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Freddy’s Everest Diary: The Dream of Frederick T. Bear by Pat Falvey and Clare O’Leary
Published by The Collins Press, 2004

Frederick T. Bear, Freddy for short, chronicles his amazing adventures daily in this diary as he attempts to climb Mount Everest with 2003 expedition team.

While Pat Falvey was leading his team on Everest in Spring 2003 more than 200,000 children logged on to the team's website to follow their story. Accompanying the team was Freddy.

If you would like to find out about getting to base camp, living there, the food, the dangers of climbing through Icefalls, coping with cold, thin air and working with Sherpas then this daily account of his adventures in Freddy’s own words makes an ideal read for children.

Many interesting features make the book particularly appealing to young readers. Freddy’s passport gives rather unusual information including a history of his adventures, his dreams and an account of his training so far. A route map shows the path taken by the Irish Everest Expedition.

Most appealing of all is the language in which the book is written. Freddy speaks personally to his young readers recounting not only his adventures but his very real emotions as he sets out on his thrilling, but often daunting journey, for a little bear.

This excerpt from the diary entry of the 16th March 2003 is an example; “As I get further from home, I start to feel homesick and a little worried – will it be too cold for me up on top of the mountain, even with my furry coat? Will I have a nice warm bed to sleep in, just like home? What about my food? What if this is all a big mistake and this is all too much for a little bear, to climb to the top of the world?

Lively colour photographs show us Freddy on the aeroplane’s flight deck, headed for his final destination, Kathmandu in Nepal, yaks carrying the team’s equipment to Base Camp or Freddy in his sleeping bag, suffering from altitude sickness. There’s also one of the final ascent of Everest. This book is an excellent way of teaching children about world geography and culture.

For further updates on Freddy’s travels visit www.patfalvey.com or email freddy@patfalvey.com. You can also write to Frederick T. Bear at The Mountain Lodge, Beaufort, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

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