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Felicia's Journey by William Trevor
Published by Viking, 1994

Felicia is a young Irish country girl who crosses the Irish Sea and searches through the industrial English Midlands to find her lover and tell him that she is pregnant. Told only that he works in a lawn-mower factory in the Midlands, a combination of innocence and faith keeps Felicia wandering and ultimately delivers her into the hands of Mr Hilditch, an outwardly decent man who appears to come to her rescue. However, Hilditch misleads Felicia in her search as part of his plan to render her broke and helpless and to lure her into his trap as his did with the five other girls in his 'Memory Lane'. Wary of him at first, then resigned, finally increasingly anxious as she wonders what became of his other friends, Felicia picks her numb way among psychological minefields. Will Felicia escape from the clutches of the psychopathic Hilditch and be reunited with her lover? In typical Trevor style – spare, lyrical prose; a tightly woven story; and finely drawn characters – the author keeps us gripped until the end of this brilliant psychological thriller.

'It is a mark of Trevor's great imaginative resource that he opens deep chambers of horror without ever describing an act of violence'
Anthony Quinn, Independent

'Felicia's Journey is a masterpiece, one of the finest novels from the contemporary writer I have no doubt at all is simply the best we have…' Susan Hill, speaking at the Whitbread Novel Award Ceremony

'A page-turner marked by brilliant psychological suspense'
The Philadelphia Inquirer

'Nothing can quite prepare you for the almost unbearable emotional energy required to read William Trevor …..He writes like an angel, but is determined to wring your heart'
Daily Mail

'Masterly in its tension'
Thomas Kilroy, Irish Times

William Trevor was born in Mitchelstown, County Cork. He is the recipient of numerous literary prizes – Felicia's Journey was the winner of the 1994 Whitbread Novel of the Year Award.

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