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Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier
Published by Sceptre in 1997

A soldier wounded in the American Civil War, Inman turns his back on the carnage of the battlefield and begins the treacherous journey home to Cold Mountain, and to Ada, the woman he loved before the war began. As Inman attempts to make his way across the mountains, through the devastated landscape of a soon-to-be-defeated South, Ada struggles to make a living from the land her once-wealthy father left when he died. Neither knows if the other is still alive.

’Charles Frazier's first novel is a rare and extraordinary book, a Civil War novel concerned less with battlefields than with the landscape of the human soul.’
San Francisco Chronicle

’Novelists are never in short supply. Natural-born storytellers come along only rarely. Charles Frazier joins the ranks of that elite cadre on the first page of his astonishing debut.’

‘Charles Frazier has taken on a daunting task--and has done extraordinarily well by it . . . A memorable book’
The New York Times Book Review

‘A narrative of tremendous skill and power’
Sunday Telegraph

Charles Frazier was born in North Carolina in 1950. Cold Mountain was inspired by family stories of his ancestors' experiences in the American Civil War. In interviews Frazier has said that Inman is loosely based on his great-great uncle. Cold Mountain won the American National Book Award in 1997. It is Charles Frazier's first novel.

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