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The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman
Published by Scholastic, 2000

The Amber Spyglass, Part Three in the trilogy His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman is the winner of the Whitbread Award 2001 and The Children's Book Award.

Pullman has long argued against distinguishing writing for children from writing for adults.

The Amber Spyglass is part of a trilogy that explores complex ideas about philosophy and theology while at the same time telling a wonderful and engrossing story. Like Northern Lights and The Subtle Knife, parts one and two in the trilogy, The Amber Spyglass will appeal to adults as much as to children.

Lyra and Will, the ordinary children who were left in such extraordinary danger at the end of Part Two find themselves in this the final part of the story in even greater danger. But old friends and new allies come to their aid. As they come to the end of their childhood they face a journey to the worst world of all - a journey that exerts a terrible cost on both children.

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