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Exile (Lady Grace Mysteries) by Grace Cavendish











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Children's Book of the Month

Exile (Lady Grace Mysteries) by Grace Cavendish
Published by Doubleday, 2005

Exile is Book 5 in the popular Lady Grace Mysteries that chart the fascinating life of court through the daybooke of Lady Grace, Queen Elizabeth 1’s favourite Maid of Honour.

Not only does Banoo Yasmine, the newest Court arrival, bring a pet panther and magical powers with her, she also brings the legendary Heart of Kings ruby that will cause evil to anyone who tries to steal it.

Being the Queen’s favourite, Grace has the inside story on why Yasmine comes to stay and finds much to be amused about in the other maids’ speculations about why she is coming.

The speculation about Banoo is replaced as the story proceeds, by speculation of a different kind. Ellie, the laundry maid, is framed for stealing the Heart of Kings ruby and it’s Grace’s job to clear her fond friend’s name and catch the real thief.

If you are aged nine or over and like reading about court life, the everyday existence of the royals and a thirteen year old’s version of history during the Elizabethan era, then the Lady Grace mysteries will give you all this and more.

“Lady Grace's daybookes are an illuminating blend of court life, royal intrigue and historical details of the Elizabethan era. Life in the royal household is never dull and one thing is certain: there will be many more adventures for Grace Cavendish, Her Majesty's Lady Pursuivant.”

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