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The King of Quizzical Island by Gordon Snell

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Children's Book of the Month

The King of Quizzical Island by Gordon Snell

Published by Walker, 2009

A fantastical voyage takes an inquisitive king on a quest to find the edge of the world. Journeying through seas full of crocodiles and encountering ghastly ghouls, to list but some of his adventures, he finds himself unbelievably, back at home. Even then he is still not convinced that the world is round.

This rhyming tale, first published over thirty years ago and greatly enhanced by David McKee’s ink drawings results in a treasure of a book for reading aloud to children as young as four, or for newly independent readers to explore for themselves.

The cover presented as a jigsaw, mirrors the King’s efforts to piece the world together in an attempt to find its edge. Equally clever is the author’s underlying portrayal of the child’s enquiring mind, which even when presented with answers, always questions more.

The King of Quizzical Island is one of those books that become family favourites and are repeatedly read to children and grandchildren.

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