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The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe
Originally published by Jonathan Cape in 1987
This edition published by Picador

Sherman McCoy is a Wall Street bond-trader with an annual salary of a few bucks less than a million dollars. One night in the Bronx his $48,000 Mercedes hits a street it shouldn't have been near with a girl in its tan leather bucket seat who shouldn't have been there at all. The next day a young black accident victim is in hospital in a coma and Sherman McCoy has booked himself a one-way ticket to disaster.
The charismatic ghetto leader Reverend Reggie Bacon, harassed Assistant District Attorney Larry Kramer, creepily ambitious District Attorney Abe Weiss and the poisonous Fleet Street gossip-writer Peter Fallow together bring about the downfall of the Great White Defendant with vivacity and enthusiasm.

‘One of the funniest, finest and most dramatic American novels of recent times ….. the most enthralling book I’ve read in years’
Paul Ableman, Evening Standard

‘Erupting from the first line with noise, colour, tension and immediacy, this immensely entertaining novel accurately mirrors a system that has broken down. It is safe to predict that the book will stand as a brilliant evocation of New York’s class, racial and political structure in the 1980’s’
Publishers Weekly

‘One of the most celebrated bestsellers of the decade, here is Wolfe's wise and wickedly brilliant novel of lust, greed, Wall Street and the American way of life in the '80s.’
HC: Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

‘A big, bitter, funny, craftily plotted book that grabs you by the lapels and won't let go.’
The New York Times Book Review

Tom Wolfe was born in Virginia and lives in New York.

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