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A Giant Never Dies by Gabriel Fitzmaurice
Published by Poolbeg Press, 2002

A book of poems for children aged 7 and upwards is August’s Children’s Book of the Month. Poet Gabriel Fitzmaurice has a natural talent for expressing childhood feelings in the voice of children. In his collection A Giant Never Dies, incidents and items that really matter when you’re young are written about with an energy and innocence exclusive to childhood. The poems will appeal to children and parents alike.

Find out about love in the child’s world; love for Dad, for the dog, the baby blanket and the stuffed cat. Experiences shared about school and the neighbourhood reassure us that teachers are kind, some kids are different and every day brings something new.

“This is a wonderful, rich collection that shares what a kid with an open-hearted approach to life is learning day by day. A child from about 7 would love it and so will sympathetic adults.” Suzanne Brown, Inis the Children’s Books Ireland magazine, Spring 2003.

Other collections of children’s poetry by the same author:
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The Moving Stair
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These collections have been described as “energetic and humorous” in The Big Guide to Children’s Books. Gabriel Fitzmaurice has been praised for “tremendous insight” in his poems by The Irish Independent and for portraying “a delightfully rhythmic look at life” by The Sunday Tribune.

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