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Billie and the Parent Plan by Ann Bryant
Published by Usborne Publishing Ltd., 2005

The first chapter of Billie and the Parent Plan, The Beginning of the End sets the scene for the action that follows in the remainder of the book. Billie is trying extremely hard to make Mum realise that this is her last chance to get out of marrying stupid old Quentin. She doesn’t care if the seat in the Register Office is hard, or if Granny Caroline’s perfume is getting up her nose. She is on a mission.

Despite her most determined efforts, Billie’s Mum marries the boring, bald and old Quentin and life changes. Mum is obsessed with her new husband and has no time to play fun games anymore or to time Billie as she runs to the post box in her effort to become a great athlete. Even worse than being teased and bullied about her old stepdad, she feels she doesn’t belong in her own family anymore.

This is why Billie hatches The Parent Plan. All she needs is to get adopted into a new family – easy! Or not… She would much rather live in her best friend Archie’s “young and trendy” family. Perhaps they’d like to adopt her…
Or is all this necessary? Is that such a good idea?

Written in a very simple personal style the author speaks directly to the reader. This is a great read for children aged 8 to 10 about families, friends and fitting in, with lots of fun added.

To find out more about the author Ann Bryant, visit her website www.annbryant.co.uk

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