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Clare: History and Society Edited by Matthew Lynch and Patrick Nugent




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Clare: History and Society
Edited by Matthew Lynch and Patrick Nugent
Published by Geography Publications in 2008

This book on County Clare, written by academics and other specialists, provides a most comprehensive account of the history and culture of the county from earliest times up to the present day. Beginning with medieval times, essays cover topics such as Anglo-Norman colonization, Catholic emancipation, the famine and emigration, the role of landlordism in the 19th century and the origins and spread of the Irish Republican Brotherhood in County Clare.

All aspects of the county’s character are covered from the analysis of settlement patterns, through the decline of the Irish language and the importance of traditional music and folklore, to the history of religion in the county. More recent developments such as the growth of Evangelical Christian congregations in the county, the provision of accommodation for the travelling people of Clare and the development of the Clare Local Studies Centre are also detailed.

All of the essays, by acknowledged experts in their fields, are accompanied by extensive references. This book is the definitive edition on all aspects of the history and development of County Clare.

Clare: History and Society is one of Geography Publications’ History & Society Series which aims to assemble a library of county histories for all of Ireland. Each volume in the series comprises a collection of specialist essays arranged chronologically and based wherever possible on the entity of the county. The volumes are profusely illustrated with maps and photographs.