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Lion of Ireland by Morgan Llywelyn

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Lion of Ireland by Morgan Llywelyn
Published by Tor in 1981

Covering the life and kingship of Brian Boru from his early childhood to his death at the Battle of Clontarf, this is a story of Ireland’s greatest king who drove out the Norsemen invaders and led the bickering chiefs of Ireland to unity under his reign. In the tenth century, the Norsemen assault a peaceful Irish clan, robbing, raping and killing without a second thought. Observing the cruel attack is a young lad Brian, who vows that one day there will be vengeance for the wanton death and destruction that the marauders have brought to his clan.

Set against the barbaric splendours of the tenth century, this is a story rich in truth and legend, in which friends become deadly enemies, bedrooms turn into battlefields, and dreams of glory are finally fulfilled.

Combining mythology, romance, action and fantasy Llywelyn makes history come alive within the pages of Lion of Ireland.

Morgan Llywelyn was born in New York in 1937 to Irish parents and moved to Ireland in the 1980s, taking up Irish citizenship. She is an award winning author having written almost 30 books, for both adults and younger readers. Her latest book 1014: Brian Boru and the Battle for Ireland was published in April 2014.