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The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris










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The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris
Published by Doubleday in 2007.

Seeking refuge and anonymity in the cobbled streets of Montmarre, Yanne and her daughters, Rosette and Annie, live peacefully, if not happily, above their little chocolate shop. Nothing unusual marks them out; no red sachets hang by the door. The wind has stopped - at least for a while. Then into their lives blows Zozie de l'Alba, the lady with the lollipop shoes, and everything begins to change . . .

But this new friendship is not what it seems. Ruthless, devious and seductive, Zozie de l'Alba has plans of her own - plans that will shake their world to pieces. And with everything she loves at stake, Yanne must face a difficult choice: to flee, as she has done so many times before, or to confront her most dangerous enemy . . . Herself.

Chocolat was a hard act to follow but Harris has managed it in style.’
Daily Express

The Lollipop Shoes would be little more than an amusing bit of hokum were it not for Harris’s altogether serious attitude towards food. Gorgeous descriptions of quail fed on ripe figs, roast goose with “flesh so tender it slips off the bones like a silk stocking from a lady’s leg” and detailed instructions on how to make a cup of hot chocolate (don’t forget a pinch of chilli) make this book a mouth-watering experience.’ The Sunday Times

About the author
Joanne Harris was born in Barnsley in 1964, of a French mother and an English father. She now lives in Huddersfield.
She has described The Lollipop Shoes not as a sequel to, but a continuation of, Chocolat.
Joanne Harris was interviewed by Rachel English as part of the 2008 Ennis Book Club Festival.

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