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The Transformation of Ireland 1900-2000
By Diarmaid Ferriter
Published by Profile Book, 2004

In 1900 Ireland was a restless, impoverished, neglected corner of the British Empire. By 2000 it had become the ‘Celtic Tiger’ of Europe. How did this happen and what was it like to grow up and live in 20th century Ireland? Diarmaid Ferriter answers these questions in this first comprehensive social, political, cultural, intellectual and economic survey of that Irish century. In so doing he draws together the complex threads that make up Ireland’s story – from the high drama of its politics, to the ‘hidden pasts’ drawn from memoirs and previously unused sources; from the bitter struggles over the North to religion, literature, family and football. The book also considers women in a way no previous account of modern Ireland has.

‘The most vivid and stimulating history of twentieth century Ireland currently available’
Fintan O’Toole

‘This will be an influential book, and is a remarkable achievement’ Roy Foster, The Guardian

‘This is “total history”, history from below as well as above…… Ferriter has delved into the often ignored subjects, combed his primary sources thoroughly and consequently is able to present the reader with some fascinating insights’ Patrick West, Literary Review

Diarmaid Ferriter was born in Dublin. He is a lecturer in history at St. Patrick’s College, Dublin City University.

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