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Secrets of the Irish Landscape edited by Matthew Jebb and Colm Crowley

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Secrets of the Irish Landscape
Edited by Matthew Jebb and Colm Crowley
Published by Cork University Press, 2013

This book accompanies the RTE TV series of the same name presented by Derek Mooney and screened by RTE recently. Edited by Matthew Jebb and Colm Crowley and published by Cork University Press the book follows in the footsteps of one of Ireland's greatest scientists, Robert Lloyd Praeger, as he travelled around the country charting the distribution of all plants and recording his observations of the Irish landscape and its people.

This book examines many little understood aspects of the Irish Landscape from the last Ice Age until now. Historians, archaeologists, biologists and earth scientists each bring their unique take on how the landscape and the life it supports have been crafted by natural and human events. All aspects of the making of the Irish landscape are explored with chapters on the Irish ice age, the artic and Mediterranean flora, the stone age settlers and the famine amongst others. Some of the great enigmas of the past are now being unravelled, and this book gives a fascinating and fresh glimpse of how Ireland’s unique and stunning ecosystem has evolved. Lavishly illustrated with photographs, maps and charts, this book would be of great interest to anyone with an interest in any aspect of Irish natural history and the impact of humans on the landscape.