wolves by Stef Penney
Published by Quercus in 2006

1867, Canada - As winter tightens its grip on the isolated settlement of Dove River, a man is brutally murdered and a 17-year old boy disappears. Tracks leaving the dead man's cabin head north towards the forest and the tundra beyond. In the wake of such violence, people are drawn to the township - journalists, Hudson's Bay Company men, trappers, traders - but do they want to solve the crime, or exploit it? One-by-one the assembled searchers set out from Dove River, pursuing the tracks across a desolate landscape home only to wild animals, madmen and fugitives, variously seeking a murderer, a son, two sisters missing for 17 years, a forgotten Native American culture, and a fortune in stolen furs before the snows settle and cover the tracks of the past for good.

This book weaves adventure, suspense, revelation and humour into a historical romance, a thriller, and a murder mystery.

‘The Tenderness of Wolves stood out from a very strong shortlist. We felt enveloped by the snowy landscape and gripped by the beautiful writing and effortless story-telling. It is a story of love, suspense and beauty. We couldn't put it down.’ Costa Book Awards 2006 Judges

’a tense and delicately written thriller’ The Observer

’unquestionably atmospheric, evocative and eventually rewarding’ Independent On Sunday

’a strikingly original novel and an imaginative tour de force’ Mail On Sunday

’A fascinating, suspense-filled adventure, a refreshing contrast to the conventional murder mystery.’ The Sunday Telegraph

Stef Penney was born and grew up in Edinburgh. The Tenderness of Wolves is her first novel. The book was the winner of the 2006 Costa Book of the Year Award.

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